Perpetual Notion Machine
4:30 pm Saturdays

~30 min. programs from the Science Collective of WORT
on contemporary scientific issues and discoveries for non-scientists
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1/1/21 Dennis Shaffer: End Of 2021 Show 12/30/21
1/8/22 Preparing for Splashdown in the Pacific 1/6/22
1/15/22 Eve Emshwiller, Alex McAlvay: Plant Domestication - hosted by Serena Zhao 1/13/22
1/29/22 Bruce Pandolfini: Openings in a New Era of Chess - hosted by Patrick Sajbel1/27/22
2/5/22 Grace Wilkinson: Algal Blooms and Climate Change 2/3/22
2/12/22 Thomas Harkins: A Million-Mile Journey to the Birth of the Universe2/10/22
2/19/22 Markus Brauer: Confirmation Bias: Psychology Behind Why People's Beliefs Discard the Facts 2/17/22
2/26/22 Audrey Girard: Get Inside Your Bread 2/24/22
3/5/22 Robert Monthey, Emily Morris, Patrick Sajbel, Dennis Shaffer, Serena Zhao: Perpetual Notion Machine Turns 25! 3/3/22
3/12/22 Emily Spilman: Emily, the Environment, and Emily 3/10/22
3/19/22 Dale Schoeller: Metabolism + Diet, Exercise, and Sleep 3/17/22
3/26/22 Pupa Gilbert: How to build a coral skeleton 3/24/22
4/2/22 Sanjay Limaye: The Clouds of Venus and their Extremophile Residents 3/31/22
4/9/22 Tom Zinnen: UW-Madison Science Expeditions for 20224/7/22
4/16/22 John Bates: Reflections on Wild Lakes4/14/22
4/23/22 Adel Talaat: Avian Flu Outbreak 4/21/22
4/30/22 Andrew Aziz: The Science of Classical Music 4/28/22
5/7/22 Science News 5/5/22
5/14/22 Russ Shafer-Landau: What Is Morality?5/12/22
5/28/22 Michael Corradini: The Future of Nuclear Energy in a Low-Carbon World - hosted by Patrick Sajbel5/19/22
6/4/22 Tammi Kral: This Is Your Brain On Mindfulness 6/2/22
6/11/22 Jordan Ellenberg: If you know two geometers they're Jordan Ellenberg and Euclid - hosted by Emily Morris6/9/22
6/18/22 Zachary Feiner: Fisheries: Where the Walleye Are6/16/22
6/25/22 Dr. Suneel Pandey: India Bans Single-Use Plastic Pollution - hosted by Patrick Sajbel 6/23/22
7/2/22 Science News June 2022 - hosted by Serena Zhao, Emily Morris 6/30/22
7/9/22 Liz Boyd: Science Fun Isn't Hard When You've Got a Library Card! 7/7/22
7/16/22 Michael Maseda: The James Webb Telescope 7/14/22
7/23/22 Dr. Audrey Girard: Food Science 7/21/22
7/30/22 Catherine Garvens: At the Edge of a Glacier: A Walk Down the Ice Age Trail 7/28/22
8/6/22 Karen Oberhauser: Will The Reign of Monarchs Continue? 8/4/22
8/13/22 David Stevens: An Audio Tour of the Longenecker Horticultural Gardens 8/12/22
8/20/22 Laura Albert: What's Math Got to Do With It? Math & The Social Good 8/18/22
8/27/22 Science News Plus 8/25/22
9/3/22 Kristina Gómez, John C. Newman: Madison Public Library Debuts Naturalist-in-Residence Program This Fall9/1/22
9/10/22 Uwe Bergmann: Preserving our history with cutting edge science 9/8/22
9/17/22 David Stevens: An Audio Tour of the Longenecker Horticultural Gardens - pt2 9/15/22
9/24/22 Lelia Byron: The Shape of the Environment 9/22/22
10/1/22 Show clips 9/29/22
10/8/22 Elise Vernon Pearlstine: A Natural History of Fragrance 10/6/22
10/15/22 Antarctic Explorer Ariel Waldman 10/13/22
10/22/22 Wisconsin Science Festival 10/20/22
10/29/22 Dr. Richard Beilfuss: The Great Sandhill Crane Migration is Back! 10/27/22
11/5/22 Joshua Kapfer, Donald Brown: Amphibians and Reptiles of Wisconsin pt 1 11/3/22
11/12/22 Martha Malik, Stephanie Carman, Em Loerzel: Wild and Humble Horses 11/10/22
11/19/22 Emotions and Evolution 11/17/22
11/26/22 Joshua Kapfer, Donald Brown: Amphibians and Reptiles of Wisconsin pt 2 11/24/22
12/3/22 Erika Monroe-Kane: Where Science and Art Meet in Wisconsin12/1/22
12/10/22 Mat Kaplan: Veteran Mars explorers look back 12/8/22
12/17/22 Nick Bayly: Research On The Needs Of Migratory Birds: The Neotropical Flyways Project12/15/22
12/24/22 Eliza Greenman: The Indiana Jones of Agroforestry - hosted by Jacom Grace 12/22/22
12/31/22 Elise Vernon Pearlstine: The World of Scents 12/29/22
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