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1/4 /24 Rev. Dr. Donald Wagner: Christian Zionism1:04:1212/30/23
1/11/24 Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, Dr. David Himmelstein, Robert Weissman,
Dr. Peter Lurie: American Hero: Dr. Sidney Wolfe
1/18/24 John Kindt, Bruce Fein: Big Gambling1:27:071/13/24
1/25/24 Josh Paul, James Bamford: Conscientious Objector/Israeli Agents1:32:431/20/24
2/1/24 Ido Setter, Stefanie Fox: Grassroots Groups for Gaza1:16:181/27/24
2/8/24 Eva Borgwardt, Dr. Ralph Estes: Mad as Hell1:17:212/3/24
2/15/24 Janine Jackson, Dr. Tariq Haddad: Slanted Opinions on Gaza/One Family's Tragedy1:21:172/10/24
2/22/24 Gene Bruskin, Rick Perlstein: Labor for a Ceasefire/Trump's Cult of Personality1:21:062/17/24
2/29/24 Prof. Stephanie Luce, Bruce Fein: Practical Radicals1:05:542/24/24
3/7/24 Dan Diamond: Bishop William Barber1:13:283/2/24
3/14/24 Barbara McQuade, Lawrence Wilkerson: Tribe Over Truth1:29:193/9/24
3/21/24 Tim Judson: America, Stop Trying to Make Nuclear Power Happen. It's Not Going to Happen.1:09:303/16/24
3/28/24 Jonathan Kozol, Matt Wetherington: Apartheid Education/Gas Station Heroin1:19:563/23/24
4/4/24 William Shernoff, Francesco DeSantis: Live Taping w/ the Father of Bad Faith Insurance Law58:003/30/24
4/11/24 Chris Anderson: Infectious Generosity1:11:134/6/24
4/18/24 Jeffrey Sachs: Saving Israel and Palestine1:09:124/13/24
4/25/24 Joy James, Noelle Hanrahan: Mumia Abu-Jamal: Criminal Injustice1:21:074/20/24
5/2/24 Theodore Postol: Catastrophic Mismanagement of U.S. Security Policy1:20:454/27/24
5/9/24 Jean Carper: Life Or Death Foods1:07:575/4/24
5/16/24 Hamilton Nolan, Robert Fellmeth: The Hammer1:34:275/11/24
5/23/24 Robert Weissman, Chas Freeman: America Is Not Divided1:35:3611/18/23
5/30/24 Sam Simon, Lisa Frank, Chris Hedges: The Power of Youth1:17:485/18/24
6/6/24 Barry Castleman, Ken Bossong, Bruce Fein: Captains of Conscience1:20:315/25/24
6/13/24 M. Steven Fish, Phil Tourney: The Politics of Dominance1:41:146/1/24
6/20/24 Bishop William J. Barber, Phil Mattera: Poor People's Campaign/Corporate Misbehavior1:36:216/8/24
6/27/24 Jackie Gillan: Saving Lives On The Road/Ralph Answers Your Questions1:26:036/15/24
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