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Freethinkers Hour
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Length Creation
1/12/13 James Randi: The Skeptical Outlook 36:301/23/10a
1/19/13 Hemant Mehta, Carlos A. Diaz: On The Young Atheist's Survival Guide And The Atheist Census 19:2112/19/12b
1/26/13 Alom Shaha - The Young Atheists Handbook 18:563/25/12c
2/2/13 Carol Tavris: Mistakes Were Made 57:432/20/10a
2/9/13 Lionel Tiger: God's Brain 56:453/7/10a
2/16/13 Victor Stenger: The Search For Cosmic Consciousness 40:094/18/10a
2/23/13 Alom Shaha: The Young Atheists Handbook 41:091/13/13d
3/2/13 On Reclaiming A Secular Australia - Interview With Sean Faircloth 22:112/19/13b
3/9/13 James Randi: A Skeptic Comes Out at 81 22:253/21/10a
3/16/13 An interview with former minister and current Freethought Band member Paul Heffron 36:023/8/13e
3/23/13 Darrel Ray: The Shame of it All: Why Do We Act Like Christians? 53:113/8/13f
3/30/13 Chris Calvey: Molecular Biology, Evolution, and God 1:18:283/8/13f
4/6/13 Eugenie Scott: Deja vu all over again: Denialism of climate change and of evolution 1:02:293/8/13f
4/13/13 Amanda Knief: The Golden Calf: Why the Faith-based Initiative Needs to Be Sacrificed 43:013/9/13f
4/20/13 Andrew Seidel: The Greatest Story Ever Sold: America's Judeo-Christian Heritage 47:173/9/13f
4/27/13 Hemant Mehta: Post First, Ask Questions Later 46:523/9/13f
5/4/13 Greta Christina: Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 48:053/9/13f
5/11/13 J.T. Eberhard: Dear Christian 2 46:123/9/13f
5/18/13 Dan Barker: Freedom From Relgion 49:483/9/13f
5/25/13 Desiree Schell: No Gods, No Masters: Unexplored Links Between Unions and Freethought 39:483/9/13f
6/1/13 Kathy Goodman: Creating Inclusive Campuses for Atheist Students 47:263/10/13f
6/8/13 Jesse Galef: Secular Students on the Rise 43:573/10/13f
6/15/13 Katherine Stewart: The Fundamentalist Assault on Public Education 47:473/10/13f
6/29/13 Debbie Goddard: The Student Movement: Past, Present, Future 58:373/10/13f
7/6/13 Rev. Michael Dowd: The Marriage of Science and Religion 31:088/8/10a
7/13/13 Dr. David Gorski: (So-Called) Complementary and Alternative Medicine 39:447/18/10a
7/20/13 Joe Nickell: Why Investigate the Paranormal? 46:067/11/10a
7/27/13 Dale McGowan: 20 Things I Learned About Atheism While Explaining it to Dummies 48:183/10/13f
8/3/13 Richard Wiseman: Paranormality 23:5211/21/11a
8/10/13 Fred Edwords: A Humanist Look at Myth, Symbol, and Art (repeated from 4/25/11) 37:524/3/11g
8/17/13 Web Special: Cecil Bothwell (repeated from 2/11/13) 49:141/5/13h
8/24/13 Fred Edwords: The United Coalition of Reason billboard and bus ad campaigns (repeated from 4/18/11) 1:03:174/3/11i
8/31/13 Fred Edwords: Shining the Light of Reason (repeated from 3/28/11) 1:01:583/24/11h
9/7/13 Susan Jacoby - American Freethought Heritage 33:113/17/06j
9/14/13 Daniel Dennett - Tools for Thinking 45:196/10/13j
9/21/13 Ayaan Hirsi Ali - The Caged Virgin 29:077/3/09j
9/28/13 Adam Savage - Skeptic (Confirmed) 27:197/9/10j
10/5/13 Jessica Ahlquist "Freethinker of the Year" acceptance speech 36:0310/12/12k
10/12/13 Richard Dawkins: On Mormons, Metaphors 52:4010/12/12k
10/19/13 Max Nielson "Catherine Fahringer Memorial Student Activist" acceptance speech 40:2710/~12/12k
10/26/13 Katherine Stewart: The Good News Club 43:4510/~12/12k
11/2/13 Peter Boghossian: Think: What would make you a believer? 19:2910/13/12k
11/9/13 Annalise Fonza, Teresa MacBain: Clergy Project speeches part 1 36:0010/~13/12k
11/16/13 Jerry DeWitt, Robert Parham: Clergy Project speeches part 2 39:2010/~13/12k
11/23/13 Richard Dawkins - Science and the New Atheism 44:2412/7/07j
11/30/13 Jessica Ahlquist: Teen stands tall for First Amendment - Thomas Jefferson Youth Activist Award 24:1110/8/11l
12/7/13* Harrison Hopkins: Catherine Fahringer Youth Activist Award 19:4610/8/11l
12/14/13 Steven Pinker: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Declined 29:3310/7/11l
12/21/13 Rebecca Newberger Goldstein: 36 (Bad) Arguments For the Existence of God - Freethought Heroine Award 42:5410/8/11l
12/28/13 Jerry Coyne: Why Religion and Science Can't Mix 28:1510/8/11l

a For Good Reason podcast with D.J. Grothe.
b Token Skeptic podcast from Fremantle, Australia.
c Brains Matter podcast from Melbourne, Australia.
d Atheists Talk radio audio podcast from Minnesota Atheists.
e Recorded at Hammersley Road transmitter site by WIDE-LP.
f Recorded at Freethought Festival 2 on the UW-Madison campus by WIDE-LP.
g Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
h The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
i Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
j Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
k FFRF 2012 convention in Portland, Oregon.
l FFRF 2011 convention in Hartford, Connecticut.
* Due to a programming error, this talk was repeated on 12/14, 12/21 and 12/28 before the intended program for each of those days aired.
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