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1/2/21 Elizabeth Schrimpf: Finding Your Dream Job32:0812/21/21
1/23/22Amy Everson: Getting to Know Yourself: The Enneagram Test31:281/19/22
2/6/22Michael Reddin: Must Ask Questions Before Marriage34:072/2/22
2/20/22Amber Ault: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery39:512/16/22
3/6/22Renee Moe: Encore: How United Way Impacts Communities31:4612/20/17
3/20/22Jessica Williams: Suicide in America43:563/16/22
4/3/22Mindy Perry: Adult ADHD32:103/30/22
4/17/22Eric M. Twiggs: Procrastination24:334/13/22
5/1/22Darald Hanusa: Impostor Syndrome31:504/27/22
5/15/22, 5/22/22Nicholette Leanza: Understanding Generation Z30:295/11/22
5/29/22Megan Logan: Building Self Love34:305/25/22
6/12/22James Danckert: The Psychology of Boredom35:496/8/22
7/10/22Dr. Robert Enright: Forgiveness: The Science and The Benefits29:413/7/12
7/24/22Janet Esposito: Managing Stage Fright29:0011/28/11
8/7/22Keith Whyte: Gambling Addiction30:438/21/13
8/21/22Nancy Collamer: Semi-Retirement: Second-Act Careers36:028/17/22
9/4/22Dr. Janet McCord: How Americans Handle Death28:588/31/22
9/18/22Dr. Michael Nuccitelli: The Internet and Mass Shooters37:499/14/22
9/25/22Dr. Don Ferguson: Couples and Toxic Fighting35:308/23/12
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