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2/24/21Paul Jay on Prosecuting Trump2/23/21
3/3/21Eli Clifton: Weapons Funding in Government3/2/21
3/10/21Todd Miller on the Border Industry3/9/21
3/17/21Bob Lord: The Rich Are Taxed Less3/16/21
3/24/21Hanieh Jodat Barnes: Lift the Sanctions3/23/21
3/31/21Yasmine Taeb on Iran, War, Peace, and Congress3/30/21
4/7/21Vanessa Lanteigne, Lia Holla: Peace Activism in Canada and on Campus4/5/21
4/14/21Guy Feugap on Making Peace in Cameroon4/13/21
4/21/21Matt Hoh on Afghanistan and Why to Really End the War4/20/21
4/28/21Sam Perlo-Freeman on the Brutal Weapons Dealing by the UK4/27/21
5/5/21Vince Dijanich: Veterans For Peace Take on Climate Collapse5/4/21
5/12/21Richard Falk on Peace, War, and the Life of a Citizen Pilgrim5/11/21
5/19/21Katrina vanden Heuvel on U.S.-Russia Relations5/17/21
5/26/21Nora Barrows-Friedman on Palestine and Activism5/25/21
6/2/21Scott Horton on Ending the War on Terrorism6/1/21
6/9/21Alexandra Klein on Ending the Death Penalty6/8/21
6/16/21Rivera Sun on Draft Registration and Fiction for Peace6/15/21
6/23/21Julie Varughese on the Unending War on Afghanistan6/22/21
6/30/21Michael Messner: Unconventional Combat6/25/21
7/7/21Yurii Sheliazhenko on Ukraine as Imperial Chess Board7/6/21
7/14/21Brian Concannon: Haiti Has Had All the U.S. Help It Can Stand7/13/21
7/21/21Ray McGovern: Put Russiagate Out of its Misery7/20/21
7/28/21Bryan Burrough: Forget the Alamo!7/27/21
8/4/21Robert Gray on Peace in the Streets8/3/21
8/11/21Danny Sjureson on What the U.S. Military Is Doing in Africa8/10/21
8/18/21Daniel Sherrell on Warmth8/17/21
8/25/21KiJi Noh on How the U.S. Military Has Spread COVID Globally8/24/21
9/1/21David Swanson: Afghanistan: And Stay Out9/1/21
9/8/21Coleen Rowley on the Failures of 9/11 and Everything Since 9/129/7/21
9/15/21David Vine on U.S. Bases Everywhere9/14/21
9/22/21Delmarie Cobb on Rahm Emanuel's Nomination9/19/21
10/6/21Carissa Byrne Hessick: Punishment Without Trial10/5/21
10/13/21Yves Engler on the Canadian Military10/12/21
10/20/21Margaret Kimberley on Powell, Obama, and Assange10/18/21
10/27/21Daniel Ellsberg on the Most Dangerous Missiles10/24/21
11/3/21Stuart Parkinson on What's Missing from COP2610/31/21
11/10/21Leonard Rubenstein, David Swanson: Talk World Radio Debate: Reform War or Abolish It?11/9/21
11/17/21Randall Wray: Is Wall Street Taking Over Ownership of Nature?11/16/21
11/24/21Chris Gelardi on Guam Resisting Empire11/22/21
12/1/21Alfred McCoy on Empire and the Supposed Rule-Based Order that He Claims China Threatens11/29/21
12/8/21Kay Tillow: They're Privatizing Medicare While Your Eyes Are on a Democracy Summit12/5/21
12/15/21Helen Caldicott: U.S. Warmongering Will Kill Us All12/13/21
12/22/21Kathy Kelly on Ending Wars12/20/21
12/29/21Greta Zarro on Peace Activism in 202112/27/21
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