Mind's Eye Radio Programs
(usually 55-60 min. long)
2021 air dateTitle          
8/21It Could Be Worse
8/28Hot Enough for Ya? Or, Our Summertimes
9/4Trains of Thought & Rail Tales
9/18Remembering Grandmothers
10/9Out of the Ordinary
10/16The Fabric of Nature
10/23Favorite Body Parts, or Hey! You Wanna Piece of Me?
10/30Fear Itself
11/20The Great Escape
12/11Events That Shaped Dane County, Wisconsin
12/18Reunion, or Once a Year is More Than Enough
12/25Gee! String!
2022 air dateTitle          
1/1Father Figures
2/5I'm OK, You're Obessive
2/19In the Dark
3/5What A Good Idea!
3/12Take Note, or Face the Music
3/19Common Sense
4/9Sibling Relations
4/23Romance & Reality, or In Your Face, Cupid!
4/30Surpassing All Understanding, or I Had This Really Weird Dream
5/7Family Photos
5/14The Inside of Things
6/4Me and My Noodle
6/11Oh That's So Exotic
6/18Vox Pop, or Speaking Democratically
6/25Moon Glow
7/9In the Neighborhood
7/23Word Play, or Riddle Me This, Batman
8/13Perchance to Dream
8/27Jail, or Doin' Time
9/3Under the Influence (of Other Writers)
9/10Listening to Nature
10/15Surreality Bites
10/29At Twilight Time
11/5Resilience, or Hangin On For Dear Life!
12/3How I Quit Loathing the Cold and Learned to Embrace Winter
12/17In the Kitchen
2023 air dateTitle          
1/7Aging, It Ain't for Sissies
1/21Kindling the Spirit of Fire
2/11Hoofin' It, or It's a Really Big Shoe
2/18Your Money Or Your Life
2/25In the Palm of My Hand
3/4Dwelling in Possibility, or The Writing Life
3/25Privacy & Serendipity
4/15Sustenance, or Food For Thought
5/13Awkward Moments
The Road Not Taken
and several more

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