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Barry Lynn's
Culture Shocks
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W1/4/12 Ed Sanders' Fug You traces the flowering years of New York's downtown bohemia in the sixties. 12/16/11
Th1/5/12 Differing views on the existence of unidentified flying objects. 12/22/11
F1/6/12 Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig looks at how we arrived at the belief that business interests wield control over our legislature. 12/23/11
W1/11/12 America's failure to educate its children; assessing the state of the judiciary in America. 1/3/12
Th1/12/12 Amy Chua, author of "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom", and novelist Robin Cook. 1/5/12
F1/13/12 In "Pity the Billionaire", Thomas Frank examines the mechanism by which dire economic circumstances have delivered unexpected political results. 1/6/12
W1/18/12, 1/25/12 A journalist, activist, and women's health care pioneer chronicles three decades of work for reproductive rights. 1/9/12
Th1/19/12 How Roger Williams shaped the nature of religion, political power, and individual rights in America. 1/12/12
F1/20/12 Persuasive ways of steering people away from unfounded beliefs, bogus cures, etc. 1/13/12
Th1/26/12, 2/2/12 Presidential adviser Jonathan Gruber explains the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act. 1/17/12
F1/27/12, 2/3/12 Why modern conceptions of civil rights and civil liberties, and the modern state's protection of national security, health, safety, and the environment, are fully consistent with the Constitution's original meaning. 1/19/12
W2/1/12 Gar Alperovitz on the new policies needed as we face large deficits; unemployment; terrorism; and loss of belief in equality, liberty, and democracy. 1/10/12
W2/8/12 How social networks are opening us up to increasingly intrusive and anonymous surveillance. 1/30/12
Th2/9/12 A history of the intersection between science and democracy in American life. 1/23/12
F2/10/12 The Good News Club trys to convert children to fundamentalist Christianity in a public elementary school. 1/26/12
W2/15/12 The National Center for Science Education has launched a new initiative to defend and support the teaching of climate change. 2/2/12
Th2/16/12 The role information has played throughout history, and what is essential for everyone who strives to be smart, productive, and sane. 2/6/12
F2/17/12 Why has confidence in the press declined so dramatically over the past 40 years? 2/9/12
W2/22/12 How a partnership between the founder of a black college and the president of Sears brought thousands of modern schoolhouses to African American communities in the rural South. 2/10/12
Th2/23/12 Rick Santorum vs. Mitt Romney; Christian and gay hate speech. 2/16/12
F2/24/12 A group of intertwining stories that culminate in the historic 1947 collision of the Superman Radio Show and the Ku Klux Klan; journey with a wolf dog. 2/8/12
W2/29/12 Jamal Joseph describes his personal odyssey - from the streets of Harlem to Riker's Island and Leavenworth to the halls of Columbia - in "Panther Baby." 2/21/12
Th3/1/12 Saloma Miller Furlong, author of "Why I Left the Amish." 2/22/12
F3/2/12 Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig discusses super PACs and our democracy. 2/23/12
W3/7/12 Voter apathy and America's current political culture; how the Catholic Church almost came to accept birth control. 2/27/12
Th3/8/12 Sean Faircloth discusses his new book, Attack of the Theocrats, which examines the crumbling of the wall of separation between church and state-and offers a specific plan for rebuilding it. 2/29/12
F3/9/12 A high school student says that her rights as an atheist were limited and unjust when compared to Christian students after officials blocked the publication of her column, No Rights: The Life of an Atheist. 3/1/12
W3/14/12 How Fox News, under its president Roger Ailes, changed from a right-leaning news network into a partisan advocate for the Republican Party. 3/2/12
Th3/15/12 Has the mainstream media's characterization of the Tea Party movement been distorted in a way that prevents meaningful political dialogue? 3/5/12
F3/16/12 "Hot Cripple: An Incurable Smart-ass Takes on the Health Care System and Lives to Tell the Tale" is a keenly observed account of the cracks in our medical and social welfare system. 3/6/12
W3/21/12 The story of a grievously mishandled murder case that put a twenty-three-year-old man on death row. 3/7/12
Th3/22/12 The violations of civil liberties in the U.S. that have accelerated over the past decade-and their direct impact on our lives. 3/12/12
F3/23/12 How one man learned to live, sanely and happily, without earning, receiving, or spending a single cent. 3/14/12
W3/28/12 How we can reinforce our household values and educate our children on how to avoid online misbehavior in the age of iPads and cell phones. 3/15/12
Th3/29/12 Russ Feingold details our nation's collective failure to respond properly to the challenges posed by the post-9/11 era. 3/19/12
F3/30/12 The differences between the popular notions of race and the scientific view of human diversity. 3/20/12
W4/4/12 Predictions on sexuality in public life for 2012 and taking on Rush Limbaugh. 3/21/12
Th4/5/12 A critique of the president and the case for saying that supporters should not give up on him. 3/22/12
F4/6/12 The people who are reshaping media for a two-way world, whose ideas are changing how we play, how we chill, and how we think. 3/23/12
W4/11/12 The story of Saul Alinsky, the "father" of community organizing.. 3/28/12
Th4/12/12 The drama and high comedy of the Nixon presidency through the urgent perspectives of seven characters we thought we knew. 3/30/12
F4/13/12 An insider's account of the international gamble to prosecute those responsible for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, and to redress some of the bloodiest human rights atrocities in our time. 4/2/12
W4/18/12 The life story of Pat Buchanan, the 3-time presidential candidate, Nixon confidant, White House communications director during Iran-Contra, pundit, and bestselling author. 4/4/12
Th4/19/12 Green economy pioneer Van Jones reflects on his journey from grassroots outsider to White House insider. 4/5/12
F4/20/12 A searing indictment of the "pharmaceuticalization" of medicine blamed for a growing number of deaths and disabilities. 4/11/12
W4/25/12 The dilemmas faced by a president assailed by disappointed progressives and defiantly obstructionist Republicans. 4/16/12
Th4/26/12 "Candidate Without a Prayer," the engaging autobiography of Herb Silverman. 4/17/12
F4/27/12 The National Day of Silence calls attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying in schools. 4/20/12
W5/2/12 How cause-related marketing desensitizes the public by putting a pleasant face on complex problems. 4/19/12
Th5/3/12 A new assessment of leadership during crisis that ensures the protection of democratic values. 4/24/12
F5/4/12 Two authors combine history, current events, and psychological and cultural analysis to reveal the influence of apocalyptic thinking on America's past, present, and future. 4/27/12
W5/9/12 The story of Elzéard Bouffier, who devoted his entire life to reforesting a desolate portion of Provence, in southern France. 4/30/12
Th5/10/12 How the skeleton saint Santa Muerte has become the patron saint of drug traffickers. 5/1/12
F5/11/12 Eric Berkowitz's "Sex and Punishment" investigates the entire sweep of Western sex law. 5/8/12
W5/16/12 A conservative look at single working motherhood; "The Obama Hate Machine" - how the right has taken rhetoric to slanderous new levels in attacking the president. 5/10/12
Th5/17/12 "The Presidents Club" explores the club as a hidden instrument of power that has changed the course of history. 5/14/12
F5/18/12 Steve Coll's investigation of the true extent of ExxonMobil's power. 5/15/12
W5/23/12 The homeless man with a golden voice in a video that went viral on YouTube. 5/16/12
Th5/24/12 A Johns Hopkins neuroscientist explains how pleasure affects us at the most fundamental level, in our brain. 5/17/12
F5/25/12 "The Awful Grace of God" chronicles a multi-year effort to kill Martin Luther King Jr. by a group of the nation's most violent right-wing extremists. 5/18/12
W5/30/12 The discovery of a molecule that makes compassion part of our nature as humans. 5/21/12
Th5/31/12 The changing religious and political environment on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, environmental use and care, race, war, poverty, and the imbalance of world wealth. 5/22/12
F6/1/12 A doctor tells the story of his father, who was forced to participate in covert human experiments conducted by the CIA. 5/23/12
W6/6/12 What's at stake for women in the 2012 election and in the years beyond. 5/29/12
Th6/7/12 Lawsuit against Coca-Cola, the maker of VitaminWater drinks, because of deceptive marketing claims; politics and religion. 5/31/12
F6/8/12 Is the attack on exotic dance part of the activist Christian Right's "grand design" to supplant constitutional democracy in America with a Bible-based theocracy? 6/1/12
W6/13/12 A professor who received threats and lost her adjunct position after taking a public stand against Christian crosses on campus. 6/5/12
Th6/14/12 New York Mayor Bloomberg wants to limit marijuana arrests. 6/6/12
F6/15/12 How a fundamental shift in the character of American society has come about, why it threatens our democracy, and how we can begin to reverse it. 6/8/12
W6/20/12 An anniversary at the Supreme Court regarding the use of birth control as right-wing forces try to take that right away. 6/11/12
Th6/21/12 Looking back in history to the political decisions that helped birth our billionaires, then forward to the cutting-edge research into the dangers posed by concentrated wealth. 6/12/12
F6/22/12 The financial connections between government and conservative religious groups that are systematically taking away your rights are described in "America's War on Sex." 6/14/12
W6/27/12 The administration's struggle to enact a coherent set of policies in a time of global turmoil; Obama's career in the context of decades of black activism. 6/20/12
Th6/28/12 Dangers of "The Shareholder Value Myth"; how risk taking transforms our body chemistry. 6/21/12
F6/29/12 A searing look at areas in America that have been offered up for exploitation in the name of profit, progress, and technological advancement. 6/22/12
W7/4/12 The history, science, and economics of food supply; mountaintop mining around the country. 6/25/12
Th7/5/12 The infiltrator of bankers behind the Medellín cartel - how federal agents arrested over 40 high-ranking criminals. 6/26/12
F7/6/12 The president of the PFLAG chapter in Odessa, Texas, says Christians can change their minds on homosexuality. 6/29/12
W7/11/12 A history of the most influential progressive leaders of the twentieth century and beyond. 7/2/12
Th7/12/12 When a Mojave Desert hermit killed a deputy sheriff it led to the biggest manhunt in modern California history. 7/5/12
F7/13/12 How a misguided campaign by the Republican-led House to weaken, block, or delay needed measures that defend our air, water, wildlife, and lands put our nation at risk. 7/6/12
W7/18/12 The story of San Francisco in the turbulent years between 1967 and 1982 - and of the city's ultimate rebirth. 7/9/12
Th7/19/12 Formerly-secret industry documents show how the cigarette came to be the most widely-used drug on the planet, with six trillion sticks sold per year. 7/11/12
F7/20/12 How our financial system has increasingly focused on maximizing profits - particularly once large banks got involved. 7/12/12
W7/25/12 Nikki Stern: Hope in Small Doses. 7/13/12
Th7/26/12 What's going to be important in the campaign for the presidency?| A history of American ideas about life and death. 7/16/12
W8/1/12 Similarity of alleged sexual abuse of minors at Penn State University to the clerical sexual abuse cases in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 7/23/12
Th8/2/12 Immigration across our southern border - viewing "the other" with compassion or with fear. 7/24/12
F8/3/12 Songwriter Townes Van Zandt - his background and troubled early years, his life on the road as a wandering folk singer and the demons that pursued him, and the brilliance and enduring beauty of his songs. 6/15/12
W8/8/12 A chronicle of America's troubling relationship with race through four interrelated stories. 7/20/12
Th8/9/12, 8/16/12 The president of The Freethought Society discusses bigotry against the non-theist community. 7/25/12
F8/10/12 A federal district judge says a corporation can exercise religion, and another federal judge, in Arizona, has upheld a law to limit abortions beyond 20 weeks. 7/31/12
W8/15/12 After the mass shooting in a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, is it time to take common sense measures to make it harder for some people to obtain weapons? 8/7/12
F8/17/12 How enthusiasm for Hitler within churches and universities effectively gave Germans permission to participate in the Nazi regime. 8/6/12
Th8/23/12 How the American middle class has been systematically impoverished and its prospects thwarted in favor of a new ruling elite. 8/13/12
F8/24/12 An exposé of everything that is wrong with Washington; the tools America needs to keep competitive globally. 8/14/12
W8/29/12 How independent voters have been upending the political establishment for thirty years - and how they'll decide the future of American politics. 8/20/12
Th8/30/12 The story behind President Obama's $800 billion stimulus bill, one of the most important and least understood pieces of legislation in our history. 8/21/12
F8/31/12 What causes a person to kill innocent strangers in the name of religion? 8/23/12
W9/5/12 Should politicians keep out of the Chick-fil-A same sex marriage controversy? How parents can become and remain the most credible and influential resource about sexuality in their children's lives. 8/2/12
Th9/6/12 DNA exonerations have exposed how often we have convicted the innocent and let the guilty go free. 9/4/12
F9/7/12 A disgruntled liberal from the Northwest makes the unabashedly controversial, often uproarious, and always thought-provoking case for southern secession. 9/5/12
W9/12/12 Book about murder case gives us a heartbreaking, angry indictment of the legal system. 9/7/12
Th9/13/12, 9/20/12 An exploration of the many ways government programs have improved the quality of life in America.. 9/10/12
F9/14/12 The radically different ways men and women today earn, learn, spend and couple up. 9/11/12
W9/19/12 Seductive fallacies have led to an epidemic of misinformation on a number of science topics. 9/12/12
F9/21/12 How important legislative battles devolve into struggles not over principle but over party advantage. 9/18/12
W9/26/12 The New York Times Magazine's original "Ethicist" helps readers locate their own internal ethical compasses as he delivers answers to life's most challenging dilemmas. 9/19/12
Th9/27/12 Bob Balaban: The Creature From the Seventh Grade. 9/14/12
F9/28/12 The analytical revolution upending the way political campaigns are run in the 21st century. 9/20/12
W10/3/12 How a group of well-mannered, largely apolitical women, raised in the 1940s and 1950s, stood up for their rights - and what happened after they did. 9/24/12
Th10/4/12 "Future Perfect" makes the case that despite past political gridlock, progress is still possible, and new solutions are on the rise. 9/25/12
F10/5/12 Reproductive rights in the 2012 campaign. 9/27/12
W10/10/12 Author talks about race in honest, unfamiliar terms, acknowledging both Republican and Democratic Party political mistakes, and her own. 9/28/12
Th10/11/12 A blueprint for a national leadership movement to transform the way the public thinks about giving. 9/17/12
F10/12/12 How policy choices made by elected leaders over the past 4 decades have resulted in the deck being stacked against working Americans. 2/10/11
W10/17/12 Anti-choice lawmakers seek to prevent women from using their money to buy abortion coverage. 2/9/11
Th10/18/12 Robert Kurzban shows us that the key to understanding our behavioral inconsistencies lies in understanding the human mind's many specialized units, designed by the process of evolution by natural selection. 2/3/11
F10/19/12, 10/26/12 Journalist Frank Koller tells us how a manufacturing company is taking a new approach in Spark.Then, Julia Duin talks about Days of Fire and Glory. 3/3/10
W10/24/12 Crystal Feimster: Southern Horrors: Women and the Politics of Rape and Lynching. 11/23/09
Th10/25/12 Barbara Ehrenreich's Bright Sided knocks America's love affair with positive thinking and calls for a new commitment to realism. 11/13/09
W10/31/12 Josh Horwitz and co-author Casey Anderson expose the gun lobby's core philosophy as a threat to the future of our democracy in Guns, Democracy and the Insurrectionist Idea. 6/24/09
Th11/1/12 Jeff Sharlet talks about The Family and the house for Republican sex scandals. 7/21/09
F11/2/12 Thom Hartmann, progressive radio talk host and author of Threshold: The Crisis of Western Civilization. 7/28/09
W11/7/12 The Health Care Industry vs. Health Reform with Wendell Potter. 7/30/09
Th11/8/12 A driver was suspended for refusing to drive a bus that had an atheist ad. Whose rights were trampled? 8/20/09
F11/9/12 Jim Hightower on right-wing populism and health care town hall meetings. 8/24/09
W11/14/12 The all volunteer army and "don't ask, don't tell." 11/24/09
Th11/15/12 An author and physicist covers a range of topics from nuclear weapons and waste and global warming to 9/11. 9/24/09
F11/16/12 The search for meaning from the author of "Occult America." 9/21/09
W11/21/12 Kenneth Miller, professor and author of "Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul." 1/22/09
Th11/22/12 In "The Age of American Unreason", Susan Jacoby argues that our current cult of unreason has deadly and destructive consequences. 2/24/09
F11/23/12 Former Alaskan senator, Mike Gravel on filibustering Republicans and toxic assets; a sex column causes controversy at Montana university. 3/24/09
W11/28/12 Author Si Khan talks about "Creative Community Organizing." 3/1/10
Th11/29/12 The internal strife that led to the decline of the Christian Coalition. 8/27/09
F11/30/12 Jay Wexler traveled to areas where big church state Supreme Court issues came from in "Holy Hullabaloos: A Road Trip to the Battlegrounds of the Church State Wars." 5/18/09
W12/5/12 A college student's chronicles of a semester at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. 4/28/09
Th12/6/12 Michelle Goldberg, author of "The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power and the Future of the World." 4/22/09
F12/7/12 CEO and editor-in-chief of Beliefnet, author Steven Waldman with "Founding Faith." 3/31/09
W12/12/12 Television writer, producer and novelist, Dan Merchant with his book "Lord, Save Us From Your Followers: Why is the Gospel of Love Dividing America?" 12/17/08
Th12/13/12 November 18th marked the anniversary of the Jonestown massacre where 900 Americans died in 1978. An investigative reporter who visited Jonestown the day of the suicide tells his story. 11/19/08
F12/14/12 Rabbi David Wolpe, author of "Why Faith Matters." 11/14/08
W12/19/12 John Shelby Spong: Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World. (repeated from 11/23/11) 11/9/11
Th12/20/12 Ross Douthat: Bad Religion. (repeated from 7/11/12) 6/27/12
F12/21/12 Randall Stephens and Karl Giberson on the anti-intellectual populism undergirding evangelicalism. (repeated from 11/2/11) 10/24/11
W12/26/12 Martin Marty: Dietrich Bonhoeffer's "Letters and Papers from Prison": A Biography. (repeated from 9/7/11) 8/23/11
Th12/27/12 The president of Planned Parenthood, Gloria Feldt, talks about her book, "Behind Every Choice is a Story," a blend of statistics and recounting the personal stories of women who made the difficult decision of whether or not to have a child. 6/30/03
F12/28/12 In "Faith No More" Phil Zuckerman draws on in-depth interviews with people who have left religion. (repeated from 12/28/11) 12/12/11
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