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These 28¾ min. programs are from Women's International News Gathering Service
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1/3/23 Prof. Alexandra Lysova: Male Victims of Family Violence ... Digging for the roots of abuse12/20/22
1/10/23 Carolyn Gage: Symbiosis vs, Toxic Self-Sufficiency1/4/23
1/17/23 Menstruation Celebration and Accommodation in India and Around the World1/9/23
1/24/23 Community Radio Ghana ... Lydia Ajono: "We Work with Our People"1/17/23
1/31/23 Joanna Manning: Papal Politics: power, women and the poor1/24/23
2/7/23 Irshad Manji: Islamic identities ... both faith and freedom 2/2/22
2/14/23 Vandana Shiva on Memory for Survival ... The prescient author of Staying Alive!2/7/23
2/21/23 Sister Dianna Ortiz ... Torture Survivor, Human Rights Champion2/8/23
2/28/23 Sex Worker Support in Kenya ... Voluntary organization educates for choice2/24/23
3/7/23 Sandy Boucher: FEMINIST BUDDHISTS ... Can a religion with no male god be sexist?2/28/23
3/14/23 Kenya Girls' Safety ... Organizers tackle gender-based violence 3/7/23
3/21/23 LGBTQI+ in Kenya ... Supreme Court victory is both a win and a loss3/13/23
3/28/23 Dorothy E. Roberts: Reproductive Slavery ... From the 19th to the 21st Centuries3/21/23
4/4/23 Yanar Mohammed: Iraq Invasion +20 ... How US control affected women's rights3/31/23
4/11/23 Guatemalan Widows Rise ... after genocide against indigenous people4/4/23
4/18/23 Weaving as Healing: Recovering identity through traditional craft 3/28/23
4/25/23 Women Seaweed Farmers ... Kenyans and the so-called Blue Economy4/17/23
5/2/23 Feminist Radio in Mexico City - Community station Violeta Radio4/20/23
5/9/23 Susan George: Debt as Warfare ... and finance as colonization4/29/23
5/16/23 Polish Abortion Struggle ... Founder of Abortion Dream Team Sentenced5/9/23
5/23/23 Adrienne Rich Remembered ... A canonized poet broke through into feminism and politics5/15/23
5/30/23 Homecare Worker Rally ... Working 24 hours but only paid for 13 is slavery5/22/23
6/6/23 UN. Aid, and Sexual Abuse: Investigations fail, lawyers say5/27/23
6/13/23 Gayatri Spivak: Globalizing Feminism: Can the subalterns speak?6/5/23
6/20/23 Darlan Rukih: Intersex Law in Kenya ... Progress has happened, but it's slow6/17/23
6/27/23 Two-Spirit Women Speak Out ... Reviving a title of respect6/18/23
7/4/23 Naomi Klein on the hubris of geo-engineering7/3/23
7/11/23 Building Peace in Kenya ... By Rescuing Youth7/2/23
7/18/23 Margaret Machuki: Religious Cults in Kenya ... an evangelical perspective7/10/23
7/25/23 Women, War, and Wikileaks ... Women know imperialism from all sides7/17/23
8/1/23 Audio Art on Abortion ... A prescient portrait of life After Roe 7/24/23
8/8/23 Kenya Tax Attacks ... Violence against protests about cost of food8/2/23
8/15/23 Jerri Allyn: Waitress Audio Art ... American Dining: A Working Woman's Moment8/10/23
8/22/23 Market Women of Haiti ... Madan Saras - essential and under siege8/14/23
8/29/23 Haitian Women's Radio ... REFRAKA in times of disaster8/9/23
9/5/23 Vanastree Seed Savers ... A women-run collective in South India8/14/23
9/12/23 Anastacia Cheruiyot: African Foods Revival ... Returning to what grows well9/4/23
9/19/23 Matrix Societies ... Suppressed Histories explored by Max Dashu9/11/23
9/26/23 Mary Mumbi: Mother for Gays ... In homophobic Kenya, a mother spreads acceptance9/3/23
10/3/23 Kate Manne: Gaslighting and Philosophy ... It's not all in your mind9/28/23
10/10/23 Norie Neumark: Jobs for the Girls ... What do you see when. you look in the mirror?9/28/23
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