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2012 - 2013
Fighting Bob Radio
6:00 pm Saturdays

Length 1 hr.
Broadcast of weekly Thursday webcast from BlogTalkRadio.

Guests and Topic
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9/1/12 Peace and justice activist Norman Solomon, author of "War Made Easy." 8/30/12
9/8/12 Political commentary from Ed Garvey and Dave Zweifel. 9/6/12
9/15/12 Mike McCabe, Wis. Democracy Campaign. 9/13/12
9/22/12 Highlights from Fighting Bob Fest 2012 with Ruth Conniff. 9/20/12
9/29/12 Editor Paul DeMain, WNPJ's Carl Sack. 9/27/12
10/6/12 Comments on the 1st presidential debate, with Rob Zerban & Matt Rothschild. 10/4/12
10/13/12 The V.P. candidates and their debate, with Glenn Hurowitz. 10/11/12
10/20/12 Comments on the 2nd presidential debate. 10/18/12
10/27/12 John LaForge on Nuclear power; Michael Florek on George McGovern. 10/25/12
11/3/12 Climate change & the presidential election; local races. 11/1/12
11/10/12 Ed Garvey & Dave Zweifel on election results & frac sand mining. 11/8/12
11/17/12 Thomas Beebe on school funding, Ed Garvey & David Giffey on voter ID etc. 11/15/12
11/24/12 Terry ONeill, president of the National Organization of Women. 8/2/12
12/1/12 Gobal Climate Change with Keith Reopelle; Bill McKibben's talk at Bob Fest. 11/29/12
12/8/12 Penokee mining proposal; voter registration; climate change; media consolidation. 12/6/12
12/15/12 Henry Gaffney on Michigan's new "Right to Destroy Unions" law. 12/13/12
12/22/12 Susan Haake on frac sand mining; Lisa Graves on gun policy. 12/20/12
12/29/12 The electoral college; Alex Lawson on Social Security benefits. 12/27/12
1/5/13 Mike McCabe & Nicole Woo: The fiscal cliff and big money. 1/3/13
1/12/13 Al Gedicks, Susan Sommer: Mining legislation to please Gogebic Taconite. 1/10/13
1/19/13 Spencer Black, Anne Sayers: Mining & mining bill. 1/17/13
1/26/13 Role of ALEC, David Koch, et al. in union busting. 1/24/13
2/2/13 Gun violence, national politics, mining in WI. 1/31/13
2/9/13 Drones, mining and health care. 2/7/13
2/16/13 Thomas Beebe, outreach coordinator for Opportunity to Learn-Wisconsin, a school funding reform project of the Institute for Wisconsin's Future and the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools. 11/15/12
2/23/13 Tom Beebe: Scott Walker's attack on public schools. 2/21/13
3/2/13 Wisconsin mining; progressive issues. 2/28/13
3/9/13 Mike McCabe talks about money in the statehouse 3/7/13
3/16/13 Nick Turse, author of "Kill Anything That Moves." 3/14/13
3/23/13 John Stauber: Iraq invasion, progressive politics, school vouchers. 3/21/13
3/30/13 A Turbulent Half-Century of Public Ed'n in Milwaukee 3/28/13
4/6/13 Paul Demain on treaty rights and spearfishing; anti-mine activist Richard Ketring. 4/4/13
4/13/13 Nicole Woo on Obama's budget cuts; excerpt from Gordon Thayer's "State of the Tribes" speech to Legislature. 4/11/13
4/20/13 Rob Danielson: Why we should "Decline the Line" planned by utilities. 4/18/13
4/27/13 John Talberth, Janet Bewley: Sustainable economy; state budget listening sessions. 4/25/13
5/4/13 George Lakoff and Al Gedicks. 8/9/12
5/11/13 Jon Erpenback, Mike McCabe: Frac sand mining; campaign finance disclosure. 5/9/13
5/18/13 Ed Garvey's retirement. 5/16/13
5/25/13 Paul DeMain: Koch brothers and media control; drone strikes; Penokee Hills mine opposition. 5/23/13
6/1/13 George Meyer: Mining and the environment. 5/30/13
6/8/13 Jack MItchell: GOP threat to Center for Investigative Journalism; increasing minimum wage. 6/6/13
6/29/13 Robert Jensen, Univ. Texas-Austin journalism prof. on steps to keep Americans safe. 6/27/13
7/6/13 David Kast, editor of the book "A Whole Which is Greater: Why the Wisconsin Uprising Failed." 2/14/13
7/13/13 Christopher Pyle on Snowden & civil liberties, Frank Koehn on Penokees mine. 7/11/13
7/20/13 Lisa Graves: Exposing ALEC. 7/18/13
7/27/13 Bob Jauch, Ruth Coniff, Mike McCabe: Solidarity Singer arrests; WI mining; $ in politics. 7/25/13
8/3/13 Margaret Flowers on "Medicare for All," Robert Kraig on Medicaid funds for WI. 8/1/13
8/10/13 Kathy Kelly: Vets for Peace. 8/8/13
8/17/13 Mike McCabe, Paul DeMain: Money in politics; the open pit mine. 8/15/13
8/24/13 John Bonifaz: Free Speech For People. 8/22/13
8/31/13 Matt Rothschild on Fighting Bob Fest & Capitol arrest. 8/29/13
9/7/13 Edie Ehlert & Al Gedicks - frac sand and taconite mining in WI. 9/5/13
9/14/13 Capitol arrests; $ in politics; Anne Sayers on Sen. Johnson and climate change; Edward L. Peck on civil war in Syria/roles of US & Russia. 9/12/13
9/21/13 Paul DeMain of Indian Country Communications on open pit iron mine; Stephen Pimpare of Columbia University on attacks on food stamps, disability insurance, and unemployment insurance. 9/19/13
9/28/13 Steve Carlson on voter registration; Obamacare. 9/26/13
10/5/13 Robert Kraig and Steve Carlson on Obamacare and federal government shutdown. 10/3/13
10/12/13 Mike McCabe: Money in politics, gov't shutdown, NFL player injury denial. 10/10/13
10/19/13 Richard Drake: Robert La Follette: America's Anti-Imperialist Prophet. 10/17/13
10/26/13 Carl Sack of WNPJ, Anne Sayers of WLCV: SB349 hearing; frac sand mining. 10/24/13
11/2/13 Kathleen Vinehout: governor's race; Obamacare. 10/31/13
11/9/13 Peter Barca: Voter ID, chief justice selection, redistricting. 11/7/13
11/16/13 Spencer Black, VP of the Sierra Club, on climate change, voter suppression and redistricting; Shepherd Express reporter Lisa Kaiser on Koch brothers dark money in the Wisconsin recall elections. 11/14/13
11/23/13 Mike McCabe: Scott Walker book tour, etc. (32 min.) 11/21/13
12/7/13 Harvey Wasserman: Continuing danger from Fukushima. (28 min.) 11/21/13
12/14/13 Final show of 2013 (13 min.) 12/5/13
12/21/13 Andy Kroll: Following the Dark Money 6/21/12
12/28/13 Dr. Daniel Bennet: Physicians for a National Health Program 7/5/12