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1/12/17 Andrew Kramer: Exxon CEO - Secretary of State? 12/29/16
1/19/17 Patterson, Dr. Victoria: United States Treaties with Native People 1/16/17
1/26/17 Patterson, Dr. Victoria: It Does Not Require Many Words to Speak the Truth 1/23/17
2/2/17 Lowenthal, Gary - Down and Dirty Justice 1/7/04
2/9/17 Susanna Janssen: Words: How We Learn What They Mean When they are Spoken and Heard 2/5/17
2/16/17 Dr. Dana Chidekel: Who's in Charge? Your Young Child, or You? (Archive) 2002
2/23/17 Early, Steve: Remaking an American City 2/20/17
3/2/17 Edward Sorel: An Actress, Her Lovers, and a Daft Caricaturist 2/27/17
3/9/17 Wagner, Sally Roesch: The Forgotten Suffragist, Matilda Joslyn Gage (Archive) 12/_/96
3/16/17 McWhorter, Professor John - Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue 12/1/08
3/23/17 Fogg, Laura - Travelling Blind 12/1/08
3/30/17 Andrew Kramer: Donald Trump's Russian Connection 3/27/17
4/6/17 Linda Slater: Death Valley: The Hottest Place on Earth, and the Driest and Lowest Place in North America 3/15/17
4/13/17 Chikazawa, Owen and Krogh, Mary Ashley: Two Millennials "Bound for Nowhere" 3/17/17
4/20/17 Grandin, Prof. Temple: What Autism Can Tell Us About Animals (Archive) 3/_/06
4/27/17 Crane, Susan - Why She Pours Her Blood On Nuclear Weapons 9/15/09
5/4/17 Posner, Rabbi Phil 10/20/08
5/11/17 McPherson, Dr. Guy R.: Near-Term Extinction of the Human Species, Part 1 (Archive) (repeated from 11/19/15) 9/14/15
5/18/17 McPherson, Dr. Guy R.: Near-Term Extinction of the Human Species, Part 2 (Archive) (repeated from 11/26/15) 9/14/15
5/2517 Baker, Carolyn Ph.D.: Hospice and Near Term Human Extinction (Archive) (repeated from 11/12/15) 9/20/15
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