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Talks at the annual Freethought Festivals in Madison
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Freethinkers Hour
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Length Creation
5/12/12An interview of author & blogger John W. Loftus 28:414/28/12a
5/19/12Chris Calvey: Morality at the Beginning of Human Life 31:434/27/12b
5/26/12Dale McGowan: Parenting Beyond Belief 35:014/29/12b
6/2/12Elliott Sober: Some Questions for Atheists to Think About 27:414/27/12b
6/9/12Veronica Drantz: The Gender Binary & LGBTI People - Myth and Medical Malpractice 28:434/27/12b
6/16/12DJ Grothe: Skepticism, Atheism and Humanism: A Natural Freethought Relationship 56:254/29/12b
6/23/12Darrel Ray: Sexy Evolution: What the Pope Does Not Know About Human Sexuality 32:394/27/12b
6/30/12Kevin Padian: Evolution, Education, and "Intelligent Design": Lessons from the Dover trial 51:574/27/12b
7/7/12Valerie Tarico: Recovering From Religion 28:474/28/12b
7/14/12JT Eberhard: Why the Arguments For God Fail 30:084/28/12b
7/21/12PZ Myers: Scientists! If you're not an atheist, you aren't doing science right! 43:264/28/12b
8/4/12Matt Dillahunty: The Superiority of Secular Morality 32:184/28/12b
8/11/12Richard Carrier: The Historicity of Jesus 35:004/28/12b
8/18/12Andrew Seidel: Debunking the "Christian Nation" Myth 32:474/28/12b
8/25/12Annie Laurie Gaylor: God Fixation Won't Fix This Nation 30:204/28/12b
9/1/12Hemant Mehta: How Can We Help Young Atheists? 31:554/28/12b
9/8/12Ellery Schempp: Belief is Motivating; Separation of Church and State is Vital 40:284/28/12b
9/15/12Sean Faircloth: Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All - And What We Can Do About It 44:284/28/12b
9/22/12Panel: God and Government: A Dangerous Mix 22:254/28/12b
9/29/12Phil Ferguson: Breaking the Cycle of Religion 29:404/29/12b
10/6/12Lyz Liddell: The Unstoppable Growth of Secular Student Organizations 27:124/29/12b
10/13/12James Croft: Ingersoll's Voice, Adler's Vision: Humanism Beyond the Reason Rally 34:184/29/12b
10/20/12Alix Jules: Diversity in the Atheist Community 35:084/29/12b
10/27/12 Lori Lipman Brown: A Place at the Table: How the Nation's First Lobbyist for Non-theists is Enjoying the Feast (repeated from 10/15/07) 1:00:2610/14/07c
11/3/12 Doleta Chapru: Humanism's Contemporary Challengers: Who controls our public image? (repeated from 10/27/08) 1:04:2712/9/07c
11/10/12 Richard Dawkins: Framing Charles Darwin 34:492/13/10d
11/17/12 Paul Kurtz: Exuberant Skepticism 27:296/27/10d
11/24/12 Paul Kurtz: Skepticism and Religion 27:317/4/10d
12/1/12 Eugenie Scott: Evolution, Skepticism and Atheism 51:207/25/10d
12/8/12 Richard Dawkins: Faith, Biology, and Skepticism 46:1611/14/11d
12/15/12 James Randi: Why Skepticism Matters 46:4111/28/11d
12/22/12 On Morning Heresy - Interview With Paul Fidalgo 20:3611/13/12e
12/29/12 Jamy Ian Swiss: In Pursuit of Psychics 44:0212/5/11d

a Recorded at Hammersley Road transmitter site by WIDE-LP.
b Recorded at Freethought Festival 2012 on the UW-Madison campus by WIDE-LP.
c Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
d For Good Reason podcast with D.J. Grothe.
e Token Skeptic podcast from Fremantle, Australia.