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2/14/17 Rick Sterling: Is Amnesty International Promoting War in Syria?a 2/14/17
2/21/17 L.A. Kauffman on Direct Action 2/21/17
2/28/17 Michael Kazin on the Peace Activists Who Warned Against World War I 2/28/17
3/7/17 Tressie McMillan Cottom on For-Profit Colleges and the Society That Produces Them 3/7/17
3/14/17 Ellen Schrecker on McCarthyism Then and Now 3/14/17
3/21/17 William Geimer on Why Canada Should Stay Out of Other People's Wars 3/21/17
3/28/17 Jay James on an alternative to prison for addicts 3/28/17
4/4/17 Vijay Prashad on U.S. war making 4/3/17
4/11/17 Dennis Kucinich on Opposing War on Syria 4/10/17
4/18/17 Dale Brumfield on the State of Virginia's History of Murder 4/18/17
4/25/17 Deirdre Enright on Freeing Innocent People from Prison 4/25/17
5/2/17 John Washington: We Need a Whistle-Blower in U.S. Customs and Border Protection 5/2/17
5/9/17, 5/16/17 Hyun Lee on Prospects for Peace in Korea 5/9/17
5/23/17 Francis Boyle on How to Impeach Trump 5/23/17
5/30/17 Charlotte Dennett on Origins of U.S. Obsession with Middle East 5/29/17
6/6/17 Suzie Dawson on Activism and Journalism in New Zealand and Russia 6/6/17
6/13/17 Lisa Ling on Killer Drones 6/13/17
6/20/17 Ray McGovern on Russia and Syria 6/20/17
6/27/17 Ajamu Baraka on the Black Alliance for Peace 6/27/17
7/4/17 Rob Kall on Bottom-Up Governance 7/4/17
7/11/17 Nick Mottern on Air War Victims and Armed Drones 7/10/17
7/18/17 Barbara Wien on Peace Studies and Peace Activism 7/18/17
7/25/17 Joshua Holland and Bryce Covert on How People in Denmark Get Happy and Why Dads Should Stay Home 7/25/17
8/8/17 Patricia Axelrod: Abolish the Department of Veterans Affairs 8/8/17
8/15/17 Kathy Kelly on Stopping Permanent War 8/1/17
8/22/17 James Loewen on the Lies That Confederate Statues Tell 8/15/17
8/29/17 Ed Kinane on Stopping Killer Drones 8/19/17
9/5/17 Alice and Lincoln Day on What War Does to the Earth 8/29/17
9/12/17 Heidi Tilney Kramer on Torture in G-Rated Kids' Movies 9/5/17
9/19/17 Scott Shapiro and Oona Hathaway on How Outlawing War Changed the World 9/12/17
9/26/17 Trita Parsi on U.S.-Iranian Relations 9/19/17
10/3/17 Daniel Kovalik on Morgan Freeman and the Plot to Scapegoat Russia 9/26/17
10/10/17. 10/17/17 Cynthia and Sanford Levinson on Fault Lines in the Constitution 10/3/17
10/17/17 US Provides Military Assistance to 73 Percent of World's Dictatorshipsb 10/10/17
10/24/17 Blaine Harden on The Dark Reign of America's Spy Master in Korea 10/17/17
10/31/17 Julianne Tveten: How the "Fake News" Scare Is Marginalizing the Left10/24/17
11/7/17 Jonathan Granoff on U.S.-North Korean Relations10/31/17
11/14/17Nick Buxton on Climate Chaos and Militarism11/7/17
11/21/17David Swanson: War Stories11/14/17
11/28/17Chip Gibbons on Felony Prosecutions for Protesting Trump 11/21/17
12/5/17, 12/12/17Ben Norton on the CIA Escalating Tensions With Iran 11/28/17
12/19/17Jonathan R. Latham: U.S. Military Promotes New Genetic Extinction Technology 12/12/17

aAired instead of scheduled program due to unexpected RSS feed timing.
bStarted after unplanned repetition of show from 10/3/17.