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1/6/21 Ralph Nader: Play Democracy! 1:33:251/1/22
1/13/22 Marshall Allen: Beating the Healthcare System1:05:431/8/22
1/20/22 Kip Sullivan: The Corporate Assault on Medicare1:04:431/15/22
1/27/22, 2/3/22 William Lazonick: Apple's Hollow $3T Valuation1:03:261/22/22
2/10/22 Peter Mui: Don't Toss It! Fix It!1:02:462/5/22
2/17/22 Katrina vanden Heuvel, Peter Bradford: Ukraine Crisis/Nuclear Boondoggle1:11:382/12/22
2/24/22 Lawrence Wilkerson, Clarence Lusane: Twenty Dollars and Change1:11:362/19/22
3/3/22 Laura Antonini, Harvey Rosenfield: How To Take Back Your Power!57:422/26/22
3/10/22 John McWhorter, Father Al Fritch: Woke Racism/Ethnic Atlas1:14:573/5/22
3/17/22 Ed Pierson, Bruce Fein: Still Unsafe At Any Altitude1:12:073/12/22
3/24/22 Joe Madison, Richard Winger: All About Voting1:18:403/19/22
3/31/22 Theodore Postol, Bruce Fein: Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine?1:09:443/26/22
4/7/22 Jesse Singer: There Are No Accidents1:17:164/2/22
4/14/22 Vidya Krishnan, John Nichols: Vampire Diaries1:17:144/9/22
4/21/22 Chris Hedges on Ukraine, the Press & Much More!57:524/16/22
4/28/22 Dana Thomas: Fast Fashion!59:034/23/22
5/5/22 E. J. Dionne, Colman McCarthy: Universal Civic Duty Voting1:01:254/30/22
5/12/22 Ethical Markets w Hazel Henderson1:07:565/7/22
5/26/22 Lindsay Owens, Roberto J. González: What's Really Driving Inflation/War Without Death?1:28:075/21/22
6/2/22 Dr. Michael Osterholm, Dan Xie: Covid Update/Student Activists1:22:115/28/22
6/9/22 Bill McKibben57:526/4/22
6/16/22 Rev. Jim Wallis, Bruce Fein: Jesus Was A Progressive1:13:056/11/22
6/23/22 Micky Huff: The News That Didn't Make The News1:12:006/18/22
6/30/22 Thomas McGarity: Trump's Inside Job1:02:406/25/22
7/7/22 Peter Maybarduk, Rick Claypool: Vaccine Apartheid/The Voice of Corporate Crime1:19:097/2/22
7/14/22 Dr. Bandy Lee: Trump Still Dangerous57:527/9/22
7/21/22 Robert Pollin, Greg LeRoy: What If The Fed Bought Out The Oil Industry?1:16:077/16/22
7/28/22 David Gelles: The Man Who Broke Capitalism1:12:057/23/22
8/4/22 Bruce Fein: Investigating Trump1:01:387/30/22
8/11/22 Sari Horowitz, Scott Higham: Drug Lords of America57:398/6/22
8/18/22 Dan O'Dowd, Steve Hutkins: Self-Driving Tesla: "It Will Try To Kill You"1:10:318/13/22
8/25/22 Bruce Fein, Allan Sloan, Steve Silberstein: Recession or Recovery?1:13:418/20/22
9/1/22 Josh Koskoff: Some Justice for Sandy Hook1:03:078/27/22
9/8/22 Mona Lisa Wallace, Corban Addison: Slaughtering Corporate Hogs1:14:319/3/22
9/15/22 Dana Milbank: The Crack Up of the Republican Party1:05:169/10/22
9/22/22 Michael Hudson, Bruce Fein: The Federal Reserve and Debt1:02:209/17/22
9/29/22 David Enrich, Dr. Michael Jacobson: Servants of the Damned1:18:529/24/22
10/6/22 Kip Sullivan: Medicare Advantage is a Scam!1:01:4310/1/22
10/13/22 Dr. Susan Linn, Robert Weissman: Who's Raising The Kids?1:05:5610/8/22
10/20/22 Marta Tellado, Michael Hudson: Consumer Rights Are Civil Rights1:08:4010/15/22
10/27/22 Sheldon Whitehouse, Bruce Fein: How the Right Wing Captured the Supreme Court1:01:2710/22/22
11/3/22 Chris Hedges/Mark Green1:07:5010/29/22
11/10/22 Joshua Frank, Susan Cohen: The Most Toxic Place in America1:38:5311/5/22
11/17/22 Dr. Drew Westen, Steve Early: Midterm Postmortem1:19:5611/12/22
11/24/22 Jim Hightower: Populism! The Good Kind1:02:4511/19/22
12/1/22 Medea Benjamin, David Swanson: Ukraine: Senseless Conflict1:35:3411/26/22
12/8/22 Joan Claybrook, Claire Nader: Mike Pertschuk Tribute/Inspiring Tweens1:24:2312/3/22
12/15/22 Eric Lipton, Teresa Murray: Sports Betting/Trouble in Toyland1:20:3112/10/22
12/22/22 Geoffrey Fowler: Big Tech Spying1:06:2612/17/22
12/29/22 Robert Fellmeth, Dr. Susan Linn, Claire Nader: Fighting Online Marketing to Children1:20:1812/24/22
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