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These 28¾ min. programs are from Women's International News Gathering Service
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1/4/22 Erica Chenoweth: Nonviolent Power ... Why Civil Resistance Works12/27/21
1/11/22 Sarah Schulman: Conflict Is Not Abuse ... Mistaking discomfort for violence is an error of our times1/9/22
1/18/22 Sarah Weddington: Roe v Wade. the Texas Abortion Case1/10/22
1/25/22 Kate Gilmore: Domestic Abuse - The Next Generation ... Ways to work with youth1/15/00
2/1/22 Cutting the Cut ,,, The slow work of ending female genital mutilation1/15/00
2/8/22 Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Closures and Continuities ... Angela Davis speech pt12013
2/15/22 Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Closures and Continuities ... Angela Davis speech pt22013
2/22/22 Carolyn Gage: What's Love? ... a linguistic and biochemical analysis1/30/22
3/1/22 Najiba Ayubi: Afghani Refugee's Escape ... why and how a prominent journalist fled the Taliban2/21/22
3/8/22 Najiba Ayubi, Violet Gonda: Afghan Media and Women ... media freedom and its setbacks2/28/22
3/15/22 Fran Thorburn, Alison Acker, Dr. Carole Roy: Raging Grannies Sing On ... Raising a Ruckus for Good, 35 Years and Counting3/10/22
3/22/22 Samina Iqbal, Maria Daniel: Solar Nuns of Pakistan ... Changing lives by bringing light3/14/22
3/29/22 Food Sovereignty ... A grassroots movement in India3/22/22
4/5/22 Good Parliaments ... Gender sensitization in action3/28/22
4/12/22 Margaretta D'Arcy: Irish Grannies Rage for Peace ... and for Ireland's neutrality4/3/22
4/19/22 Barbara Alice Mann, Bernedette Muthien: Model Matriarchy ... The Iroquois system has lasted hundreds of years4/14/22
4/26/22 Mary Daly Meets 3rd Wave ... one of the last interviews of the late time traveler, theologian and radical feminist pirate4/15/22
5/3/22 Butch Is Not a Dirty Word ... Masculine women claim their stripe in the gender rainbow4/10/22
5/10/22 Ibu Robin Lim: Birthkeepers Midwives' care empowers birthing mothers in remote communities and disaster zones5/6/22
5/17/22 Accounting for whom? ... Marilyn Waring vs. the GDP5/10/22
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