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These 28¾ min. programs are from Women's International News Gathering Service

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1/7/20 Spiritual Politics of Marta Benavides ... Grassroots organizing vs oligarchy in El Salvador12/24/19
1/14/20 How 2nd Wave Broke ... Sheila Tobias on Faces of Feminism12/31/19
1/21/20 Sharon Strand Ellison: Non-Defensive Communication ... Taking the War out of our Words1/6/20
1/28/20 Wendy Chapkis: Beyond the Sex Wars ... Can a rift in the women's movement be healed?12/1/98
2/4/20 Child Sex Work in Kenya ... Girls below age of consent trade sex to feed their families11/29/16
2/11/20 Climate Tactics1/19/20
2/18/20 Winnie Mandela at Million Woman March2/7/20
2/25/20 Fasia Jansen, Ellen Diederich: Fasia - Afro-German survivor sang for peace5/28/01
3/3/20 NGOs Lobby UN Commission on the Status of Women1/23/20
3/10/20 The Rapist In Your Path2/24/20
3/17/20 Riffat Hassan: Not from Man's Rib!9/4/95
3/24/20 Sally Roesch Wagner: Matilda Joslyn Gage, Renegade Suffragist1/24/20
3/31/20 Jennifer Cohn, Andrea Miller: Election Protection ... or, How To Hack a Democracy3/16/20
4/7/20 Maude Barlow: Right to Water ... The UN Declaration on this Human Right, and how it is used3/22/20
4/14/20 Women and Waste in India ... Traditional recycling meets new law and methods in Bangalore3/23/20
4/21/20 Social Distancing ... Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines have different approaches4/13/20
4/28/20 Agnes Leina: Pastoral Woman in Kenya ... Adapting tradition to climate change4/20/20
5/5/20 Sexing the Web ... Exploring sex and gender through the brand new world wide web1996, 4/25/20
5/12/20 Isabel Samfield: Music Teacher Mother ... Special for the week of Mother's Day5/4/20
5/19/20 MayDay 2020 ... Worker organizing under Covid in India and the Philippines5/11/20
5/26/20 bell hooks on Transforming Rage ... From the WINGS archive (1993), and still good advice10/13/93
6/2/20 Tamarack Verrall: WorldPulse ... A global network of women activists5/24/20
6/9/20 The Feminist Press Turns 50 ... Founder Florence Howe details the early years6/1/20
6/16/20 Women on the COVID Frontline ... Reports from India and Cameroon6/8/20
6/23/20 Stacey Abrams of Fair Vote ... An interview from Mother Jones Magazine6/15/20
6/30/20 Dr. Beverly Robinson: The Aunt Jemima Struggle ... How her image became an offense1994, 6/22/20
7/7/20 Wife Beaters ... A tough problem to beat2001
7/14/20 Nika Kovac: Slovenia Uprising ... Rejecting the Right7/8/20
7/21/20 Guardians of the Amazon ... Indigenous Women Rising7/16/20
7/28/20 How Lesbians Wed ... in the old days1996
8/4/20 Casa Internazionale delle Donne ... The International Women's House in Rome7/30/20
8/11/20 After Incest ... The Healing Years: Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse8/5/20
8/18/20 Kalpana Viswanath: Safe Cities Audits ... Safetipin, founded in India, covers 50 cities around the world8/15/20
8/25/20 Nawal el Saadawi, exile from Egypt ... On the price of freedom and the price of oppression1/16/94
9/1/20 Beijing Memories, Part 1 ... 25th Anniversary of UN 4th World Conference on Women8/23/20
9/8/20 UN 4th World Conference on Women ... Part 2- Politics, Work, and Money9/3/20
9/15/20 4th World Conference on Women - Part 3 ... Sisterhood and Strategies9/10/20
9/22/20 Attacks on Gender Studies ... An international conversation9/18/20
9/29/20 Laurie Garrett: 20th Century Plagues ... Controlling epidemics is a tricky business1995, 9/24/20
10/6/20 Purna Sen v. Harassment and Discrimination ... Interview upon leaving UN Women10/1/20
10/13/20 Faswila Athman Omar: Street Children in Kenya ... A woman's commitment to help10/8/20
10/27/20 Worker-Owned Businesses10/12/20
11/3/20 Kathleen Mahoney: The Canadian Pornography Decision ... and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms10/21/20
11/10/20 Andrea Dworkin at Seneca Falls ... Invokes Elizabeth Cady Stanton in the fight against patriarchal terrorism10/30/20
11/17/20 Women of India's Panchayats ... 50% of local government seats are now for women11/7/20
11/24/20 India's Water Warrior Women ... Essential approaches to fast-encroaching drought11/11/20
12/1/20 Sarah Schulman: Leaderless Organizing in the '90s ... ACT UP and the Lesbian Avengers2009
12/8/20 Waring's Counting ... New Zealand's first woman in Parliament debunked the GDP12/6/20
12/15/20 Radical Futures ... Young Climate Feminist Leaders Talk12/14/20
12/22/20 UN Women Marks the 16 Days against Gender Violence12/7/20
12/29/20 Kate Raworth: Doughnut Economics2017
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