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Length Creation
1/12/16Dr. Jim McGloin, Lesa Fischer: Emotional Maturity33:2512/9/15
1/26/16Dr. Tina Hallis: Social Open-mindedness31:4812/23/15
2/9/16Thomas Hoffner: Wlls: What Everyone Must Know34:201/21/16
2/23/16Lesa Fischer: Polyamorous Relationships33:432/3/16
3/8/16Amber Ault: Leaving Toxic Relationships44:292/17/16
3/22/16Dr. Jim McGloin: Finding Your Best Mate32:283/2/16
4/5/16, 4/12/16Dr. Tina Hallis: Willpower24:513/16/16
4/19/16Dr. Kathleen Bogle: Hooking Up on Campus28:523/30/16
5/3/16Kira Asatryan: Beating Loneliness28:054/13/16
5/17/16Talib Akbar, James Morgan: Life Behind Bars46:205/11/16
5/31/16Jane Bartels: What To Expect Once You're Sober35:345/25/16
6/14/16Dick Goldberg: How To Be Likeable43:396/8/16
6/28/16Susan Young: The Five Love Languages39:416/22/16
7/12/16Susan Young: The Art of First Impressions33:167/6/16
7/26/16Ralph Cagle, Dr. Gregory Van Rybroek: Lawyers and Depression36:587/20/16
8/9/16Dr. Kathryn Betts Adams: Retirement Center Depression and Loneliness29:338/3/16
8/23/16Yvonne Evers: Effective Leadership Traits33:438/17/16
9/6/16 Steve Schooler, Matt Wachter: Homelessness Solutions36:428/31/16
9/20/16Pastor Julie Brock: Being Fat in America27:269/14/16
10/4/16Patricia Clason: Resilience25:469/28/16
10/25/16Dr. Tim Smeeding: Understanding U.S. Poverty Programs36:4810/12/16
11/8/16Ronald E. Riggio: Effects of Winning the Lottery26:3610/26/16
11/15/16 Rachel Krinsky: Effective Hiring for Diversity30:0311/9/16
11/29/16Keith Findley: Innocent and Behind Bars40:4711/23/16
12/13/16Patricia Clason: New Year Resolutions30:0512/7/16
12/27/16Samantha Bennett: What Makes for a Great Teacher?32:4212/21/16
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Health Science
4:02 pm Alternate Tuesdays

New York Academy of Sciences and other podcasts

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Length Creation
1/5/16Alzheimer's Disease: Prospects for a Cure - hosted by Tamara Johnson59:346/30/14a
1/19/16Micronutrients: Supplementation, Fortification, and Beyond - hosted by David Hoffman31:1310/23/14a
2/2/16Food as Medicine: Nutrition and Global Health - hosted by David Hoffman19:5610/30/14a
2/16/16Curing Human Diseases: Targeting the Lysosome59:342/11/15a
3/1/16Dementia Decoded: A Special Illness35:224/23/15a
3/15/16Dementia Decoded: Plaques and Tangles40:434/30/15a
3/29/16Dementia Decoded: Decisions, Negotiations, and Choices36:035/7/15a
4/26/16Dementia Decoded: Fighting Forgetting45:315/14/15a
5/10/16Dementia Decoded: Moving Forward38:475/21/15a
5/24/16Can We Prevent Dementia Through Our Diet?38:116/1/15a
6/7/16Bringing It All Together: A Systems Approach to Nutrition32:029/11/15a
6/21/16Improving Clinical Trials through Mobile Technology48:041/20/16a
7/5/16Building an Evidence Base for Effective Obesity Policy34:152/2/16a
7/19/16Little Beans, Big Opportunities30:034/21/16a
8/2/16Bioethics Meets R&D: The Ethics of Pre-approval Access50:296/2/16a
8/16/16Understanding the Biological Basis of Pediatric Cancer28:597/19/16a
8/30/16Stephen Bezruchka: In Sickness & in Wealth57:002/20/16b
9/13/16Dr. Toby Campbell discusses Palliative Care - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:038/30/16c
9/27/16Dr. Anthony Smith, Dr. Valerie Henderson: Sankofa Behavioral & Community Health - hosted by Karma Chavez50:182/18/15c
10/11/16Carl Zimmer - Viruses and Other Little Things43:122/4/13d
10/18/16John Dodes - The Tooth About Dentistry45:009/5/11d
11/1/16Dr. Alan Lockwood: Protecting Health On A Warming Planet - hosted by Patty Peltekos52:3610/17/16c
11/22/16Dr. Paul A. Offit: Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism (repeated from 2/20/09) 57:181/31/09e
12/6/16Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti: Neurobiology of Placebos1:02:389/28/15f
12/20/16Placebo Research Update with Fabrizio Benedetti52:243/1/16f

a New York Academy of Sciences.
b Alternative Radio.
c From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
d Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
e Podcast from Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Books and Ideas.
f Podcast from Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science Podcast.
Health Science 2015