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1/5/23 Dr. James Kahn, Dr. Fred Hyde, Kip Sullivan: What M4A Saves You!1:19:2612/31/22
1/12/23 Francesco DeSantis: Corporate Personhood1:07:071/7/23
1/19/23 Lawrence Wilkerson: The Institutional Insanity (of) "Defense"1:23:411/14/23
1/26/23 Luke Broadwater, Bruce Fein: Eyewitness to January 6th1:07:221/21/23
2/2/23 James Damico, Mark Baildon: Confronting Climate Denial1:17:401/28/23
2/9/23 Karen Levy, Logan Lane: Workplace Surveillance1:16:512/4/23
2/16/23 Dr. Nason Maani, Chris Hedges: What's Killing Our Health?1:23:252/11/23
2/23/23 George W. Bush & His Torturers1:06:452/18/23
3/2/23 Seymour Hersh, Mickey Huff: Seymour Hersh on Nordstream1:44:352/25/23
3/9/23 William Kleinknecht, Oliver Hall: Failing (Red) States1:16:193/4/23
3/16/23 Dahr Jamail, Karen Friedman, Sandra Oseguera, Jesus Gutierrez: Indigenous Voices on Turtle Island1:33:343/11/23
3/23/23 Matthew Hoh, Dahr Jamail: Iraq War: Twenty Years Later1:04:223/18/23
3/30/23 James Henry, Alison Dundes Renteln: Spank the Banks1:31:183/25/23
4/6/23 Nomi Prins: How The Financial Markets Abandoned Us1:06:044/1/23
4/13/23 William Hartung, Cindy Sheehan: War! What is It Good For?1:19:514/8/23
4/20/23 Russell Kendzior: Falls Aren't Funny1:13:434/15/23
4/27/23 Samuel Levine, Dr. Michael Carome: Protecting Yourself1:29:494/22/23
5/4/23 Tyler Kepner, Ken Reed: Sports Talk!1:06:254/29/23
5/11/23 Shanin Spector: Celebrating Law Day1:11:435/6/23
5/18/23 David Goodman, Sandra Oseguera, Jesus Gutierrez: Writers Strike!/Occupy the Library!58:035/13/23
5/25/23 Byron Bloch, Sari Kayyali, Alan Minsky: Defeating a Boondoggle1:08:145/20/23
6/1/23 Gretchen Morgenson: Predatory Capitalists1:03:125/27/23
6/8/23 William Lazonick: License to Loot1:12:536/3/23
6/15/23 Binyamin Applebaum: Economic False Prophets1:01:246/10/23
6/22/23 Randall Kennedy: Tribute to Ford, Robinson, and Belafonte1:04:176/17/23
6/29/23 Norman Solomon: War Made Invisible1:12:336/24/23
7/6/23 Hal Weitzman: What's The Matter With Delaware?1:05:407/1/23
7/13/23 Abigail Disney, Erica Payne: The American Dream: And Other Fairy Tales1:17:247/8/23
7/20/23 Maxim Thorne: Young Swing Voters1:32:527/15/23
7/27/23 Bruce Fein, Helaine Olen: Stop Ignoring The People!1:24:487/22/23
8/3/23 Jennifer Vanderbes: Wonder Drug1:09:207/29 /23
8/10/23 Bruce Fein, Sherry Turkle: Digital Addictions1:09:158/5/23
8/17/23 Casey Fannon: Financing Co-ops1:05:178/12/23
8/24/23 M.V. Ramana, Paul Deslauriers: The False Promise of Small Nuclear Reactors1:40:118/19/23
8/31/23 Pete Davis, Scott Sklar: Join or Die1:24:258/26/23
9/7/23 Steve McNamara, Peter Lurie: The San Quentin News1:37:559/2/23
9/14/23 Dr. Piers Steel: The Procrastination Equation1:17:359/9/23
9/21/23 David Hemenway: Reducing Gun Deaths1:13:009/16/23
9/28/23 Toby Heaps, Dr. Bandy Lee: Clean(er) Capitalism1:33:259/23/23
10/5/23 Stephen Kinzer: Proxy Wars/America Run Amok1:03:119/30/23
10/12/23 Chris Townsend: Going Into Labor1:41:1410/7/23
10/19/23 Gideon Levy, Bruce Fein: The Punishment of Gaza1:15:4810/14/23
10/26/23 James Zogby, Harvey Wasserman: Invisible Palestinians1:41:0610/21/23
11/2/23 Lawrence Wilkerson, Bruce Fein: A Strategy of Annihilation1:25:5110/28/23
11/9/23 Craig Mokhiber, Medea Benjamin: A Genocide Tax1:19:5711/4/23
11/16/23 Lara Friedman: Ceasefire Now!59:4511/5/23
11/23/23 Donald Cohen, Michael Lissner: Corporate Bullsh*t/Legal Bullsh*t1:17:0711/11/23
11/30/23 Miko Peled: Justifying the Unjustifiable in Palestine1:05:4611/25/23
12/7/23 Chuck Collins, Lara Friedman: The True Cost of Billionaire Philanthropy59:5012/2/23
12/14/23 Marion Nestle, Bruce Fein, Vishal Shankar: Democracy Dies in Broad Daylight1:37:1612/9/23
12/21/23 Allan Brownfeld, Bruce Fein: Is Anti-Zionism Anti-Semitism?1:15:1312/16/23
12/28/23 Andy Shallal, Rick Ferri, Robert Townsend, Jr.: Busboys & Bogle Heads1:22:0112/23/23
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