Mind's Eye Radio Programs
(usually 55-60 min. long)
2021 air dateTitle          
8/21It Could Be Worse
8/28Hot Enough for Ya? Or, Our Summertimes
9/4Trains of Thought & Rail Tales
9/18Remembering Grandmothers
10/9Out of the Ordinary
10/16The Fabric of Nature
10/23Favorite Body Parts, or Hey! You Wanna Piece of Me?
10/30Fear Itself
11/20The Great Escape
12/11Events That Shaped Dane County, Wisconsin
12/18Reunion, or Once a Year is More Than Enough
12/25Gee! String!
2022 air dateTitle          
1/1Father Figures
2/5I'm OK, You're Obessive
2/19In the Dark
3/5What A Good Idea!
3/12Take Note, or Face the Music
3/19Common Sense
4/9Sibling Relations
4/23Romance & Reality, or In Your Face, Cupid!
4/30Surpassing All Understanding, or I Had This Really Weird Dream
5/7Family Photos
5/14The Inside of Things
6/4Me and My Noodle
6/11Oh That's So Exotic
6/18Vox Pop, or Speaking Democratically
6/25Moon Glow
7/9In the Neighborhood
7/23Word Play, or Riddle Me This, Batman
8/13Perchance to Dream
8/27Jail, or Doin' Time
9/3Under the Influence (of Other Writers)
9/10Listening to Nature
How I Quit Loathing the Cold and Learned to Embrace Winter
Aging, It Ain't for Sissies
In the Palm of My Hand
Resilience, or Hangin On For Dear Life!
Kindling the Spirit of Fire
Privacy & Serendipity
Your Money Or Your Life
In the Kitchen
Sustenance, or Food For Thought
Surreality Bites
At Twilight Time
Hoofin' It, or It's a Really Big Shoe
Dwelling in Possibility, or The Writing Life
Awkward Moments
The Road Not Taken
and several more

Website (now gone) was at http://www.mindseyeaudio.com