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These 28¾ min. programs are from Women's International News Gathering Service
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1/2/24 Elena Skoko: Memoirs of a Singing Birth ... rights and competencies of birthing mothers and babies12/9/23
1/9/24 Indian Boarding Schools ... part of a pattern of violence in North America12/9/23
1/16/24 Robin Morgan on Ms. ... and Clarence Thomas1/9/24
1/23/24 Hilda Fernandez: Superheroines and our Psyches ... fictional figures mess with our minds 1/15/24
1/30/24 The Global Gag Rule ... Is Making a Comeback1/22/24
2/6/24 HIV-affected Children ... and their mothers, on the Kenya coast1/30/24
2/13/24 Magda Renner: Global Homelessness ... its causes2/6/24
2/20/24 Accented English ... unfairly stigmatized2/12/24
2/27/24 Power Race Sex ... Power: Is It a Sexual Thing?2/19/24
3/5/24 Structural Adjustment ... an economic tool to exploit women2/27/24
3/12/24 Truth To Power ... Women journalists vs. censorship3/6/24
3/19/24 Kenyans Walk for Palestine ... Organizers describe their national campaign in international context3/11/24
3/26/24 Suppressed Histories Archives ... interview with founder Max Dashu3/18 /24
4/2/24 Storming Caesar's Palace ... a documentary about welfare rights activism3/25/24
4/9/24 Not In Our Names ... Jewish Women Rethink Israel4/1/24
4/16/24 Dr. Heide Goettner-Abendroth: Matriarchal Societies ... Studies on Indigenous cultures across the globe4/9/24
4/23/24 New Witches ... Canadians re-creating the craft4/15/24
4/30/24 Barbara Alice Mann: The Motherworld ... vs. the sky god4/22/24
5/7/24 Kate Evans: Red Rosa4/29/24
5/14/24 Labouring Women ... An historical medley5/6/24
5/21/24 Award Show ... Building Peace in Kenya by Rescuing Youth5/14/24
5/28/24 Words for Water ... Poet Rita Wong on the essential element5/20/24
6/4/24 Pat Bond: Murder in the WAC ... A lesbian tragi-comedy5/26/24
6/11/24 War and Climate Change ... Three experts address the press6/3/24
6/18/24 Gender Statistician Berit As: When socialization and sexism collide6/9/24
6/25/24 Parliament Women Lead ... for women's and children's health 6/17/24
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