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Length Creation
1/8/17 Episode One: Dr Jasmin Mujanovic on comparisons between Trump and Milosevic 40:0311/17/16
1/15/17 Episode Two: Faisal Saeed Al Mutar on Islamism, Trump, and the Middle-East 57:3511/25/16
1/22/17 Episode 3: Houzan Mahmoud discusses Kurdistan, Syria, and Shariah 42:1212/1/16
1/29/17 Benedict Nicholson, Paige Tracey, Jack Ravenhill and Benjamin David on The Future of The Left 50:5212/8/16
2/5/17 Episode 9: Roundtable on Trump's First Week with Carline Klijnman, Benjamin David, Dale Claridge 49:161/30/17
2/12/17 Episode 5: Professor AC Grayling on New College of Humanities, Higher Education, and Brexit 23:0812/19/16
2/19/17 Episode Six: Kate Smurthwaite on Free Speech, Online Abuse, and Pornography 44:4812/27/16
2/26/17 Episode Seven: Sadia Hameed on Sex, Consent and Religion 43:001/13/17
3/5/17 Episode Eight: Benedict Nicholson, Damon Conlan, and Jack Ravenhill on Combating Populism 45:331/20/17
3/12/17 Episode Ten: Haras Rafiq on Islam and Radicalisation and Right to Debate 46:442/9/17
3/19/17 Labour Roundtable with Dale Claridge, Leo Gibbons Plowright, and Paige Tracey 47:113/5/17
3/26/17 This Week In News With Kevin And Benedict Ari Hornick Interview 16:523/17/17
4/2/17, 4/9/17 This Week In News With Kevin And Benedict Episode 5 42:423/20/17
4/23/17 This Week In News With Kevin And Benedict Episode 9 50:204/17/17
moved* Election Roundtable with Paige Tracey and Damon Conlan 36:085/25/17

*Scheduled for broadcast instead in Progressive Voices time slots. As of 5/14/17 this 6 pm Sunday time slot is used by Squaring the Strange.