Archive of talk shows broadcast in 2008
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2006 Brown, Lori Lipman Humanists in Action 59 Mon
2006 Downey, Margaret Atheism and Civil Rights 59 Mon
2006 Klein, Marty Sex & Humanism 62 Mon
2006 Mooney, Chris The Republican War on Science 66 Mon
2007 Brown, Lori Lipman A Place at the Table: How the Nation's First Lobbyist for Non-theists is Enjoying the Feast 60 2007
2007 Somers, Andy RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA: How to recognize and deal with it 83 Mon
2007 Chapru, Doleta Humanism's Contemporary Challengers: Who controls our public image? 64 Mon
2007 Stark, Pete Government Without God 59 Mon
2007 Lovelady, Kate Horizontal Religion 32 Mon
2007 Pullman, Philip The Golden Compass & The Geography of Nowhere 60 Mon
2007 Williams, Dar & E.O. Wilson Dar Williams & E.O. Wilson 43 Mon
2008 Rooney, Andy Andy Rooney on Atheism 27 Mon
2008 Gaylor, Annie Laurie Politics and Religion: In Reason We Trust 73 Mon
2008 Miller, Jonathan Arthur Miller, American Playwright 55 Mon
2008 Wollenberg, Michael Local light? Intraspecific diversity of the bioluminescent marine bacteria Vibrio fischeri in two Hawaiian Euprymna scolopes populations 58 Tue
2008 Baum, David Evolution at UW-Madison 38 Tue
2008 Goldberg, Tony Fish n' chimps: model systems for the evolutionary ecology of emerging infectious disease in a changing global environment 63 Tue
2008 Boughman, Jenny Ecology drives the evolution of reproductive isolation 69 Tue
2008 Pinto, Adrian Leaf-cutting ant agriculture benefits from the presence of nitrogen-fixing bacteria 56 Tue
2008 Myers, P. Z. Science Education: Caught in the middle of the war between religion and science 98 Tue
2008 Ronald Numbers Creationism goes Global: Changing Geographies of Creationism and Intelligent Design 83 Tue
2008 Schwab, Ivan Evolution's Witness: A Story of the Evolution of the Eye 70 Tue
2008 Geary, Dana Explaining the Cambrian Explosion 45 Tue
2008 Sober, Elliot Darwinism and Intelligent Design 82 Tue
2008 Cohan, Frederick M. Origins of Ecological Diversity in Bacteria 56 Tue
2008 Waller, Don Reshaping the Tree of Life: Human impacts on the future of evolution 56 Tue
2008 Shubin, Neil Discovering how Fish Evolved to Walk: The Story of Tiktaalik 57 Tue
2008 Givnish, Tom Evolution of Life on Islands 43 Tue
2006 Barbara, Sara On the Bumpy Road to Marriage Equality 29 Wed
2007 Schweitzer, Nicholas World Religions 1: Before God 48 Wed
2007 Zimmerman, Laurie World Religions 2: Judaism 61 Wed
2007 Wild, Jeff World Religions 3: Christianity 60 Wed
2007 Schuler, Michael World Religions 4: Islam 62 Wed
2007 Cresswell, Dave World Religions 5: Buddhism 56 Wed
2007 Christianson, Brent & Steven Fortney: Christianity Today 64 Wed
2007 Anderson, Kaaren Should I Shop 'Til I Drop? 22 Wed
2008 Anderson, Kaaren This I Believe 30 Wed
2008 Lovelady, Kate Communicating across the aisle 30 Wed
2008 Lovelady, Kate The ethics of torture 29 Wed
2008 Dowd, Rev. Michael Thank God for Evolution! - hour 1 58 Wed
2008 Dowd, Rev. Michael Thank God for Evolution! - hour 2 57 Wed
2007 LaClair, Matthew Exposing Teacher-Preacher 48 Thur
2007 Swan, Rita Religious Dogma that Kills Kids 50 Thur
2007 Weinstein, Mikey Mikey Weinstein on Christianization of U.S. Military 46 Thur
2007 Boyer, Paul D. Paul D. Boyer, Nobel Laureate & Atheist 51 Thur
2007 Brown, Lori Lipman Lori Lipman Brown, Secular Lobbyist in Congress 49 Thur
2008 Gaylor, Annie Laurie Topics: "Religulous," Religion in Politics, Women Without Superstiton 37 Thur
2008 Tiernan, Robert R. Keep Religion Out of Politics 36 Thur
2008 Chambers, Ernie & Katha Pollitt Guests: Ernie Chambers and Katha Pollitt 37 Thur
2008 Randi, James Guests: The Amazing James Randi & Dad Complainant in FFRF's Newest Religion-in-School Court Challenge 36 Thur
2008 Barker, Dan & Annie Laurie Gaylor Being Good Without God 36 Thur
2008 Wilcke, Christoph Saudis Plan to Execute Illiterate Woman as "Witch" 37 Thur
2008 Bill War of the Billboards 33 Thur
2008 Smith, Greg Religiously Unaffiliated Grow to 16%! 36 Thur
2008 Walker, Barbara G. Guest: Barbara G. Walker 37 Thur
2008 Ritter, Scott Waging Peace: Citizenship in a Time of Unjust War 60 Fri
2008 Franklin, Charles The National Platforms of the Two Major Political Parties 59 Fri
2008 Dean, John Abuse of Executive Power: Worse Than Watergate? 58 Fri
2008 Krieger, Nancy The Elephants in the Room: Social Justice, Public Health, and Health Inequities 85 Fri
2008 Gup, Ted Democracy on the Brink: The Perils of Excessive Secrecy 59 Fri
2008 Ranney, Dave and Pat Wright Bolivia's Efforts to End Poverty: A First Hand Report 81 Fri
2008 Jackson, Jesse Jesse Jackson interviewed by John Nichols at Capital Times 90th birthday celebration 89 Fri
2008 Klein, Naomi The Shock Doctrine: A Post-election Challenge for Progressives 60 Fri
2008 Lifton, Robert Jay Superpower Syndrome: America's Apocolyptic Confrontation With the World 56 Fri
2008 Drury, Shadia Gulliver in Lilliput: American Foreign Policy in a Neo-Conservative Age 59 Fri
2008 Schwartz, Stephen I. & Steven Leeper Confronting Nuclear Proliferation 57 Fri
2008 Farley, Joshua Beyond Economic Growth 57 Fri