Freethinkers Hour
9 am Sundays and 5 pm Saturdays

Talks at the annual Freethought Festivals in Madison
and talks, interviews and podcasts from other sources

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Length Creation
1/5/19, 1/6/19 Concert: Voices of Reason 16:58  11/3/18a
1/5/19, 1/6/19 David Steketee: 2018 Freethinker of the Year 10:18  11/3/18a
1/12/19, 1/13/19 Sarah Haider: Freethought Heroine 20:02  11/3/18a
1/19/19, 1/20/19 Mohammed Al Khadra: What We Think, How We Think 14:02  11/3/18a
1/19/19, 1/20/19 Ensaf Haidar: Henry Zumach Freedom From Religious Fundamentalism Award 13:14  11/3/18a
1/26/19, 1/27/19 Cecile Richards: FFRF Forward Award 57:17  11/3/18a
2/2/19, 2/3/19 Dan Barker, Amit Pal: Mere Morality 39:181/16/19b
2/9/19, 2/10/19 Dan Barker, Liz Cavell, Andrew Seidel: Victory in California 32:381/23/19b
2/16/19, 2/17/19 Jesus: Mything in Action - David Fitzgerald 1:33:272/8/18c
2/23/19, 2/24/19 Amit Pal, Liz Cavell, Ryan Jayne: Is Saying the Pledge Mandatory? 36:492/20/19b
3/2/19, 3/3/19 Rebecca Markert, Patrick Elliott, Andrew Seidel: The Bladensburg Cross Goes to the Supreme Court 25:512/27/19b
3/9/19, 3/10/19 Andrew Seidel, Ryan Jayne, David Steketee: Supreme Victory for FFRF 44:093/6/19b
3/16/19, 3/17/19 Andrew Seidel, Amit Pal: Public Schools Under Attack 35:303/13/19b

a FFRF 2018 National Convention in San Francisco.
b Facebook Live Ask an Atheist show from FFRF.
c Interview part of The Phil Ferguson Show. (Length shown is for full online podcast.)
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