Citywide Radio's
2011 Broadcast Schedule for
Culture Shocks
4:20-5:00 pm Tuesday-Thursday
in which Rev. Barry Lynn
examines issues and trends in today's culture wars
through conversations with key players

Barry Lynn's
Culture Shocks
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T1/4/11 An in-depth look at student rights within a public high school. 12/22/10
W1/5/11 DNA testing that reveals the innocence if men behind bars. 10/27/10
Th1/6/11 A wry look at American history according to the far right. 10/28/10
T1/11/11 Two sisters in Mississippi who were given life sentences for armed robbery are being released on the condition that one sister donates a kidney to the other. Is this ethical? 1/6/11
W1/12/11 Society gives the okay for girls to wear boys clothing but is it okay for boys to dress up as girls? 1/5/11
Th1/13/11 Is it time to temper the political rhetoric in this country, after the mass shootings in Arizona? 1/11/11
T1/18/11 Conflicting media messages tell women they must either be strong leaders or sex kittens. 1/10/11
W1/19/11How free are students and teachers to express unpopular ideas in public schools and universities? 1/13/11
Th1/20/11 How the Internet entrenches dictators, threatens dissidents, and makes it harder - not easier - to promote democracy. 1/14/11
T1/25/11 How the son of televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker came to be a champion gay rights. 1/19/11
W1/26/11 Funding for transplants in Arizona; how do we decide what scientific truth is? 1/20/11
Th1/27/11 The gerrymandering of electoral districts makes a travesty of democracy. 1/21/11
T2/1/11 Father Alberto Cutie. 1/24/11
W2/2/11 The things in life that belong to everyone, from water and wilderness to the internet and public spaces. 1/25/11
Th2/3/11Herb Silverman of the Secular Coalition for America on conflicts due to restrictions at religious hospitals. 1/27/11
T2/8/11 The debate today between religion and evolution has been hijacked by extremists. 1/28/11
W2/9/11 How digital technology has changed our relationships to the world and to each other. 1/31/11
Th2/10/11 The Bible cannot - and should not - serve as a rulebook for sexual morality. 2/2/11
T2/15/11 Peace and justice activist who joined Egyptian protesters last week in Cairo. 2/8/11
W2/16/11 Why the claim of 'death panels' is returning to pollute the debate over healthcare reform. 2/4/11
Th2/17/11 American obsessive cleanliness, cruelty, sexual exploitation, food addiction and prescription drug dependency. 2/7/11
T2/22/11 How policy choices by elected leaders have stacked the deck against working Americans. 2/10/11
W2/23/11 Unmasking the fallacies promoted by 21st-century hucksters of longevity. 2/14/11
Th2/24/11 The 100,000 Homes Campaign launched by Common Ground for homeless people, and its health implications. 2/11/11
T3/1/11 Are unions becoming the scapegoats for state budget shortfalls? Ben Manski is interviewed. 2/24/11
W3/2/11 The 2010 San Jose mine rescue in Chile. 2/16/11
Th3/3/11 A strategy for achieving solid financial gain despite the uncertain financial climate. 2/25/11
T3/8/11 Federal bill would quickly upgrade the Medicare program and expand it to cover the entire population. 3/1/11
W3/9/11 Conscientious objector status granted by Navy; sexual harassment and rape of women serving in Iraq. 3/2/11
Th3/10/11 How children learn what and who nerds are. 3/3/11
T3/15/11 How did the early creeds of the Christian church develop and differentiate? An Oxford professor is interviewed. 3/4/11
W3/16/11 The problem of cooling down nuclear reactors in Japan; updated hate group list from the Southern Poverty Law Center. 3/14/11
Th3/17/11 Conservative historian Larry Schweikart on key national issues: education, government bailouts, gun control, health care and the environment. 3/15/11
T3/22/11 Examining the expert prediction industry. 3/16/11
W3/23/11 An insider's account of the "forgotten war" in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 3/17/11
Th3/24/11 Resurrecting the forgotten art of remembering in an electronic age. 3/18/11
T3/29/11 The sister of Phil Ochs talks about her brother and the documentary film Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune. 3/23/11
W3/30/11 Racial hostilities between the New York Police Department and the Black Liberation movement in the 1960s and early 1970s. 3/24/11
Th3/31/11 The calm response to the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan; girl's guide to teen life. 3/25/11
T4/5/11 Utah's statewide immigration law; the mystery of the Chupacabra. 3/28/11
Th4/7/11 A Presbyterian minister's change of heart on homosexuality. 4/1/11
T4/12/11 "Smut-list" - the latest in cyber-bullying. 3/31/11
W4/13/11 Public radio host Brian Kahn on America's critical problems - and how the principles and values of America's Founders can provide the moral compass we need. 4/5/11
Th4/14/11, 4/21/11 Student testing irregularities in DC under the leadership of former schools chancellor, Michelle Rhee. 4/7/11
T4/19/11 The religious-political discourse used by presidential candidates. 4/12/11
W4/20/11 Will Donald Trump's candidacy help to re-elect Obama? Discriminaton against transgender men working as men. 4/13/11
T4/26/11 The many, and surprisingly ambiguous, legal definitions of what counts as human life and death. 4/19/11
W4/27/11 The current financial difficulties began long before the summer of 2008, and long before the failure of Lehman Brothers. 4/21/11
Th4/28/11 John Fea examines whether America was founded to be a Christian nation or a secular state. 4/22/11
T5/3/11 The National Religious Campaign Against Torture; the battle to repeal Louisiana's anti-evolution law. 4/26/11
W5/4/11 Overhauling America's Healthcare Machine; how morality originates in the biology of the brain. 4/27/11
Th5/5/11 Religion as strong myth from which to create personal and social values. 4/28/11
T5/10/11 The McCollum case, one of the most important First Amendment cases in U.S. Supreme Court history. 5/3/11
W5/11/11 Are some people in fact "wired" to be too kind? 5/4/11
Th5/12/11 Bernie Madoff and his scheme; two neuroscientists on sex and human relationships. 5/5/11
T5/17/11 A personal account of transformation from female to male; LGBT welcome ad rejected by Sojourners. 5/9/11
W5/18/11, 5/25/11 One of the nation's foremost prosecutors turns his eye on God. 5/10/11
Th5/19/11 Is it time to brace for the impact of an impending planetary collapse caused by overuse of resources? 5/13/11
T5/24/11 How the civil rights movement and antiwar protests led Bill Zimmerman in 1969 to renounce a psychology professorship and become a full-time antiwar activist. 5/16/11
Th5/26/11 Historical events show what happens when the judiciary is stripped of its independence and prevented from following the rule of law. 5/20/11
T5/31/11 How Susie Bright's magazine On Our Backs turned the lesbian and bisexual community upside down before it took the "straight" world by storm. 5/23/11
W6/1/11 New information and revelations in the new biography of Malcolm X by Manning Marable. 5/24/11
Th6/2/11 FBI trained Mexican drug cartel hit man who left the business and turned to Christ. 5/26/11
T6/7/11 Bob Edgar, president of Common Cause, on finding money to deal with the ongoing effects of Agent Orange. 5/31/11
W6/8/11 Former Sarah Palin insider, Frank Bailey gives an up close view of the ex-governor in "Blind Allegiance". 6/1/11
Th6/9/11 The story of four iconic albums of 1970 and the lives, times, and constantly intertwining personal ties of the artists who made them. 6/3/11
T6/14/11, 6/21/11 Jesse Ventura on official spin about government programs. 6/6/11
W6/15/11, 6/22/11 Has social networking unlocked a modern day version of Pandora's Box? 6/7/11
Th6/16/11, 6/23/11 Financial secrecy and deceit inside the Vatican; Philp Cioffari's "Jesusville". 6/8/11
T6/28/11 Michael Shermer presents his theory on how beliefs are born, formed, nourished, reinforced, challenged, changed, and extinguished. 6/10/11
W6/29/11 In "A Singular Woman" Janny Scott writes about Barack Obama's mother. 6/15/11
Th6/30/11 Viet-Nam war fragging; interracial marriage. 6/17/11
T7/5/11 In Sex, Mom & God, author Frank Schaeffer tells "the truth" about his mother's curious impartation of religion and sex. 6/27/11
W7/6/11 In China, India and elsewhere, the preference for boys and sex-selective abortions have meant millions of women are missing from the population and generations of men won't find mates. 6/28/11
Th7/7/11 Tantalizing tidbits of music history have been collected in Rick Beyer's "The Greatest Music Stories Never Told". 6/29/11
T7/12/11 Kidnapping, in the mountains of Guanajuato, Mexico, of the son of a Mexican newspaper publisher. 5/17/11
W7/13/11 The practice and benefits of Transcendental Meditation; religion as an antidote to crime. 6/30/11
Th7/14/11 Clarence Darrow's divorce, affairs, disastrous finances, feud with his law partner, and shady tactics he used in his own trial for bribery. 7/11/11
T7/19/11 Science blogger P.Z. Myers talks about what makes people ignorant about common sense evidence. 6/12/11
W7/20/11 William C. Rempel, author of the nonfiction book "At the Devil's Table", tells the story of a man forced to risk everything to escape the powerful Cali crime syndicate. 6/13/11
Th7/21/11 "The Other Barack", the full story of President Obama's father. 6/14/11
T7/26/11 Investigations into Rupert Murdoch's media empire in the US; the pool of Republican presidential hopefuls and the Marriage Vow pledge. 7/15/11
W7/27/11 Libertarian author Matt Welch on the Republic presidential candidates and all things political. 7/18/11
Th7/28/11 Would allowing government to promote higher law values through the use of religious imagery resolve the current impasse in the interpretation of the Establishment Clause? 7/21/11
T8/2/11 Black soldiers returning from World War I sought the rights they had been promised since the close of the Civil War and were met with a wave of riots. 7/25/11
W8/3/11 New York now has same sex marriage and "Don't Ask Don't Tell" has been repealed. The president of Americans for Truth and the executive director of Truth Wins Out debate the issues. 7/27/11
Th8/4/11 Behind the scenes with political conservative Ralph Reed, former executive director of the Christian Coalition, and others. 7/28/11
T8/9/11 The small town messiahs, dark secrets, and stories both heartbreaking and strange of practicing polygamists today. 7/29/11
W8/10/11 Post-Religious Right evangelical political activists who believe in evolution, rally behind the environmental movement, are moderate on abortion, and support gay marriage. 8/1/11
Th8/11/11, 8/18/11 Texas Gov. Rick Perry leads a prayer rally in Houston proclaiming "A Day of Prayer and Fasting for Our Nation". Was the federal budget deal a turkey? 8/4/11
T8/16/11 Barry Lynn responds to "The Response", a fundamentalist Christian rally put on last week at Houston's Reliant Stadium by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the American Family Association. 8/9/11
W8/17/11 How the recession has changed the places we live, the work we do, and even who we are. 8/10/11
T8/23/11 A behind-the-scenes look at what happens in the lives of candidates and the people closest to them. 8/16/11
W8/24/11 A behind-the-scenes account of polygamist leader Warren Jeffs' bizarre world. 8/18/11
Th8/25/11 Actress and social activist Alexandra Paul has been commended by the United Nations for her environmental work, arrested for trying to save the electric car and remains child-free as a personal act to help ease pressure on our over-burdened planet. 8/11/11
T8/30/11 The story behind "The Liquid Bomb Plot", the largest and most sophisticated terrorism plot since September 11, 2001, which changed airline security measures around the world. 8/19/11
W8/31/11 An interview of Jeff Sharlet about his latest book, "Sweet Heaven When I Die", a collection of portraits and personal essays. 8/22/11
Th9/1/11 About the great figures who crafted American foreign policy, (George Marshall, Robert McNamara, Henry Kissinger, Don Rumsfeld) with the underlying theme: America has become increasingly imperial and militaristic. 8/24/11
T9/6/11 "The American Mortgage System" examines key elements of the mortgage meltdown. 8/29/11
W9/7/11 A history of how greed bred America's economic ills over the last forty years, and of the men most responsible for them. 8/30/11
Th9/8/11 A retired judge and criminal attorney tells about being a young lawyer fresh from the Public Defender's Office whose first client in private practice turned out to be the worst serial killer in U.S. history. 9/1/11
T9/13/11 The secret government that was created in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 9/7/11
W9/14/11 A look at the lives and well being of the 9/11 first responders, their families, and the victims' families. 9/8/11
Th9/15/11 "Debunking 9/11 Myths" responds to the conspiracy theories. 9/9/11
T9/20/11 Obama's end to the ban on military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay. 4/15/11
W9/21/11 How modern cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery came into existence thanks to a century's worth of research, trials, and small, essential breakthroughs around the globe. 9/19/11
Th9/22/11 Retired Federal Judge Lillian McEwen talks about her relationship with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 9/20/11
T9/27/11 The untold story of the modern concert industry, including origins, development and ongoing strategies. 9/21/11
W9/28/11 Better ways for parents to assess a classroom and decide if the school and the teacher have the right stuff. 9/22/11
Th9/29/11 What finally brought "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" down. 9/27/11
T10/4/11 What is the current state of our lives regarding sexual freedom? 9/28/11
W10/5/11 Karl Shaw's "10 Ways to Recycle a Corpse", a collection of true trivia. 9/29/11
Th10/6/11, 10/13/11 The personal struggles encountered by a medium who feels she has a calling to assist the dying. 9/30/11
T10/11/11 A new perspective on criminal justice in twenty-first-century America. 10/4/11
W10/12/11 Do churches have a religious right to discriminate in hirings and firings? 10/5/11
T10/18/11 Politics from a distinctly Christian perspective; FAA safety measure failings. 10/7/11
W10/19/11 An exploration of vision and its many dimensions, and of the potential of the human brain for adaptability in the face of disability. 10/11/11
Th10/20/11 A chronicle of the effects of Agent Orange/dioxin on the Vietnamese people and their environment. 10/6/11
T10/25/11 America's digital security; why Christians ages 18 to 29 are leaving the church. 10/13/11
W10/26/11 What can Charles Darwin teach us about building a better society? 10/14/11
Th10/27/11 The president of the ACLU takes a hard look at the human and social costs of the War on Terror. 10/17/11
T11/1/11 The seven year investigation of the virulent spores of Anthrax that were sent through the mail, killing several. 10/18/11
W11/2/11 Steven Pinker's controversial history of violence in "Better Angels of Our Nature". 10/19/11
Th11/3/11 The story of Jonestown as never told before, drawn from recently declassified FBI documents and audiotapes and rare videos and interviews. 10/20/11
T11/8/11 Are we witnessing the beginning of the collapse of capitalism and the rise of communism with a profit motive? 10/21/11
W11/9/11 Under reported news stories that ought to be top features on the nightly news, but that are missing because of media bias and self-censorship. 10/26/11
Th11/10/11 How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street. How bad are public school lunches? 10/27/11
T11/15/11 The true story of the victims, crooked officials, and mass hysteria that led to the witch hunt that took over a dozen people's lives in the colonial town of Salem Village, Massachusetts. 10/31/11
W11/16/11 Two doctors show us how to chart a clear path through the confusion caused by the health-care system, the media, and gaps in our own reasoning to make the best medical decisions. 11/1/11
Th11/17/11 A DC Circuit court panel has upheld the constitutionality of President Obama's Affordable Care Act. We'll hear what this means. 11/8/11
T11/22/11 The case that invalidated the law banning handguns in Washington DC and the history of the debate over guns. 11/14/11
W11/23/11 A collection of commentaries and columns from The Nation magazine on the first years of the Obama administration, an era that has come to be defined by reform and reaction. 11/15/11
Th11/24/11 YouTube, Napster, and a tale of value destruction. 11/16/11
T11/29/11 Discussing today's politics and our most fundamental rights and freedoms, with some help from Thomas Jefferson. 11/17/11
W11/30/11 Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary is active in Operation Respect, an organization that promotes anti-bullying awareness in schools across the country. 11/21/11
Th12/1/11 A biography of Aaron Burr describes the 3rd vice president as a daring and perhaps deluded figure who shook the nation's foundations in its earliest decades. 11/22/11
T12/6/11 "The Dictator's Handbook" asserts that leaders do whatever keeps them in power, regardless of the natiional interest. 11/28/11
W12/7/11 How popular culture came to view white children as innocent and vulnerable but not black youth. 11/29/11
Th12/8/11 Karl Rogers explores the agenda behind Glenn Beck's arguments and the flaws in his reasoning, and shows why media reform is so vital to the future of democracy. 12/1/11
T12/13/11 Lawsuit against Penn State and Jerry Sandusky for sexual abuse. 12/2/11
W12/14/11 An in-depth look at "The New Evangelicals" - those who have moved away from the Religious Right toward a broadened focus on economic justice, environmental care, and democracy.. 12/5/11
Th12/15/11 Conversation with the host of "Onion News Network", an original comedy series that people often mistake for real news. 12/7/11
T12/20/11 Killing horses for meat; why school choice fails. 12/8/11
W12/21/11 2012 delinquency forecasts; the chain of events set in motion when we became farmers rather than hunter-gatherers. 12/9/11
Th12/22/11 "Beyond Our Means" details how other nations aggressively encouraged their citizens to save by means of special savings institutions and savings campaigns. 12/15/11
T12/27/11 Barry Lynn and Craig Parshall with National Religious Broadcasters butt heads on the issues of the day. 12/21/11
W12/28/11 How African American women understand themselves as citizens and what they expect from political organizing. 10/12/11
Th12/29/11Boston doctor, John Rich works to get young men out of the wrong place in "Wrong Place, Wrong Time." 3/2/10
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