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1/1/22, 1/2/22John Nichols on Biden's Prosecution of Julian Assange - hosted by Brian Standing18:4412/27/21a
1/8/22, 1/9/22Mark Pocan on the Anniversary of January 6th Insurrection - hosted by Tony Castaneda33:361/6/22a
1/15/22, 1/16/22Will Carless, Heidi Beirich: Looking Back on the January 6 Insurrection - hosted by Karma Chávez53:051/7/22b
1/22/22, 1/23/22Omar Ocampo: The wealth divide in 44 countries - what a wealth tax could mean - hosted by Jan Miyasaki21:091/19/22a
1/29/22, 1/30/22Arun Gupta on the Road to January 6 - hosted by Allen Ruff51:391/27/22b
2/5/22, 2/6/22It's Time to Roll Back NATO Itself - Larry Wilkerson - hosted by Paul Jay40:051/28/22c
2/12/22, 2/13/22Elizabeth Gotein: Gotein: Time to reform executive emergency powers - hosted by Jan Miyasaki15:522/9/22a
2/19/22, 2/20/22David Gibbs: Gibbs: U.S. broken NATO promises fires conflict in Ukraine - hosted by Jan Miyasaki16:522/16/22a
2/26/22Lisa Graves: Tracking right-wing efforts by True North research - hosted by Jan Miyasaki22:492/23/22a
2/27/22Andrew Kydd: Unpacking the Crisis in Ukraine - hosted by Norm Stockwell54:212/25/22b
3/5/22, 3/6/22Ukraine From Crisis to Catastrophe - Gerald Horne - hosted by Paul Jay51:193/2/22c
3/12/22, 3/13/22David Ost: Another Perspective on Ukraine - hosted by Allen Ruff43:023/10/22b
3/19/22, 3/20/22Robert Buzzanco: Ukraine is Not the Only Warzone - hosted by Esty Dinur54:333/18/22b
3/26/22, 3/27/22Libby Watson: Will you be eligible for Medicaid when the COVID emergency ends? - hosted by Jan Miyasaki10:033/23/22a
4/2/22, 4/3/22Zoltán Grossman on Ukraine - hosted by Allen Ruff52:493/31/22b
4/9/22, 4/10/22Bill Leuders, Norm Stockwell: How Can We Make an Impact on Climate Change - hosted by Damita Brown31:144/5/22a
4/16/22, 4/17/22Ukraine a Pawn in a Larger Struggle - Vijay Prashad pt 1 - hosted by Paul Jay44:313/31/22c
4/23/22, 4/24/22Russian Chauvinism and an American Global Monroe Doctrine - Vijay Prashad pt 2 - hosted by Paul Jay38:284/4/22c
4/30/22, 5/1/22Greg Godels: Nationalism, Imperialism, Smoke and Fire - hosted by Paul Jay40:554/27/22c
5/7/22, 5/8/22Armando Ibarra, Joe Evica, Kai Rasmussen: May Day Special on Labor Organizing
- hosted by Norm Stockwell
5/14/22, 5/15/22Anatol Lieven on Ukraine, Russia, and the U.S. - hosted by Allen Ruff52:475/12/22b
5/28/22, 5/29/22Omar Ocampo: Ocampo: Taxing millionaires won't make them flee the state - hosted by Jan Miyasaki16:585/25/22a
6/4/22, 6/5/22Jenny Ricks: Ricks: Davos Meeting Failed to Address Systemic Wealth Inequality - hosted by Jan Miyasaki16:386/1/22a
6/11/22, 6/12/22Trita Parsi, Jennifer Loewenstein: How the War in Ukraine is Affecting the Middle East - hosted by Allen Ruff53:076/9/22b
6/18/22, 6/19/22Alex Kotch: DonorsTrust Investments: A Conservative Fund Funneling Millions to White Nationalists Groups - hosted by Jan Miyasaki17:506/15/22a
6/25/22, 6/26/22Ian Vandewalker: Conservative money behind the polls in the 2022 election - hosted by Jan Miyasaki20:346/22/22a
7/2/22, 7/3/22Marjorie Cohn: Cohn: Supreme Court is now controlled by "Christian Zealots" - hosted by Jan Miyasaki19:366/29/22a
7/9/22, 7/10/22John Greenler: 350 Wisconsin on SCOTUS Defanging the EPA - hosted by Kai Brito10:597/4/22a
7/16/22, 7/17/22Peter Carter: A Dire Warning About the End of Human Civilization - hosted by Paul Jay55:567/8/22c
7/23/22, 7/24/22Chip Gibbons: Amendment protecting whistleblowers defeated in committee - hosted by Jan Miyasaki18:487/20/22a
7/30/22, 7/31/22Clean Wisconsin's Katie Nekola on the EPA - hosted by Tony Castaneda14:137/28/22a
8/6/22, 8/7/22Stan Cox: Climate Change: More Important Than Inflation, Wars,,, - hosted by Jan Miyasaki20:588/3/22a
8/13/22, 8/14/22Nicole Hemmer: Alex Jones and the Right-Wing Media Machine - hosted by Esty Dinur53:048/12/22b
8/20/22, 8/21/22Matt Rothschild: The Anti-Democracy Movement Is on the Rise - hosted by Allen Ruff53:088/18/22b
8/27/22, 8/28/22Anjeanette Damon: Untraceable "Ghost Guns" Are on the Rise - hosted by Esty Dinur53:118/26/22b
9/3/22, 9/4/22Chuck Collins: Wealthy "charitable" donors with a political agenda - hosted by Jan Miyasaki20:588/31/22a
9/10/22, 9/11/22Barbara Ehrenreich, October 20, 1999 - hosted by Esty Dinur41:0710/20/99b
9/17/22, 9/18/22Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg: Chomsky and Ellsberg on the Death of Gorbachev - hosted by Paul Jay26:219/16/22c
9/24/22, 9/25/22Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg: Why is Biden Risking Nuclear War with China? - Chomsky and Ellsberg
- hosted by Paul Jay
10/1/22, 10/2/22Economic Updates with Richard Wolff - hosted by Esty Dinur49:299/30/22b
10/8/22, 10/9/22Tahir Amin: U. S. Patent office allowing big profits for drug companies - hosted by Jan Miyasaki20:2510/5/22a
10/15/22, 10/16/22Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg: Rising Fascism and the Elections - Chomsky and Ellsberg
- hosted by Paul Jay
10/22/22, 10/23/22Kelly McNamara: Friends of the Earth opposes World Bank investments - hosted by Jan Miyasaki15:4110/19/22a
10/29/22, 10/30/22Sam Pizzigati: Pizzigati: Use an excess profits tax to control inflation - hosted by Jan Miyasaki16:1510/26/22a
11/5/22, 11/6/22Marc Rosenthal: Big Money Flows from Enbridge to Tim Michels - hosted by Tony Castañeda18:3511/3/22a
11/12/22, 11/13/22Matt Rothschild breaks down Wisconsin's 2022 Midterm Elections - hosted by Tony Castañeda15:2311/10/22a
11/19/22, 11/20/22Christine Neumann-Ortiz: Voices from the Border - hosted by Tony Castañeda26:0411/17/22a
11/26/22, 11/27/22Annual Fireside Chat with Will Williams - hosted by Allen Ruff51:3511/24/22b
12/3/22, 12/4/22Nancy Altman: Altman: Social Security and Medicare work just as they are - hosted by Jan Miyasaki24:1311/30/22a
12/10/22, 12/11/22Ian Vandewalker: Tracking Money in the Midterm Elections - hosted by Jan Miyasaki20:2912/7/22a
12/17/22, 12/18/22Robert Pollin: Real Climate Solutions are No Mystery - Pollin - hosted by Paul Jay22:2111/29/22c
12/24/22, 12/25/22Norm Stockwell, Matt Rothschild: January 6 Panel to Release Report on US Capitol Attack
- hosted by Tony Castañeda
12/31/22, 1/1/2344 Years as Secretary of State with Doug La Follette - hosted by Nada Elmikashfi53:5712/30/22b

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