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1/1/23Dr. Michael Nuccitelli: The Internet and Loneliness31:3812/20/22
1/15/23Patricia Clason: Encore: New Year Resolutions30:0512/7/16
1/29/23Kalvin Barrett: 21st Century Policing29:321/18/23
2/12/23Jack Gieche: When Your Spouse is an Addict27:422/8/23
2/26/23Jack Gieche: Children of Addicts19:362/22/23
3/12/23Darald Hanusa: Why Some Men Are Abusive41:453/8/23
3/26/23Rev. Jerry Hancock: Restorative Justice Programs42:003/22/23
4/9/23Darald Hanusa: Shame (Encore) (repeated from 11/3/15)30:369/16/15
4/30/23Barbara Perkins: PTSD Following ICU Stays35:124/20/23
5/14/23Donna Swanson: Counseling Seniors31:135/3/23
5/28/23George Bentle: How to Die Young at an Old Age33:015/8/23
6/18/23Turina Bakken: The Case for Junior College26:176/14/23
7/2/23Allan Koritzinsky, Dr. Kenneth Waldron: How to Have a Successful Marriage42:576/28/23
7/16/23Dr. John McGrail: Hypnotherapy28:227/12/23
7/30/23Sandra Wood: Unfulfilling Relationships38:247/26/23
8/13/23Tina Willits: Bipolar Disorder34:108/9/23
8/27/23Dr. Lee Hansen: Lessons About Dementia35:078/23/23
9/10/23Ed Wall: 211: The National Non-Emergency Helpline27:019/8/23
9/24/23Che Stedman: A New Approach When Calls Involve a Mentally Disturbed Person25:349/20/23
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