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2013 Broadcast Schedule for
Culture Shocks
4:20-5:00 pm Wednesday-Friday
in which Rev. Barry Lynn
examines issues and trends in today's culture wars
through conversations with key players

Barry Lynn's
Culture Shocks
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W1/2/13, 1/9/13 How true is the story of the man who was in a coma for years and is now coherent? Irreligious billboards and bus signs mark campaign for irreverence. (repeated from 12/9/09) 12/2/09
Th1/3/13 The first full biography of William Rehnquist, exploring the roots of his political and judicial convictions and showing how he began his career on the Court. 1/2/13
F1/4/13 A reexamination of America's relationship with guns by veteran New York Times editor Craig Whitney. 1/3/13
Th1/10/13 The social history of skin color from prehistory to the present. 1/7/13
F1/11/13 Richard Lingeman examines the years between VJ Day and the beginning of the Korean War, describing how we got from there to here in "The Noir Forties." 1/8/13
W1/16/13 How rumors are started and the types of rhetorical techniques and logical fallacies often found in misleading or outright false claims. 1/9/13
Th1/17/13 Americans United for Separation of Church and State has threatened a lawsuit if the city of Riverside, CA doesn't take down a cross on Mt. Rubidoux public land. 1/10/13
F1/18/13 The story of Richard Jaffe, the most successful attorney ever at exonerating innocent people accused of murder and wrongfully sentenced death row inmates. 1/14/13
W1/23/13 Taylor Branch: "The King Years: Historic Moments in the Civil Rights Movement." 1/15/13
Th1/24/13 The story of a London suffering from the Blitz, with Hitler's forces massing on the French coast and preparations being made in London for what seems to be the inevitable German invasion. 1/16/13
F1/25/13 How Kentucky's landscape, culture, and traditions have influenced notable contemporary musicians. 1/23/13
W1/30/13 Phoebe Baker Hyde: "The Beauty Experiment." 1/24/13
Th1/31/13 How Iran sees the world and why its approach to foreign policy is not the irrational behavior of a rogue nation. 1/28/13
F2/1/13 In "The Great Agnostic" Susan Jacoby restores Robert Ingersoll to his rightful place in an American intellectual tradition extending from Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine to the current generation of "new atheists". 1/29/13
W2/6/13 What higher education can offer our rapidly changing society and why it is critical to support the institutions that make it possible for millions of Americans to better their lot in life. 1/30/13
Th2/7/13 The former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board shows us how the U.S. financial system experienced a perfect storm beginning in 2007. 1/31/13
F2/8/13 Author David Schultz contends that policy making in American politics is shrouded in many myths and that policy makers often ignore ample research and evidence when legislating. 2/4/13
W2/13/13 The teachers and professors who resisted witch hunts, those who collaborated, and those whose battles led to landmark Supreme Court decisions. 2/5/13
Th2/14/13 A look at how the biblical first couple, Adam and Eve, have been used for generations to sell consumable goods and strange ideologies both salacious and holy to willing western masses. 2/6/13
F2/15/13 The state of political humor, and the latest comic novel from Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry. 2/7/13
W2/20/13 A comprehensive exploration of the chain of events leading up to the Warwick, RI club fire, where petty economic decisions led to the deaths of 100 concert goers. 2/11/13
Th2/21/13 Is "fracking" safe and if not, what are the dangers associated with it? 2/12/13
F2/22/13 Taking an unabashedly atheistic point of view, two authors argue that everyone - from evangelical Christian to ardent atheist - needs a secular America and separation of church and state. 2/13/13
W2/27/13, 2/6/13 A futurist argues that we are going through a major collapse of legacy thinking, eroding many of the thought structures that have defined the last two hundred years of humanity. 2/14/13
Th2/28/13, 2/7/13 A social psychologist challenges conventional thinking about morality, politics, and religion in a way that speaks to everyone on the political spectrum. 2/19/13
F3/1/13, 3/8/13 Dr. Leana Wen: "When Doctors Don't Listen." 2/20/13
W3/13/13 The hidden factors at the core of every great triumph - and every tragic failure. 2/21/13
Th3/14/13 Trevor Aaronson shows how the FBI has, under the guise of engaging in counterterrorism since 9/11, built a network of more than 15,000 informants to infiltrate Muslim communities and facilitate phony terrorist plots. 3/4/13
F3/15/13 Leigh Ann Wheeler: "How Sex Became a Civil Liberty." 2/25/13
W3/20/13 Nazi occupation of Africa and plans for world domination; how people deal with death. 2/28/13
Th3/21/13 Sarah Erdreich presents the antidote to the usual abortion debates in "Generation Roe." 3/5/13
F3/22/13 Do we need to abandon the hierarchical view of society held by the framers of our Constitution? 3/7/13
W3/27/13 A former nun who trained for a Missionary of Charity tells the world what really happens behind convent walls in "An Unquenchable Thirst." 3/6/13
Th3/28/13 We will hear from the Southern Poverty Law Center about hate groups on the rise and from Americans United about separation of church and state issues. 3/11/13
F3/29/13 "Inside Rehab" is an eye-opening tour of the addiction treatment industry exploring the gap between what should happen and what does. 3/14/13
W4/3/13 Money: what it really is, why it causes so much trouble, and how we can use new currencies to create a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous world. 3/13/13
Th4/4/13 The appalling decisions behind the awful story of Ireland's great hunger. 3/19/13
F4/5/13 The stories of people in all parts of the country who have relied on the Supreme Court ruling that all defendants facing significant jail time have the constitutional right to a free attorney if they cannot afford their own. 3/21/13
W4/10/13 A first look inside the Westboro Baptist Church by a former member. 3/26/13
Th4/11/13 A deeply thought meditation on what it means to be human in real time. 3/27/13
F4/12/13 A leading expert on early Christianity reveals how the early church exaggerated, invented, and forged stories of Christian martyrs. 3/28/13
W4/17/13 Debating the moral consequences of digital technologies. 4/1/13
Th4/18/13, 4/25/13 "Constitutional Myths" - how and why our Constitution's framers created the document they did. 4/2/13
F4/19/13, 4/26/13 How an unlikely young explorer emerged from the forests of Africa with evidence of a still mythical beast - the gorilla - only to stumble into the center of the biggest debate of the day: Darwin's theory of evolution. 4/8/13
W4/24/13 Delving into the letter that ML King wrote from jail; "The God Argument." 4/11/13
W5/1/13 The role of the American evangelical movement in Uganda, both in creating schools and hospitals and in promoting dangerous religious bigotry. 4/18/13
Th5/2/13 What animals can teach us about the human body and mind. 4/15/13
F5/3/13 The author of "Snake Oil" tells how the women she began helping fifteen years ago have been the biggest source of her own healing from sexual abuse and her father's death when she was a child. 4/16/13
W5/8/13 In "Last Men on Top," Susan Jacoby looks back at the last pre-feminist generation of men. 4/25/13
Th5/9/13 Six of the most amazing frauds ever to gain wide acceptance are described in "Hoax." 4/30/13
F5/10/13 How the gun industry and the nature of gun violence have changed, including the disturbing rise in military-grade guns. 5/1/13
W5/15/13 The stories of Richland, Washington and Ozersk, Russia-the first two cities in the world to produce plutonium. 5/2/13
Th5/16/13 "Hijacked By the Right" details how the Religious Right seeks to divert tax dollars from liberal, secular, and feminist programs to private entities and conservative faith-based organizations. 5/6/13
F5/17/13 "The Child Catchers" is an exposé of what the adoption industry has become and how it got there, with heartbreaking stories of individuals who became collateral damage in a market driven by profit and, now, pulpit command. 5/8/13
W5/22/13 Eleven states since 2010 have passed different anti-abortion or anti-women's health laws explicitly written to provoke a repeal of Roe v. Wade. 5/9/13
Th5/23/13 Gar Alperovitz explains why the time is right for a new-economy movement to coalesce and what it means to build a new system to replace the crumbling one. 5/13/13
F5/24/13 Comedian Julia Sweeney talks about her new book "If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother." 5/15/13
W5/29/13What can the country learn from the state of Texas, where its death row is the busiest in the country and evangelicals dominate the halls of power? 5/14/13
Th5/30/13Lead poisoning during the past half century led to one of the most contentious and bitter battles in the history of public health. 5/16/13
F5/31/13Marcia Coyle's inside account of the High Court details landmark decisions concerning health care, money in elections, guns at home, and race in schools. 5/21/13
W6/5/13 Dan Savage comments on topics such as marriage, parenting, the gay agenda and the Catholic Church with straight talk and humor. Then conservative comedian Eric Golub has plenty to say about what has been happening in the news. 5/30/13
Th6/6/13 Michael Lemonick with Climate Central explains what we know about the science of climate change; what is likely to happen to the climate in the future; and what we can and cannot do to avoid further shifts. 6/3/13
F6/7/13 Marie Calloway's fiction debut, "what purpose did i serve in your life," seeks to answer the following: for a young woman, is there such a thing as the soul, a life more than the organs, or is she forever recalled to her body. 6/5/13
W6/12/13 A team of scholars argues that Homer Simpson is educating America and offering insights into the social order and the human condition in "Homer Simpson Ponders Politics." 6/4/13
Th6/13/13 How flight attendants have combated sexism and homophobia to create a more just and equal workplace through the last 80 years. 6/11/13
F6/14/13 Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura's "DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans" reveals how corporations have bought the American electoral and legislative process through the power of lobbyists, campaign contributions and political action committees. 6/12/13
W6/19/13 "The Feud" is Dean King's account of two frontier families, the Hatfields and McCoys, struggling for survival within the narrow confines of an unforgiving land. 6/18/13
Th6/20/13 "The Oath" is Jeffrey Toobin's insider's account of the momentous ideological war between the John Roberts Supreme Court and the Obama administration. 6/19/13
W7/3/13 Diann Rust-Tierney of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty tells us which states have dropped the sentence. 6/24/13
Th7/4/13 "Friend of the Court" is a collection of First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams' speeches, articles, debates, briefs, oral arguments, and testimony from his entire career. 6/25/13
F7/5/13 Robert G. Kaiser on how Congress today really works - and doesn't - and the dramatic journey of the financial reform bill enacted in response to the Great Crash of 2008; Rob Boston with Americans United on the recent Supreme Court rulings. 6/27/13
W7/10/13 How we respond to food industry marketing practices, recent key events. 6/26/13
Th7/11/13 Jerry DeWitt: Pentecostal preacher to atheism. 7/2/13
F7/12/13 Pierceing the bubble of the White House and the presidential campaigns, a look at a landmark election that marked the return of big money and the rise of big data. 7/3/13
W7/17,24,31/13Christopher Parker and Matt Barreto explore Tea Party fears in "Change They Can't Believe In." 7/8/13
Th7/18/13John Nichols and Robert McChesney explain how US elections are becoming controlled, predictable enterprises managed by a new class of consultants who wield millions of dollars and define our politics as never before in "Dollarocracy." 7/9/13
F7/19/13Ellery Schempp is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Abington v. Schempp, the Supreme Court case which declared daily Bible readings and prayer in public schools to be unconstitutional. 7/10/13
Th7/25/13, 8/1/13"Strange Medicine" describes bizarre treatments, hubris-driven blunders and stomach-turning cures civilized society has been subjected to over the centuries. 7/16/13
F7/26/13, 8/2/13"Cold, Hungry and in the Dark" argues that declining energy industry productivity combined with increasing demand will trigger a crisis that will have a profound impact on the lives of nearly every North American. 7/17/13
W8/7/13America's Christian fundamentalists have been clear about their vision for a "Christian Nation" and dead serious about acquiring the political power to achieve it. Novelist Frederic Rich is interviewed. 7/11/13
Th8/8/13Greg Lipper of Americans United and blogger Marcy Wheeler on birth control coverage and Obama administration attacks on a free press. 7/30/13
F8/9/13A Pulitzer Prize-winning author journeys across America, Airstream in tow, and asks everyday Americans what unites and divides a country as endlessly diverse as it is large in "The Longest Road." 7/24/13
W8/14/13A story of survival as a child in war torn Liberia and fifteen years later, redemption in Arizona. 8/7/13
Th8/15/13David McRaney shares discoveries about self-delusion and irrational thinking in "You Are Now Less Dumb." 8/8/13
F8/16/13Tanner Colby chronicles America's troubling relationship with race through four interrelated stories in "Some of My Best Friends Are Black." 8/12/13
W8/21/13, 8/28/13Joseph Pistone: Inside the American Mob 7/25/13
Th8/22/13, 8/29/13In Breakpoint, brain scientist and entrepreneur Jeff Stibel looks at the intersection of the brain, biology, and technology. 8/1/13
F8/23/13Evelyn McDonnell's Queens of Noise seeks to give the rock band, Runaways its place in musical, feminist, and cultural history. 8/14/13
F8/30/13How an ordinary juvenile delinquent named Charles Manson became a notorious murderer. 8/15/13
W9/4/13An innovative computer script to deduce just which terms are suppressed on China's most important social media site, Sina Weibo. 8/19/13
Th9/5/13John F. Kennedy's public and private lives, who he was when he was killed, and where he would have led us. 8/20/13
F9/6/13Science education in public schools; "Compelling People" to BOTH like us AND listen to us. 8/21/13
W9/11/13Sarah Jones with Americans United for Separation of Church and State talks about her experiences as a home schooler and an ex-Christian fundamentalist. 8/22/13
Th9/12/13Kimberly Rae Miller writes of her rat-infested home, her father's shameful secret, and the emotional burden that ultimately led to an attempt at suicide in "Coming Clean." 8/28/13
F9/13/13A way to ease overcrowding in federal prisons; Barry Lynn announces that this is the last episode of Culture Shocks. 8/29/13
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