Freethinkers Hour
9 am Sundays and 5 pm Saturdays

Talks at the annual Freethought Festivals in Madison
and talks, interviews and podcasts from other sources

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Length Creation
1/1/17 Dan Barker 23:5710/8/16a
1/7/17, 1/8/17 Carter Warden Announces His Atheism at FFRF Convention 2016 32:3710/7/16a
1/14/17, 1/15/17 Jerry Coyne - 2016 National Convention 1:02:0510/8/16a
1/21/17, 1/22/17 Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel: Inauguration of Regression 26:021/20/17b
1/28/17, 1/29/17 Nadia Duncan 14:5310/8/16a
2/4/17 Susan Jacoby: Sick and Tired of God Bless America 58:2910/8/16a
2/5/17 Dr. Jay Michaelson, Catherine Orsborn, Ken Gude: February 4, 2017 -
Trump's Supreme Court pick vs. religious freedom
2/11/17, 2/12/17 Lawrence Krauss 51:5110/8/16a
2/18/17, 2/19/17 Rebecca Markert, Patrick Elliott, Andrew Seidel, Elizabeth Cavell: Attorney Report 48:0410/8/16a
2/25/17, 2/26/17 Linda LaScola on the Clergy Project 10:2210/7/16a
3/4/17, 3/5/17 FFRF Atheist in Foxhole Courage Award - Thou shalt not defy the First Amendment: Marie Schaub 20:1310/8/16a
3/11/17, 3/12/17 Lawrence Krauss: Accidental Origins 30:043/6/17d
3/18/17, 3/19/17 Hemant Mehta 95:562/14/17e
3/25/17, 3/26/17 Barry W. Lynn 82:572/28/17e
4/1/17, 4/2/17 Cara Santa Maria 80:152/22/17e
4/8/17, 4/9/17 Trump Cabinet & Religion with Andrew Seidel 60:241/30/17e
4/15/17, 4/16/17 Alex J. O'Connor, Fritz Blandón: Cosmic Skeptic & Mythicist Milwaukee 85:293/26/17e
4/22/17, 4/23/17 Lauri Lebo Freethought Heroine Award 27:2710/8/16a
4/29/17, 4/30/17 David Fitzgerald Jesus: Mything In Action 68:244/11/17e
5/6/17, 5/7/17 Gleb Tsipursky: Political lies 67:265/5/17e
5/13/17, 5/14/17 Phil Zuckerman 89:413/8/17e
5/20/17, 5/21/17 Monica Long Ross, Clayton Brown: "We Believe In Dinosaurs" 81:321/17/17e
5/27/17, 5/28/17 Gayle Jordan, Scott Smith: Recovering From Religion 75:185/23/17e

a FFRF 2016 National Convention in Pittsburgh.
b Facebook Live event from FFRF
c Podcast from State of Belief.
d Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
e Interview part of The Phil Ferguson Show. (Length shown is for full online podcast.)
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