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Length Creation
1/3/21Narcissistic Collapse and Donald Trump32:4112/9/20
1/17/21Dr. Darald Hanusa: Why Women Kill38:321/6/21
1/31/21Diana Gasperoni, Ednisha Saulsbury: Bringing Lessons of Singlehood to Marriage32:571/20/21
2/14/21Sara Orr: Consumer Abuse38:132/3/21
2/28/21Faust Ruggerio: A Guide to Good Mental Health31:162/17/21
3/14/21Merrick Rosenberg: Personality Types & Relationships31:353/3/21
3/28/21Katherine Jansen-Byrkit: Embracing Death36:253/17/21
4/11/21 Dr. Kathy Oriel: LGBTQ+ Healthcare37:284/1/21
4/25/21David K. Eastlick: Hazing and Sexual Assault in Fraternities25:254/14/21
5/9/21Lesa Fischer: Adults Coping with Toxic Parents (repeated from 6/5/18)37:565/23/18
5/23/21Donald Cooper: Passing For White35:275/12/21
6/6/21Donald Cooper: Whites Counseling Blacks29:235/26/21
6/20/21Shar-Ron Buie: Murder, Incarceration and Resilience50:516/9/21
7/4/21Dr. James McGloin: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)43:246/23/21
7/18/21Dr. Jim McGloind, Lesa Fischer: Personality Disorders31:3712/15/12
8/1/21Patricia Clason: EQ: Emotional Intelligence29:4711/25/11
8/15/21Dee and Andy Hall: The Future of Journalism in America44:528/4/21
8/29/21Dr. Randall Haas: Primary Care Physicians Today39:538/18/21
9/12/21Dr. Michael Edelstein: Understanding and Treating Panic Attacks35:129/1/21
9/26/21Ed McCormick, Jr.: Happiness31:109/15/21
10/10/21Melinda Blau: Consequential Strangers34:379/30/21
10/24/21Dr. Michael Edelstein: Eliminating Anger31:2110/13/21
11/7/21Renee Moe: Closing the Achievement Gap38:1610/27/21
11/21/21Dr. Carla Marie Manly: Date Smart37:5911/10/21
12/5/21Dr. Ken Waldron: Co-Parenting38:3511/24/21
12/19/21Dr. Michael Edelstein: Treating Addiction: An Alternative to 12 Step Recovery Programs31:2912/8/21
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