In the Neighborhood

Recordings from meetings in west Madison
(or involving west Madison folks)
broadcast at 6 pm on Sunday when available.

Entries below are in reverse chronological order.
Click on a green link below to listen online.

Human Trafficking in Madison - presented by Roger Baker at Good Neighbor Project meeting on 2/11/20 at Midvale Community Lutheran Church, 4329 Tokay Blvd.
listen (1 hr. 25½ min., broadcast 3/8/20)

Westgate Mall Redevelopment meeting on 1/27/20
at Midvale Elementary School Cafeteria, 502 Caromar Dr
listen (66½ min., broadcast 2/2/20)   Powerpoint slides

Bob and Barbara Park telephone interview about our station on 12/18/19
for Outside the Loop show on WGN radio, Chicago.
listen (8 min., broadcast 1/26/20)

David Drake: Midvale Heights Urban Wildlife Kick-off Meeting - at Sequoya Library
on 9/1/19.
listen (1 hr. 3 min., broadcast 9/15/19)

Lights for Liberty: Madison WI - at Brittingham Park,
829 W. Washington Ave., Madison, on 7/12/19.
listen (1 hr. 17 min., broadcast 7/21/19) performer/speaker list

Schroeder Road Apts / Babes Development meeting - at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 5701 Raymond Rd, Madison, on 5/20/19.
listen (1 hr. 12 min., broadcast 5/26/19)

Public Meeting about the 4-plex development at 5006 Hammersley Rd - at the Meadowridge Library Community Room, 5726 Raymond Rd, on 5/15/19.
listen (1 hr. 16 min., broadcast 5/19/19)   Site Plan

Molly Stentz - a personal radio history, interview on 9/30/18.
listen (1 hr. 20 min., broadcast 10/21/18)

The Good Neighbor Project with MPD Crime Prevention Coordinator Emily Samson and Chief Mike Koval at the MPD Training Center, 5702 Femrite Drive, on 3/22/17.
listen (1 hr. 29½ min., broadcast 3/26/17)

Josalyn Longley (Community Deputy and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Dane County): Active Shooter Training
listen (1 hr. 11 min., broadcast 11/6/16)

Joint Listening Session on the City Operating and Capital Budgets at
the Sequoya Branch Library on 9/8/16 with Alder's Phair and Cheeks
Part 1 (59 min., broadcast 9/18/16)
Part 2 (47 min., broadcast 9/25/16)

Terry Loos with MPD Gang Task Force, at Midvale Heights Neighborhood Watch meeting 4/12/16
listen (1 hr. 27½ min., broadcast 4/24/16)

Jill Karofsky, Crime Victims Services, at Midvale Heights Neighborhood Watch meeting 3/8/16
listen (58 min., broadcast 3/20/16)

Chief Koval's Community Forum at Meadowridge Library on 2/29/16
Part 1 (60 min., broadcast 3/6/16)
Part 2 (52 min., broadcast 3/27/16)

Marge Sutinen & officer Dustin Pailing at Midvale Heights Neighborhood Watch meeting 1/12/16
listen (58 min., broadcast 1/24/16)

Leonard Peace of the FBI at Midvale Heights Neighborhood Watch meeting 9/15/15
listen (1 hr. 25 min., broadcast 1/10/16)
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