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Insights podcasts

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Length Creation
1/10/17Connie and Roman Ryan: Funeral Homes: What You Need to Know32:121/4/17
1/24/17Laura Menero: Living as an Undocumented Immigrant30:131/19/17
2/14/17Caroline Donahue: Books As Therapy23:542/8/17
2/28/17Lesa Fischer: When Young Adults Lose a Parent33:552/22/17
3/14/17Cecelia Klingele: Crimeless Parole Revocation38:043/8/17
3/28/17Dr. Jim McGloin, Lesa Fischer: Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)30:433/22/17
4/18/17 Amber Ault: When Women Abuse Men31:404/12/17
5/2/17Dr. Ken Robbins: Dementia29:384/26/17
5/16/17Neil Mathweg, Nancy Depcik: Overcoming Adversity33:465/10/17
5/30/17Frank Frassetto, Michelle Reinen: Consumer Fraud33:315/24/17
6/13/17Amber Ault: Subtle Emotional Abuse38:156/7/17
6/27/17Robert Kaiser: Stalking38:416/21/17
7/11/17Dr. Frances Patterson: Ethical Dilemmas in Therapy35:357/6/17
7/25/17Dick Goldberg: Lessons from Couples Counseling - hosted by Amber Ault30:087/19/17
8/22/17Gabrielle Koren: Binge Drinking30:178/2/17
9/5/17Dr. Chad Wetterneck: PTSD: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder39:108/16/17
9/19/17Susan Young: Enhancing Relationships32:128/30/17
10/3/17Dr. James McGloin, Lesa Fischer: Elements of a Successful Marriage36:149/13/17
10/17/17Mary Helen Conroy: Happy Retirement32:399/27/17
10/31/17Lynn Brady: Community Mental Health Centers32:5210/11/17
11/14/17Linda Lewis Griffith: May December Marriage27:1610/25/17
11/28/17Dr. Chad Wetterneck: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)32:0411/8/17
12/12/17Linda Lewis Griffith: Premarital Counseling By Professionals28:4311/22/17
12/26/17Paul Fanlund: Newspapers: Past, Present & Future38:3812/6/17
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eLife Science
4:02 pm on Alternate Tuesdays

The eLife Podcast, ~30 min. programs on topics in the life and biomedical sciences.

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5/8/16, 1/3/17 eLife episode 17: Stress, fertility and remote-controlled sperm 2/5/15
5/15/16, 1/17/17 eLife episode 18: TB, and a Handshake 3/8/15
5/22/16, 2/7/17 eLife episode 19: Herpes vaccine, and flies with brain damage 4/16/15
5/29/16, 2/21/17 eLife episode 20: Do newborns feel pain? 5/19/15
6/5/16, 3/21/17 eLife episode 21: Tinnitus and Mouse Ultrasound 6/23/15
6/12/16, 4/11/17 eLife episode 22: Magnetic Nerve Cells 7/26/15
6/19/16, 4/25/17 eLife episode 23: Homo naledi 9/10/15
6/26/16, 5/23/17 eLife episode 24: Escaping from Predators 10/1/15
7/3/16, 6/6/17 eLife episode 25: Sleep and Reward Boost Recall 11/10/15
7/10/16, 7/4/17 eLife episode 26: Mosquitoes home in on heat 12/22/15
7/17/16, 7/18/17 eLife episode 27: Midnight snacking, fossil imaging and monkeys gambling 2/9/16
7/24/16, 8/8/17 eLife episode 28: From antibiotic resistance to artificial fingertips 3/23/16
7/31/16, 8/29/17 eLife episode 29: Microbiome mind control, epilepsy and parastic worms 5/25/16
8/7/16, 9/12/17 eLife episode 30: Seeing pain in the brain 6/30/16
9/4/16, 10/10/17 eLife episode 31: Who is tallest? 8/29/16
10/9/16, 10/24/17 eLife episode 32: Proteins from Fossils 10/7/16
11/20/16, 11/21/17 eLife episode 33: Why don't Elephants get Cancer? 11/14/16
12/18/16, 12/19/17 eLife episode 34: Man's First Footsteps 12/15/16
1/31/17eLife episode 35: Footprints of the past1/26/17
3/7/17eLife episode 36: Epilepsy and Sushi2/21/17
4/4/17eLife episode 37: How human handedness happens3/31/17
5/9/17eLife episode 38: Boosting your Intellect4/30/17
6/20/17eLife Episode 39: Spotlight on tropical diseases6/15/17
8/1/17eLife Episode 40: Glowing Squid, and Electric Anxiety7/18/17
9/26/17eLife Episode 41: Fish Recognise Faces9/11/17
11/7/17eLife Episode 42: eLife at Five10/24/17
12/5/17eLife Episode 43: Is science getting harder to understand?11/22/17
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