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1/2/19Stephanie Welch on A Dangerous Idea 12/18/18
1/9/19Leonard Higgins on Extinction Rebeliion 12/25/18
1/16/19Peter Phillips on The Global Power Elite 1/1/19
1/23/19Wes Bellamy on Charlottesville, Racism, and the Statue1/9/19
1/30/19Rob Kajiwara on U.S. Bases on Okinawa1/15/19
2/6/19Dana Frank on What the U.S. Is Doing to Honduras1/22/19
2/13/19Hoor Arifi on Life in Endless War in Afghanistan1/29/19
2/20/19Lee Camp on Venezuela and Declaring Himself Governor of Idaho2/5/19
2/27/19Ana Maria Gower on Art Against Militarism2/12/19
3/6/19John Lannon on Peace and Neutrality in Ireland and Europe2/19/19
3/13/19Liz Remmerswaal Hughes on Peace Activism in New Zealand2/26/19
3/20/19Roy Eidelson on How the 1% Manipulate Our Understanding3/5/19
3/27/19Omali Yeshitela on No to NATO - Yes to Peace3/11/19
4/3/19Darcia Narvaez on Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality3/20/19
4/10/19Marcela Mulholland on the Sunrise Movement3/27/19
4/17/19Maria Zakharova on Ukraine and NATO4/2/19
4/24/19Vijay Mehta on How Not to Go to War4/9/19
5/1/19Foad Izadi on U.S.-Iranian Relations and Peace Activism in Iran4/16/19
5/8/19Greg Grandin on the End of the Myth4/23/19
5/15/19Max Blumenthal on the Management of Savagery4/29/19
5/22/19Mike Gravel on Why He's Running for President5/7/19
5/29/19Marc Eliot Stein on Technology and Peace Activism5/13/19
6/5/19Danny Haiphong on American Exceptionalism and Innocence5/21/19
6/12/19Ross Caputi on the Sacking of Fallujah5/28/19
6/19/19Joe Emersberger on the Media, Assange, Venezuela6/4/19
6/26/19Stephen Roblin on What Moves People Against War6/11/19
7/3/19Martin Hellman on Rethinking National Security6/19/19
7/10/19Thom Hartmann on Guns and the Second Amendment6/25/19
7/17/19Marc Mauer on Life in Prison and Felony Disenfranchisement7/2/19
7/24/19Donald McInnis on Miranda Rights for Children7/9/19
7/31/19Rob Kall on the Bottom-Up Revolution7/16/19
8/21/19Jeff Ostler on Surviving Genocide7/22/19
8/28/19Ed Horgan on Ireland and Peace8/4/19
9/18/19Pat Elder on Military Bases Poisoning Ground Water8/9/19
9/25/19Kathy Kelly on Peace, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ireland, and the United States9/22/19
10/2/19Lisa Fithian on Nonviolent Direct Action9/29/19
10/9/19Clare Daly on Ireland, Peace, and War9/2/19
10/16/19Jeffrey Sterling, CIA Whistleblower, on What He Now Thinks Was the Purpose of Operation Merlin10/15/19
10/23/19Elizabeth McAlister, Martha Hennessy, Mark Colville, Clare Grady, Patrick O'Neill, Carmen Trotta: Kings Bay Plowshares 710/21/19
10/30/19Mark Isaacs on Peace Activism in Afghanistan10/29/19
11/6/19Lindsay Koshgarian on How-Ya-Gonna-Pay-For-It11/5/19
11/13/19Elizabeth Murray on OPCW Covering Up War Lies11/12/19
11/20/19Misagh Parsa on Protests in Iran11/19/19
11/27/19Timmon Wallis on Warheads to Windmills: How to Pay for a Green New Deal8/19/19
12/4/19David Swanson: Impeachment: Do It Right, Or Don't Do It11/26/19
12/11/19David Gibbs: Get Rid of NATO12/3/19
12/18/19Preetha Gopalan on Appealing the ICC's Decision not to Prosecute War Crimes in Afghanistan12/10/19
12/25/19Linda Pentz Gunter, Cindy Folkers: The Need to Ban Nuclear Weapons and Energy12/17/19
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