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1/5/22Greta Zarro on Peace Activism in 202112/27/21
1/12/22Robert Fantina on Iran and Non-Agreements1/10/22
1/19/22Jared Ball: The Rebranding of MLK1/17/22
1/26/22Ken Mayers on Nuclear Posture Review1/25/22
2/2/22Richard Hillgrove: Julian Assange Warned Us What Was Coming2/1/22
2/9/22Braxton Brewington: End Debt2/8/22
2/16/22Jonathan Katz on What You Don't Know About Smedley Butler2/15/22
2/23/22Stephen Zunes on the Occupation of Western Sahara2/22/22
3/2/22Alfred de Zayas on Ukraine and the Rule of Law3/1/22
3/9/22Kali Rubaii: Now That War Victims and Burn Pits Matter, Meet Iraqis Who Live Near Burn Pits3/8/22
3/16/22Lee Camp on the Shutdown of RT America3/15/22
3/23/22Hassan El-Tayyab: Stop Waging War on Yemen3/22/22
3/30/22Milan Sekulovic on Saving a Mountain in Montenegro3/29/22
4/6/22Ruth McDonough on Unarmed Resistance in Western Sahara3/31/22
4/13/22Ned Dobos on Reasons Not to Keep a Standing Military4/11/22
4/20/22Arthur Kanegis on Being a World Citizen4/19/22
4/27/22Marjorie Cohn on the Rule of Law and Ukraine4/26/22
5/4/22Angelo Cardona on Latin America and the War in Ukraine5/4/22
5/11/22Greta Zarro on #NoWar20225/10/22
5/25/22Tim Pluta on Protecting Activists in Western Sahara5/15/22
6/1/22Bruce Levine on Psychiatry and Spinoza5/23/22
6/8/22Jenny Ricks on Davos and Inequality5/31/22
6/15/22Norman Solomon on Defusing Nuclear War6/6/22
6/22/22Aisha Jumaan on Yemen6/14/22
6/29/22Irvin Waller on Ending Violent Crime6/20/22
7/6/22James G. Kahn on 300,000 U.S. COVID Deaths from Lack of Universal Healthcare6/28/22
7/13/22Saadia Qureshi and Nick Rea on Preemptive Love7/5/22
7/20/22Myrna Pagan: U.S. Cleanup Effort in Vieques Is a Joke7/11/22
7/27/22David Swanson: What to Do About Ukraine7/19/22
8/3/22Negar Mortazavi on Iranian-U.S. Relations7/26/22
8/10/22Richard Silvertsein on AIPAC Buying Elections8/2/22
8/17/22Matt Hoh on Running for Election in a Rigged System8/9/22
8/24/22Carmen Wilson on Demilitarising Education8/16/22
8/31/22Zaher Wahab on How the United States in Killing More Than Ever in Afghanistan8/23/22
9/7/22Junaid Ahmad on Regime Change in Pakistan8/30/22
9/14/22Susan Wind on the Tragically Broken EPA9/6/22
9/21/22Sanam Naraghi Anderlini on Peacebuilding9/14/22
9/28/22Tara Villalba and Tom Rogers on Abolishing Nuclear Weapons9/20/22
10/5/22Rosie Khan, Lillian Mauldin: Women for Weapons Trade Transparency9/27/22
10/12/22Nancy Mancias and Cindy Piester on Upcoming COP2710/4/22
10/19/22Graylan Hagler on Palestine and the United States10/11/22
10/26/22Rashid Khalidi on The Hundred Years' War on Palestine10/18/22
11/2/22Nick Mottern, Kathy Kelly: Drone Murders and Merchants of Death10/25/22
11/9/22Dennis Kucinich: Democrats Should Not Make Support for War a Test of Party Loyalty10/28/22
11/16/22Christopher Coyne: A Socialist and a Libertarian Discuss Ending War11/8/22
11/23/22Jackie Cabasso on Nuclear Hypocrisy11/14/22
11/30/22Ian Lustick on the Demise of the Two-State Solution11/22/22
12/7/22Medea Benjamin on Making Peace in Ukraine11/29/22
12/14/22Allison Lira on U.S. Efforts Against Democracy in Honduras12/3/22
12/21/22Daniel Akst on the Pacifists of the Greatest Generation12/13/22
12/28/22Ilan Pappe on the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine12/19/22
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