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Length Creation
1/7/21 David Bollier: Power of the Commons/2020 Highlights57:541/2/21
1/14/21 John Larson: Now That The Dems Control Congress...1:00:101/9/21
1/21/21 John C. Coffee, Matt Haney: Crime Stoppers!/Pay Equity1:24:291/16/21
1/28/21 Adolph Reed, Bruce Fein: Cleaning Up Trump's Mess1:14:111/23/21
2/4/21 Jerry Cox, Peter Bahouth: Killer Air Bags1:25:241/30/21
2/11/21 Bruce Fein, Sinan Antoon, John Dacey: Perverted Pardons and Private Prisons1:16:362/6/21
2/18/21 Erica Payne: "Tax The Rich" Redux1:00:282/13/21
2/25/21 Thom Hartmann: Why So Little Progressive Radio?1:04:362/20/21
3/4/21 Richard Cordray: Protecting Your Finances1:06:312/27/21
3/11/21 Kay Tillow, Evan Weissman: "It Ain't So, Joe!"1:08:563/6/21
3/18/21 Simon Winchester: Is This Land Really Our Land?1:06:303/13/21
3/25/21 Peter Bradford, Alan Zibel: Desperately Seeking Subsidies1:01:223/20/21
4/1/21 Steven Donziger: Corporate Prisoner1:03:513/27/21
4/8/21 Michael Eric Dyson: Corporatism is Systemic Racism1:01:564/3/21
4/15/21 Trudy Lieberman, Phillip Stark: Don't Mess With Mesh/Evidence-Based Voting1:10:094/10/21
4/22/21 Steven Markoff: The War Crimes of George W. Bush1:10:414/17/21
4/29/21 John R. MacArthur: The First Amendment vs Cancel Culture1:07:234/24/21
5/6/21 Nicholas Ashford, Lonnie T. Brown, Joseph Stillman: We Need a New Fairness Doctrine1:04:045/1/21
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