Wisconsin Nature Notes
2 to 5 min. audio recordings created by

The Nature Conservancy in Wisconsin
airing the first four Tuesdays of each month at 4 pm

Eagle Watching In Winter
Ice Cover On Lake Superior and Lake Michigan
Black Bears' Amazing Hibernation
Wintering Wild Turkeys
An Unusual Day For Groundhogs
Of Valentines and Animal Hearts
Early Nesters Defy Winter
Tracking The Arrival of Spring
March Madness - Mammal Reproduction
Spring Equinox and Hopkins Law
Saw-Whet Owls: Small But Mighty - Loud!
Mourning Cloak Signals Coming Of Spring
Ice-out Means Loons Are Back
Harbingers of Spring
Migrants Return to Mississippi River
Northern Pike Start to Spawn
Wildflowers Blooming in the "Big Woods"
Songbirds Return to the North
Spring Returns to the Northwoods
Invasive Garlic Mustard a Threat to Native Wildflowers
Wisconsin Desert in Bloom
Osprey Chicks Hatching
Dragonflies Take Wing
Grassland Birds Nesting
Sandhill Crane Colts Begin Flying
Aquatic Flowers Brighten Northern Lakes
Green Frog's Twang Attracts Mates
Regal Fritillaries Nectar on Prairie Flowers
Turtles Hatching
Nighthawk Migration Peaking
Meet the Silphiums
Shorebirds Heading South
Amazing Monarch Migration
Wild Rice Harvest in Full Swing
Fall Birds Migrating by the Millions
Collecting Prairie Seeds Is Fun
Unraveling the Mysteries of Loon Migration
Turkey Vultures Soaring
Bugling Elk Aim to Intimidate
Seeds Seek New Worlds in Autumn
Tundra Swans on the Mississippi River
Amazing Hibernating Frogs
Snapping into Winter Hibernation
Hares and Weasels Go White for Winter
Mammals M-A-D In Winter
Irruptive Finches
Snowing Owls in December
Kirtland's Warblers: Protecting One Bird in Two Habitats