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These 28¾ min. programs are from Women's International News Gathering Service

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1/5/21 Eunice Adhiambo: COVID in Kenya ... Its effects on women's economic development12/17/20
1/12/21 Genevieve Vaughan: Mothering Is a Gift ... The act of mothering - by mother or another - shapes our brains and our nature10/_/16
1/19/21 Mary Mwendwa: Reporting in Kenya Under COVID ... Problems and opportunities for women journalists1/16/21
1/26/21 Jean Hardisty: Mobilizing Resentment ... Anti-feminist, racist, anti-liberal methodologies of the right1999
2/2/21 Death Penalty, Part 1 Interview with Sister Helen Prejean1995
2/9/21 Death Penalty, Part 2 Interview with Sister Helen Prejean1995
2/16/21 40 years in the streets ... San Francisco Bay Area drumming group brings beats to life2/2/21
2/23/21 Resisting Rape in Cameroon ... Speaking the truth is step one2/9/21
3/2/21 Lulu B. White of the NAACP2/21/21
3/9/21 Rita Hope Aciro-Lakor: Uganda Women's Network ... Converting laws into actions3/2/21
3/16/21 International Women's Day Greetings 2021 ... updates from women around the world3/9/21
3/23/21 Joan Marler: Marija Gimbutas Centennial ... Revered archaeologist's findings from pre-patriarchal Old Europe2005
3/30/21 Nisei and Sansei Women Look Back and Ahead ... Survivors of Japanese incarceration during WWII3/24/21
4/6/21 Freeing Women's News ... Robin Morgan on Clarence Thomas and Ms. Magazine3/29/21
4/13/21 India Farm Strike ... Vandana Shiva connects the present to the past4/7/21
4/20/21 Vote Suppression ... Texas style4/13/21
5/4/21 Policing Police in Australia ... For violence at home and within the force4/20/21
5/11/21 Medea Benjamin, Coumba Toure: Maternal Gift Stories ... on Mothering, Activism, and Care4/29/21
5/18/21 Leslie Feinberg: Trans Liberation ... The case for solidarity5/4/21
5/25/21 Female Circumcision in Sudan ... FGM is illegal again, but not forgotten5/11/21
6/1/21 Green Counter-Revolution ... Local organic women farmers in India5/18/21
6/8/21 Helena Norberg-Hodge: Local Futures ... Local food sourcing saves people and climate5/25/21
Madan Saras of Haiti ... Brave Market Women and Their Community6/1/21
6/29/21 Dr. Katherine Manthorne: Silent-Film Women ... Silent film auteur Lois Weber and her network6/8/21
7/6/21 Janelle Orsi: Law and Sharing ... The Sustainable Economies Law Center and its work6/30/21
7/13/21 Violet Gonda, Thandiwe Newton: Zimbabwe Diaspora7/7/21
7/20/21 Affirmative Action ... Lani Guinier deconstructs meritocracy7/14/21
7/27/21 RadiOrakel, Oslo, Norway ... Secrets for feminist radio survival7/23/21
8/3/21 Mililani Trask ... Indigenous Women's Strategy7/27/21
8/10/21 Intersectional Feminist Media ... A global trend8/3/21
8/17/21 Farmland restoration in Kenya ... Women doing that work in drylands areas8/10/21
8/24/21 Dignity Wonder Woman: The Chant That Shook Chile8/14/21
8/31/21 When Abortion Was Illegal ... (and may soon be again in the USA)8/25/21
9/7/21 Lenora Greenbaum Ucko: Model Marriages8/29/21
9/14/21 Female Priests in India9/5/21
9/21/21 Jeannette Armstrong - Leading by Giving ... Indigenous gift economy in family, community, and environment9/14/21
9/28/21 Women's Agenda to Save the Planet -Part 19/23/21
10/5/21 Women's Agenda to Save the Planet -Part 29/23/21
10/12/21 Ellen Balka: Technology on the Frontlines ... Women's work disrupted by design10/8/21
10/19/21 Ellen Balka: Tech, Work and Care ... Ripples from technology change10/16/21
10/26/21 Feminist Foreign Policy ... What it is and what it could be10/22/21
11/2/21 Witch Accusations ... A continuing scourge10/30/21
11/9/21 Wildlife Women in Kenya ,,, Breaking cultural barriers to protect animals and people11/2/21
11/16/21 Sadia Hossain, Saima Choudhiry, Robin Eriksson: Rape and Resistance in Bangladesh ... Lessons learned from Canada11/12/21
11/23/21 Anastacia Cheruiyot: Food Beneath Their Feet ... Africa's Indigenous Food Revival11/17/21
11/30/21 The 16 Days - November 25 - December 10 ... Canadians combatting violence against women2012
12/7/21UN Women New Executive Director ... Sima Bahous of Jordan - plus an appearance by Melinda French Gates12/2/21
12/14/21 Winter Solstice ... and goddess religion12/9/21
12/21/21 Hoodwinked ... Indigenous views on false climate solutions12/13/21
12/28/21 bell hooks ... on feminism, race, violence and dealing with rage (repeated from 5/26/20)10/13/93
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