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Talks at the annual Freethought Festivals in Madison
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Length Creation
1/3/15 Christmas Extra: Tom Flynn's 30th Year of Anti-Clausing 12:4612/25/14a
1/10/15 Ebou Sohana: The Time to be Happy Is Now 48:582/14/14b
1/17/15 Marci Hamilton: What is Wrong with Extreme Religious Liberty - Freethought Heroine Award 44:0010/24/14c
1/24/15 Donald C. Johanson: What would Lucy do? - Emperor Has No Clothes Award 41:1410/24/14c
1/31/15 Jessica Ahlquist: Communicating Secular Ideas with the Religious 23:0010/25/14c
2/7/15 Greta Christina: Pilot Episode of the AtheistAus Podcast 36:271/23/15d
2/21/15 Letting Go of the Soul, with Julien Musolino 35:262/9/15a
2/28/15 Scott Clifton: Theoretical B.S. 37:4510/25/14c
3/7/15 Madge Carew, Sanderson Jones: AtheistAus Podcast - Episode Two 33:352/28/15d
3/14/15 Would the World Be a Better Place Without Religion? 51:503/8/15e
3/21/15 Jamila Bey: Relationships and Parenting without God pt1 51:262/12/15f
3/28/15 Jamila Bey: Relationships and Parenting without God pt2 45:162/12/15f
4/4/15 Shelley Segal 59:309/28/13g
4/11/15 The Atheists Own 10 Commandments 48:563/22/15e
4/18/15 Recovering From Religion, with Sarah Morehead 51:264/2/15h
4/25/15 Phil Zuckerman: Those Normal, Upstanding Nonbelievers (repeated from 4/9/15) 31:144/6/15a
5/2/15 Chris Johnson: A Better Life: An Exploration of Joy and Meaning in a World without God 30:5510/25/14c
5/9/15 Kate Alway, Nick Xenophon: AtheistAus Podcast - Episode Three 50:095/1/15d
5/16/15 Jeff Sharlet - The Family 56:518/28/09a
5/23/15 Lyz Liddell: We are Openly Secular! 1:07:464/24/15f
5/30/15 Anthony Pinn: Writing God's Obituary: How a Good Methodist Became a Better Atheist 41:0310/26/14c
6/6/15 Erwin Chemerinsky: The Vanishing Wall Separating Church and State 33:3710/26/14c
6/13/15 DeWitt, Jerry - From Pentecostal to Atheist Part One 29:0112/13/13i
6/20/15 DeWitt, Jerry - From Pentecostal to Atheist Part Two 29:0012/13/13i
6/27/15 Bill Nye The Science Guy 47:4011/18/13a
7/4/15 Off the air (following test broadcast)
7/11/15 Bangladeshi Blogger Asif Mohiuddin: Attacked, Imprisoned, and Undeterred 30:166/29/15a
7/18/15 Taslima Nasrin: A Woman of Courage without a Country 24:477/6/15a
7/25/15 Jennifer Michael Hecht - The Happiness Myth 37:415/25/07a

a Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
b Secular World Podcast.
c FFRF 2014 convention in Los Angeles.
d Atheist Foundation of Austrailia Inc.
e Rationally Speaking podcast from New York City Skeptics.
f From Unbelievers Radio.
g FFRF 2013 Convention in Madison.
h The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
i Radio Curious.
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