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Insights podcasts

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Length Creation
1/2/18Renee Moe: How United Way Impacts Communities31:4512/20/17
1/16/18Dr. Tamar Kelson: Chronic Pain Control Using Your Mind29:271/3/18
1/30/18Rep. Chris Taylor: How a Democratic Legislator Copes in a Republican State35:291/17/18
2/13/18Patricia Clason: Money & Happiness26:371/31/18
2/27/18Elizabeth Erickson: Workplace Sexual Harassment35:522/14/18
3/13/18Rev. Karen Gustafson: Life Review31:592/28/18
3/27/18Melanie Ramie: Sex and Seniors26:563/14/18
4/10/18Jean Papalia: Suicide Prevention24:293/28/18
4/24/18Dr. Jim McGloin: Living with a Personality Disordered Partner38:204/11/18
5/8/18Julie Genovese, Stephen Elke: Criminal Court Judges37:454/25/18
5/22/18George Chavez, Jean Papalia: Being Police Officer: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly42:075/9/18
6/5/18Lesa Fischer: Adults Coping with Toxic Parents37:565/23/18
6/19/18Faye Zemel, Keena Atkinson: Domestic Abuse37:276/6/18
7/10/18Dr. Arjune Rama: Psychiatrists Today32:516/20/18
7/24/18George Chavez, Cindy Murphy: The Dark Web35:107/5/18
8/7/18Jeff Hird, Sarah Kohlstedt: Group Therapy27:557/18/18
8/21/18George Chavez, Lester Moore: Gangs in America35:598/1/18
9/4/18Dr. Zachary Berk: Selling Mindfulness to Corporate America32:008/15/18
9/18/18Shabnam Lofti: Immigration 10133:298/29/18
9/25/18Dr. Tina Hallis: Negative People and how to Successfully Deal with them30:239/13/18
10/9/18Eric M. Twiggs: Procrastination32:579/26/18
10/23/18Dr. Matthew Sager, Christina Mignon: Hospital Psychiatric Units34:5410/10/18
10/30/18Dr. Sarah Lechago: Autism 10132:4810/24/18
11/13/18Dr. Denis Collins: Building Character in the Workplace31:0011/7/18
11/27/18Deborah Vaughn Biddle: Workplace Bias40:4011/21/18
12/11/18Meghan Blake-Horst: All About Food Carts29:2312/5/18
12/25/18Karin Medall: Lessons from the Dying30:3712/21/18
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eLife Science
4:02 pm on Alternate Tuesdays

The eLife Podcast, ~30 min. programs on topics in the life and biomedical sciences.

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1/9/18eLife episode 35: Footprints of the past (rebroadcast from 1/31/17)1/26/17
1/23/18eLife Episode 44: Sperm Competitions and Ancient Horses1/16/18
2/6/18eLife episode 36: Epilepsy and Sushi (rebroadcast from 3/7/17)2/21/17
2/20/18eLife episode 37: How human handedness happens (rebroadcast from 4/4/17)3/31/17
3/6/18eLife Episode 45: Ant Undertakers and the Human Cell Atlas2/26/18
3/20/18eLife episode 38: Boosting your Intellect (rebroadcast from 5/9/17)4/30/17
4/3/18eLife Episode 46: Robin Hood and Autism3/28/18
4/17/18eLife Episode 39: Spotlight on tropical diseases (rebroadcast from 6/20/17)6/15/17
5/1/18eLife Episode 40: Glowing Squid, and Electric Anxiety (rebroadcast from 8/1/17)7/18/17
5/29/18eLife Episode 41: Fish Recognise Faces (rebroadcast from 9/26/17)9/11/17
6/12/18eLife Episode 47: BatNav, TB and Aspirin5/31/18
7/17/18eLife Episode 48: Bugs and Drugs, and Chocolate Cake7/3/18
7/31/18eLife Episode 42: eLife at Five (rebroadcast from 11/7/17)10/24/17
8/14/18eLife Episode 43: Is science getting harder to understand? (rebroadcast from 12/5/17)11/22/17
8/28/18eLife Episode 49: Pigeon patterning and stiff lungs8/24/18
10/16/18eLife Episode 50: Inside Your Microbiome10/10/18
11/6/18eLife Episode 44: Sperm Competitions and Ancient Horses (rebroadcast from 1/23/18)1/16/18
11/20/18eLife Episode 51: Transmissible Tumours and LSD Receptors11/14/18
12/18/18eLife Episode 45: Ant Undertakers and the Human Cell Atlas (rebroadcast from 3/6/18)2/26/18
eLife 2016 and 2017

The New York Academy of Sciences
4:02 pm on Some Tuesdays


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Length Creation
9/11/18Deciphering Zika (repeated from 5/10/18)22:174/11/18
10/2/18Discovering New Liver Disease Treatments21:226/29/18