Current Weekly
Most of the following produce a new show each week.
We broadcast the most recent show at the time(s) shown.
Click on a link below to see the current show.
(Jim Hightower produces 2 new shows each week.
No new Wisconsin Nature Notes are being produced.
This list does not include shows with their own station web pages.)

Battleground Wisconsin
Fri. at 4:04 pm

Sat. at 9:00 am, repeated following Mon. at 4:02 pm

The Hightower Lowdown
Mon. & Wed. at 4 pm

Science and the Sea
Thur. & Fri. at 4 pm

Fri. at 5:45 pm, repeated Sat. at 9:30 am

The View From Here
Tue. at 10:55 am and 5:55 pm

Wisconsin Nature Notes
Tue. at 4 pm