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1/4/14Sen. Bernie Sanders on single payer national health care   [photo] 47:419/6/13a
1/11/14Ed Garvey/Dave Zweifel5:569/7/13b
1/11/14Paul Soglin12:359/7/13b
1/11/14Neo Yamashita10:429/7/13b
1/18/14Bill Fletcher Jr.12:309/7/13b
1/18/14Christine Neumann-Ortiz16:099/7/13b
1/25/14Raging Grannies - part 113:349/7/13b
1/25/14Raging Grannies - part 27:179/7/13c
1/25/14Scot Ross20:519/7/13b
2/1/14Sen. Tammy Baldwin31:539/7/13b
2/8/14Mike Wiggins Jr.17:479/7/13b
2/15/14Ruth Conniff17:059/7/13b
2/22/14Rep. Mark Pocan14:569/7/13b
2/22/14Will Durst15:159/7/13b
3/1/14Solidarity Sing-Along14:559/7/13c
3/1/14Kathleen Vinehout22:379/7/13c
3/8/14Chris Taylor22:569/7/13b
3/15/14 Jim Hightower26:449/7/13b
3/22/14Mahlon Mitchell23:559/7/13b
3/29/14John Nichols17:509/7/13b
3/29/14Sofia Snow12:039/7/13b
4/5/14Sen. Bernie Sanders29:029/7/13b
4/12/14Mike McCabe18:559/7/13b
4/19/14Stan Gruszynski/Ed Garvey18:569/7/13b
4/26/14Laura Dresser, Marc V. Levine, Charles Uphoff: Meltdown:
Unemployment, Poverty, and America's Race to the Bottom
5/3/14Laura Dresser, Marc V. Levine, Charles Uphoff: Meltdown:
Unemployment, Poverty, and America's Race to the Bottom
5/10/14Ben Wizner: Snowden's Legal Counsel: Forget About Orwell, Worry About Kafka36:093/11/14e
5/17/14Ellen Dorsey, Thomas Van Dyck: Putting the Freeze on Global Warming22:484/25/14e
5/24/14Ta-Nehisi Coates: Facing the Truth: The Case for Reparations22:255/21/14e
5/31/14Bill McKibben to Obama: Say No to Big Oil22:392/7/14e
6/7/14Yves Smith, Dean Baker: The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About52:3111/1/13e
6/14/14Encore: United States of ALEC52:1411/30/12e
6/21/14John Nichols, Robert McChesney, Heidi Boghosian: How Dollarocracy is Destroying America52:2711/8/13e
6/28/14Neil deGrasse Tyson on Science Literacy22:261/24/14e
7/5/14Anat Admati: Too Big to Fail and Getting Bigger22:476/13/14e
7/12/14Bob McChesney: Surveillance Capitalism - hosted by Allen Ruff 54:357/3/14f
7/19/14Max Blumenthal, Joe Catron: Israeli Attacks on Gaza - hosted by Esty Dinur 51:107/18/14f
7/26/14Matt Ehling: Shining the Light on Government Secrets 18:067/14/14g
8/2/14Jill Stein, Margaret Flowers: The Path of Positive Resistance52:1011/15/13e
8/9/14Phil Donahue, Deborah Amos, Andrew Bacevich: What Are We Doing in Syria?50:439/6/13e
8/16/14Kevin Kane: Affordable Care Act WI Update - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:018/12/14f
8/23/14Sandra Steingraber: The Toxic Assault on Our Children52:024/19/13e
8/30/14Tim DeChristopher, Gretchen Morgenson: Going to Jail for Justice52:025/24/13e
9/6/14Timothy Slekar: Assault on Public Education - hosted by Allen Ruff 54:088/28/14f
9/13/14Katrina vanden Heuvel, Jamie Raskin, Craig Unger: The One Percent Court51:159/14/12e
9/20/14Chris Hedges19:149/13/14h
9/27/14Sen. Bernie Sanders44:259/13/14h
10/4/14Chris Hedges: Building Different Relationships Before It's Too Late interview8:399/13/14h
10/11/14Robert McChesney, Michael Copps, John Nichols: Media Reform break-out session56:449/13/14i
10/18/14Sam Munger: Banking Without Wall Street pt 150:018/23/14d
10/25/14Ed Garvey, Dave Zweifel, Ruth Conniff: Welcome5:149/13/14j
10/25/14Dave Considine5:069/13/14j
10/25/14Kelly Westlund7:079/13/14j
10/25/14Susan Happ6:219/13/14j
11/1/14John Mathews6:219/13/14j
11/1/14Mary Burke17:219/13/14j
11/8/14Rep. Mark Pocan17:569/13/14j
11/15/14Robert McChesney7:299/13/14j
11/15/14Michael Copps9:559/13/14j
11/22/14Doug La Follette8:489/13/14j
11/22/14Sean Michael Dargan9:119/13/14j
11/29/14Kevin Alexander Gray17:229/13/14j
11/29/14Raging Grannies9:089/13/14j
12/6/14John Nichols8:159/13/14j
12/6/14Solidarity Sing-Along10:139/13/14j
12/6/14The Kissers40:099/13/14j
12/13/14Philomena Kebec11:159/13/14j
12/13/14Kimberlee Wright8:409/13/14j
12/13/14Angela Trudell Vasquez7:549/13/14j
12/20/14Sen. Tammy Baldwin13:499/13/14j
12/20/14Mike McCabe13:409/13/14j
12/27/14John Nichols15:359/13/14j
12/27/14Anne Feeney18:059/13/14j
12/27/14Getaway Drivers17:189/13/14j

a Recorded at the UW-Madison Health & Sciences Learning Center by WIDE-LP.
b Recorded at Fighting Bob Fest 2013 in Madison by WIDE-LP.
c Recorded at Fighting Bob Fest 2013 in Madison by WORT-FM.
d Talk sponsored by The Madison Institute.
e Audio podcast from Moyers & Company.
f From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
g From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
h Audio from YouTube video of ontheearthproduction recorded at Fighting Bob Fest 2014 in Baraboo.
i Recorded at Fighting Bob Fest 2014 in Baraboo by WIDE-LP.
j Recorded at Fighting Bob Fest 2014 in Baraboo by WORT-FM.
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