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1/12/20Roger Wolkoff: Emotional Intelligence & Authenticity33:3812/4/19
1/26/20Dr. Michael Miller: Treating Addicted Professionals37:2612/18/19
2/9/20Ellen Smith: Foster Parenting in America34:071/15/20
2/23/20Dr. Carla Manly: Fear30:281/30/20
3/8/20Lisa Peyton Caire: Racism and Black Women's Health40:462/12/20
3/22/20Dr. Carla Manly: Healthy Relationships35:142/26/20
4/5/20Tanya Lettmen-Shue, Hannah Flanagan: Cultural Competence in Counseling42:213/11/20
4/19/20Hannah Flanagan: The Suicide Hotline37:433/25/20
5/3/20Katherine Jansen-Byrkit: Maintaining Your Mental Health During the Pandemic44:174/8/20
5/17/20Amber Ault: Domestic Abuse During Lockdown34:244/29/20
5/31/20Patricia Clason: Personal Growth During Lockdown35:085/13/20
6/14/20Katherine Jansen-Byrkit: Coming Out of Quarantine32:385/27/20
6/28/20Dr. Denis Collins: How to Find Joy in Your Job26:016/17/20
7/12/20Dr. Larry Larrabee: Applying Tough Love to Marriage30:017/1/20
7/26/20Merrick Rosenberg: How Personality Affects Presidential Elections23:097/15/20
8/9/20Jessica Roulette: Payday Loans33:387/29/20
8/23/20Dr. Dan Hill: Reading People38:268/12/20
9/6/20Kim Olver: The Keys to a Happy Marriage36:17 8/26/20
9/20/20Kim Olver: A Healthy Relationship with Yourself40:309/9/20
10/4/20Dr. Michael Nuccitelli: CyberBullying32:509/23/20
10/18/20Dr. Michael Nuccitelli: Profile of the CyberBully23:4810/8/20
11/1/20Dr. Denis Collins: Lessons About Life43:0810/21/20
11/15/20Kris Boesch: Intimacy in the Workplace36:4611/4/20
12/6/20Dr. Ken Robbins: Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity35:5111/18/20
12/20/20Edy Nathan: Grief36:1912/2/20
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