Citywide Radio's 2011-2012 Broadcast Schedule for
The Sara Schulz Show
a politically progressive show tackling Wisconsin issues
6:00 - 8:00 pm Saturdays

The Sara Schulz Show
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Length Creation
9/3/11Ann Manning: Wisconsin Budget Project and Wealth for Common Good 1:30:008/27/11
9/10/11Mike McCabe and Barbara With 1:30:299/3/11
9/17/11Frank Koehn, Norm Stockwell, Chris Liebenthal: Penokee Mine, Community Radio, and Capper 2:00:299/11/11
9/24/11Doug Lafollette, Matt Rothschild, and a Media Uprising 2:00:149/17/11
10/1/11Representative Christine Sinicki and Scott Wittkopf 2:00:129/24/11
10/8/11Senator Mark Miller, Emerge, and From Up North 2:00:259/30/11
10/15/11Scot Ross, Occupy Chicago, and Rob Zerban 2:00:2810/7/11
10/22/11League of Women Voters, Matt Rothschild, Rep. Mark Pocan 1:57:2010/14/11
10/29/11Representative Brett Hulsey, Mike McCabe, and Default 1:59:5510/21/11
11/5/11Rep. Andy Jorgensen, Occupy Midwest, and From up North 2:00:1610/28/11
11/12/11Rep. Janet Bewley, Planned Parenthood, Too Much, and More 2:00:2211/4/11
11/19/11Student Loan Crisis, Matt Rothschild, Senator Chris Larson 2:00:1011/11/11
11/26/11Editor of Too Much and the Recall 1:58:4811/18/11
12/3/11Rep. Janet Bewley, Sustainable Gifts, and Buying Locally 1:59:4212/2/11
12/10/11Mining Bill and Matt Rothschild 1:59:5912/9/11
12/17/11Labor, Badger Democracy, and CAPS Holiday Shopping Guide 2:00:0112/16/11
12/24/11Rep. Andy Jorgensen and Senator Kathleen Vinehout 1:29:498/13/11
12/31/11The Best of Show and Emily Mills 1:57:0811/25/11
1/7/12Occupy Oakland, Toxic Media, and the Recall! 1:59:281/6/12
1/14/12Representative Kelda Helen Roys, The Mine, and Social Media 1:59:501/13/12
1/21/12Progressive Radio, John Doe, and One in a Million 1:59:181/20/12
1/28/12Matt Rothschild, Media Co-Op, and Recall Fitz 1:58:231/27/12
2/4/12Rep. Fred Clark, Occupy DC and Chicago, and Badger Democracy 1:58:282/3/12
2/11/12The people verifying the recall, John Doe, and Julie Wells 1:59:242/10/12
2/18/12Kathleen Falk, John Doe, CPAC, Wetlands Bill, and More 1:49:322/17/12
2/25/12John Doe, Science behind the Mine, Voces de la Frontera 1:59:552/24/12
3/3/12Rep. Andy Jorgensen, Women's Issues, and Doug La Follette 2:00:083/2/12
3/10/12Special Needs Voucher, Senator Taylor, and Badger Democracy 1:59:143/9/12
3/17/12Senator Jauch, Wisconsin Movement, John Doe, Matt Rothschild 1:59:573/16/12
3/24/12Hari Trivedi, Lack of Rights at Our House, Toxic Media 1:58:203/23/12
3/31/12Scott Walker and ALEC, Bo Morrison, and Our Lack of Rights 1:58:583/30/12
4/7/12My 1 Year Anniversary Show 1:59:204/6/12
4/14/12ALEC, Money in the Recalls, and the Castle Doctrine 1:59:534/13/12
4/21/12Mahlon Mitchell, We Are Women March, AFP, and Grassroots WI 1:52:584/20/12
4/28/12Rob Zerban, Tom Barrett, ALEC and MacIver Institute 1:53:324/27/12
5/12/12Badgercare, DNR Putting People At Risk, and Ayn Rand 1:58:555/11/12
5/19/12Lori Compas, Scott Wittkopf, and Sewergate 1:59:155/18/12
5/26/12Privitization of Deer, Conservative Talk & the FCC, Recall! 1:59:495/25/12
6/2/12, 6/9/12The Budget, Recall Money, and Michigan Rising 1:56:196/1/12
6/16/12Recap The Recall, Beer and Brats, Update from Rob Zerban 1:52:516/15/12
6/23/12Updates, Duluth Flooding, Michigan, and Healthcare 1:59:116/22/12
6/30/12The Progressive Movement, ACA, and Citizen's United upheld 2:00:07*6/29/12
7/7/12The Best of The Sara Schulz Show 1:59:057/6/12
7/14/12Progressive Radio, Student Loans, and What's Next? 1:53:24*7/13/12
7/21/12Senator John Lehman, Climate Change, and Election Fraud 1:59:58*7/20/12
8/4/12Election Report , Mining Bill, Money in Politics, Tanya Lohr 1:56:52*7/27/12
8/11/12Sand Fracking Mines, OWS, and Wisconsin's Oil Spills 2:00:148/10/12
8/18/12Yuri Rashkin's Show 1:59:598/17/12
8/25/12The Last Sara Schulz Show 1:59:408/24/12
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* Some break music has been removed from our broadcast version, making it a few minutes shorter than the online version linked to here.