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Length Creation
1/2/18 Joan Claybrook, Harvey Wasserman: The Self-Driving Car: Is It Safe? 1:05:2712/28/19
1/9/20 Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, Dr. Bandy Lee: The King of Everything 1:23:061/4/20
1/16/20 Andrew Napolitano, Lawrence Wilkerson: Iran Crisis 1:15:081/11/20
1/23/20 Sarah Bloom Raskin: What Good Is The Federal Reserve? 1:19:581/18/20
1/30/20 Christopher Shaw, Lori Wallach, Sarah Bloom Raskin: Making Banking Democratic/The New NAFTA1:26:251/25/20
2/6/20 Michael Klare: All Hell Breaking Loose 59:212/1/20
2/13/20 Dr. Michael Osterholm: Alan Grayson/Coronavirus 1:31:072/8/20
2/20/20 Sam Pizzigati, Steven Shafarman: Maximum Wage/Universal Basic Income 1:17:002/15/20
2/27/20 Monique El-Faizy: The Making of a Predator 1:01:212/22/20
3/5/20 Dr. David Michaels: Lying About Science 60:012/29/20
3/12/20 Robert Greenwald, Shelli Stockton: Voter Suppression 1:08:223/7/20
3/19/20 Winona LaDuke, John Nichols: The End of Oil/Sanders vs. Biden 1:40:533/14/20
3/26/20 James Zirin, Dr. Michael Carome: Trump's Lawsuits/Coronavirus Update 1:02:313/21/20
4/2/20 Katherine Eban, Jamie Love: Drugs in a Pandemic 1:00:173/28/20
4/9/20 Alan Hirsch, Steven Greenhouse: Presidential Election Crisis 1:03:444/4/20
4/16/20 Ramesh Srinivasan, Joe Cotchett: Big Tech, Bernie, and Benevolent Landlords 1:14:024/11/20
4/23/20 Jean Ross, Dr. Bandy Lee: Nurses on the Front Lines/Captain Bligh 1:07:354/18/20
4/30/20 Adam Rome, David Freeman: Earth Day Turns Fifty! 58:004/25/20
5/7/20 Dr. Michael Osterholm on Covid-19 1:09:425/2/20
5/14/20 Don Siegelman, Bruce Fein: Crooked Prosecutors/AWOL Congress 57:275/9/20
5/21/20 Eugene Jarecki, Mark Dimondstein: Trump Death Clock/Saving the Post Office 1:13:055/16/20
5/28/20 Greg LeRoy, Phil Steck: The Tax Break Industrial Complex 1:14:145/23/20
6/4/20 Hassan El-Tayyab, James Zirin: Aid to Yemen/Trump Above the Law? 1:07:295/30/20
6/11/20 Ari Berman: Will We Be Able To Vote? 1:09:246/6/20
6/18/20 Bill Hillsman, Susan Clark: What's Wrong With the Biden's Election Strategy? 1:16:026/13/20
6/25/20 Glen Ford, Lisa Gilbert: The Myth of the Warrior Cop 1:14:496/20/20
7/2/20 Michael G. Long, Juan Cole: Does Non-Violent Protest Work? 1:12:236/27/20