Freethinkers Hour
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Talks at the annual Freethought Festival in Madison
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1/1/23 Ensaf Haidar on behalf of Raif Badawi: Avijit Roy Courage Award10:1210/28/22a
1/1/23 Jason Benell: Nothing Fails Like Prayer Awardee5:0410/28/22a
1/7/23, 1/8/23 Anthea Butler: Champion of the First Amendment Award29:4910/29/22a
1/14/23, 1/15/23 Elle Harris: "Out of God's Closet" Awardee15:0010/29/22a
1/21/23, 1/22/23 Amy Hagstrom Miller: Forward Award Honoree46:4610/29/22a
1/28/23, 1/29/23 Daniel Mach: Henry Zumach Freedom From Religious Fundamentalism59:5910/29/22a
2/4/23, 2/5/23, 2/12/23 Marcus Brown, Caleb Buell, Ethan Haight: FFRF 2022 Student Essays Winners14:0710/29/22a
2/11/23 Megan Hunt: Champion of the First Amendment Awardee27:2710/29/22a
2/18/23, 2/19/23 Alice Grecyzn: Freethought Heroine Awardee46:4310/29/22a
2/25/23, 2/26/23 Zaki Barinji, Lauren Krapf, Paul Barrett: Big Tech, Hate and Religious Freedom Online1:06:181/28/23b
3/4/23, 3/5/23 Annie Laurie Gaylor, Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel: What's Wrong With The Ten Commandments?42:586/8/17c
3/11/23, 3/12/23 Liz Cavell, Chris Line: Satanic Panic!49:123/6/23c
3/18/23, 3/19/23 Peter Isely, Sarah Pearson, Sam Grover: Manufacturing the clerical predator56:083/15/23c
3/25/23, 3/26/23 Josiah Mannion, Ryan Dudley, Chris Line: Idaho: Hotbed of Christian nationalism51:303/22/23c
4/1/23, 4/2/23 Liz Cavell, Kat Grant: Adventures in anti-trans49:453/29/23c
4/8/23, 4/9/23 Jeff Sharlet, The Undertow53:553/25/23b
4/15/23, 4/16/23 Jack Jenkins: A White Christian Nationalist Hotbed40:163/29/23d
4/22/23, 4/23/23 Leaving Religion with Rich Miller70:291/22/23e
4/29/23, 4/30/23 Matt Hartley, Rachel Laser: Summit for Religious Freedom: AU's Rachel Laser51:574/15/23b
5/6/23, 5/7/23 Dora Muhammad, Barry Nelson, Rev. Joe Larson: Faith and Planned Parenthood58:494/21/23b
5/13/23, 5/14/23 Caroline Corbin, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Liz Cavell, Barbara Alvarez: Dobbs was just the beginning...50:055/10/23c
5/20/23, 5/21/23 Dan Barker, Sam Grover, God: Dialogue with the Deity52:455/17/23c
5/28/23 Matthew Desmond on America's "Sinful" Treatment of Poor People29:445/10/23d
6/3/23, 6/4/23 Chris Line, Dan Barker: How do we make progress?40:135/31/23c
6/10/23, 6/11/23 Dr. Ryan Burge, Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson: The None-bers Game With Ryan Burge1:09:366/3/23b
6/17/23, 6/18/23 Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon, Dan Barker, Chris Line: Southern Poverty Law Center confronts Christian nationalism44:506/14/23c
6/24/23, 6/25/23 Seth Andrews and The Thinking Atheist92:495/15/23e
7/1/23, 7/2/23 Naomi Dix, Kat Grant, Mark Dann: Fundamentalism: Such a Drag!50:226/29/23c
7/8/23, 7/9/23 Liz Cavell, Kat Grant, Patrick Elliott: Hot off the Press: Supreme Court's Hot Mess54:547/5/22c
7/15/23, 7/16/23 Robert Barnes, Dave Warnock: Weekend in Canada29:377/12/22c
7/22/23, 7/23/23 Rebecca Markert, Sam Grover: Mr. Grover goes to Little Rock37:387/19/22c
7/29/23, 7/30/23 Setbacks from SCOTUS with Elizabeth Reiner Platt45:087/15/23b
8/5/23, 8/6/23 Phil Zuckerman: Why freethinkers should have hope24:248/2/23c
8/12/23, 8/13/23 Guido Giuntini, Linda Martin: Religious child abuse in Idaho44:228/9/22c
8/19/23, 8/20/23 Jamie Raskin, Darcy Hirsh: Protecting Democracy with Congressman Jamie Raskin55:177/29/22b
8/26/23, 8/27/23 Dan Heide, Dan Barker, Kat Grant: Bishops denying affirming health care43:548/16/23c
9/2/23, 9/3/23 Rob Rogers, Liz Cavell, Chris Line: Ban the Bible40:398/30/23c
9/9/23, 9/10/23 Liz Cavell, Sammi Lawrence: Ask an Atheist: Back to school with FFRF38:389/6/23c
9/16/23, 9/17/23 The Real Moral Majority with Rev. Jen Butler49:489/9/23b
9/23/23, 9/24/23 Dan Barker, Chris Line, Patrick Elliot: Pray to Play 2023: Unite Auburn35:079/20/23c
9/30/23, 10/1/23 The Gospel According to James Baldwin with author Greg Garrett49:349/23/23b

a FFRF 2022 National Convention in San Antonio.
b Podcast from State of Belief.
c Facebook Live Ask an Atheist program from FFRF.
d From The Soul of the Nation.
e The Phil Ferguson Show. (Length shown is for full online podcast.)
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