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1/1/19 Improving Women's Health Care Through Purposeful Advocacy: An Interview with Cecile Richards12:2710/27/18
1/8/19 Speaking Truth to Power: An Interview with Dr. Richard Carmona 13:0711/17/18
1/15/19 How the 2018 California Wildfires Happened: An Interview with Dr. John Holdren 10:3611/20/18
1/22/19 On Medical Journal Readership in the Digital Age: An Interview with Dr. Howard Bauchner,
Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
1/29/19 On Reimagining Modern Education: An Interview with President Sylvia M. Burwell* 15:011/27/19
2/12/19 On the 2019 State of the Union: An Interview with Governor Mike Dukakis 15:002/11/19
2/19/19 On The Democratic Party's Trajectory for 2020: An Interview with Governor Jim Doyle 15:002/13/19
2/26/19 On Global Health, Energy, and Education: An Interview with Bill Gates, Part 1 15:012/24/19
3/5/19 On Global Health, Energy, and Education: An Interview with Bill Gates, Part 2 14:592/24/19
3/12/19 On Combating the Spread of Infectious Diseases: An Interview with Dr. Anne Schuchat 15:012/6/19
3/19/19 On Political Pragmatism vs. Idealism: An Interview with Prime Minister Bill English 13:4811/25/18
3/26/19 The New Wave of Cancer Research: An Interview with Dr. Harold Varmus 11:0011/25/18
4/2/19 On Extending The Frontiers of Cancer Research: An Interview with Dr. Norman Sharpless 15:002/4/19
4/9/19 On Winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry: An Interview with Dr. Martin Chalfie 20:0911/25/18
4/16/19 On Working for Trump: An Interview with Sean Spicer 12:2711/25/18
4/23/19 Bringing Fresh Perspectives to Pharma: An Interview with Dr. Richard Murray 16:5111/25/18
4/30/19 The Business of Treating Rare Diseases: An Interview with Alex Sapir 11:2611/25/18
5/7/19 Technology for the New Age: An Interview with Aneesh Chopra 10:2211/25/18
5/14/19 On Combating the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: An Interview with Dr. David Ho 27:2311/25/18
5/21/19 On Leading the Democratic National Committee: An Interview with Amy Dacey 8:2911/25/18
5/28/19 At the Middle of Medicine and Politics: An Interview with Senator Bill Frist 9:2511/25/18
6/4/19 A Constitution for New Times: An Interview with President Eduardo Rodríguez Veltzé 7:5111/25/18
6/11/19 Grappling with the Opioid Crisis in Ohio: An Interview with Governor Ted Strickland 17:4611/25/18
6/18/19 On the Tools of Diplomacy: An Interview with His Excellency Ban Ki-moon 10:4411/25/18
6/25/19 On the Tibetan Sovereignty Debate: An Interview with President Lobsang Sangay 4:3711/25/18
7/2/19 Serving Jordan: An Interview with Prime Minister Zaid Al-Rifai 8:5911/25/18
7/9/19 From Half a Century of Civil War to Peace: An Interview with President Juan Manuel Santos 5:5611/25/18

* Repeated 2/5/19 due to a programing error.