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1/3/15 Robert A. Williams: American Indians Confront "Savage Anxieties" 12/26/14
1/10/15 Kelsey Juliana, Mary Christina Wood: The Children's Climate Crusade (last episode) 1/1/15
1/17/15 David Simon: America Is a Horror Show 1/31/14
1/24/15 David Simon, Lawrence Lessig: Putting Political Corruption on Ice 2/14/14
1/31/15 Ian Haney López on the Dog Whistle Politics of Race, Part I 2/28/14
2/7/15 Ian Haney López: The Dog Whistle Politics of Race, Part II 3/7/14
2/14/15 Dave Zirin: A World Cup for the Wealthy, Not the People 6/18/14
2/21/15 Ellen Dorsey, Thomas Van Dyck: Putting the Freeze on Global Warming (repeated from 5/17/14) 4/25/14
2/28/15 Neil deGrasse Tyson on Science, Religion and the Universe (repeated from 9/6/14) 1/17/14
3/7/15 Neil deGrasse Tyson on Science Literacy (repeated from 6/28/14) 1/24/14
3/14/15 Bill McKibben to Obama: Say No to Big Oil (repeated from 5/31/14) 2/7/14
3/21/15 Anat Admati: Too Big to Fail and Getting Bigger (repeated from 7/5/14) 6/13/14
3/28/15 Julia Angwin: No Escaping Dragnet Nation (repeated from 4/5/14) 3/14/14
4/4/15 Saru Jayaraman: All Work and No Pay (repeated from 4/26/14 4/4/14
4/11/15 David Suzuki: Time to Get Real on Climate Change (repeated from 5/24/14) 5/9/14
4/18/15 David Suzuki: The War on Climate Scientists (repeated from 5/31/14) 5/16/14
4/25/15 Joseph E. Stiglitz Calls for Fair Taxes for All (repeated from 6/14/14)5/30/14
5/2/15 Joseph E. Stiglitz: How Tax Reform Can Save the Middle Class (repeated from 6/21/14)6/6/14
5/9/15 Andrew Bacevich: Chaos in Iraq (repeated from 6/28/14)6/20/14
5/16/15 Jim Hightower, Karla Murthy: Grass Roots Grow Against Greed (repeated from 7/5/14)7/2/14
5/23/15 Charles Lewis: The Lies That Lead to War (repeated from 7/12/14)6/27/14
5/30/15 Cecile Richards: The Crusade Against Reproductive Rights (repeated from 7/19/14)7/18/14
6/6/15 Linda Greenhouse, Dahlia Lithwick: Is the Supreme Court Out of Order? (repeated from 8/2/14)7/11/14
6/13/15 John Lithgow, 'King Lear' and Our Uncertain World (repeated from 8/9/14)8/1/14
6/20/15 Going Home With Maya Angelou (repeated from 8/16/14) 8/7/14
6/27/15 Maya Angelou on Facing Evil (repeated from 8/23/14) 8/14/14
7/4/15 Bernie Sanders on Breaking Big Money's Grip on Elections (repeated from 11/8/14) 10/31/14
7/11/15 Mike Lofgren: The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight (repeated from 9/6/14) 2/21/14
7/18/15 Elizabeth Warren on Fighting Back Against Wall St. Giants (repeated from 9/13/14) 9/5/14
7/25/15 Katharine Hayhoe: Climate Change -- Faith and Fact (repeated from 9/27/14) 9/12/14
Kelsey Juliana: Climate Change: The Next Generation (repeated from 10/4/14) 9/19/14
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These older audio podcasts, approx. 52 min. long, are from Moyers & Company
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1/12/15 Jacob Hacker, Paul Pierson: On Winner-Take-All Politics (premiere episode) 1/13/12
1/19/15 Anthony Leiserowitz: Ending the Silence on Climate Change 1/4/13
1/26/15 Paul Krugman on Why Jobs Come First 1/11/13
2/2/15 Larry Cohen, Martín Espada: Fighting for Filibuster Reform 1/18/13
2/9/15 Peter Welch, Jessica González-Rojas, Lynn Paltrow: Foul Play in the Senate, and Today's Abortion Debate 1/25/13
2/16/15 Vicki Divoll, Vincent Warren, Matt Taibbi: Are Drones Destroying our Democracy? 2/1/13
2/23/15 Susan Crawford, Nick Turse: Who's Widening America's Digital Divide? 2/8/13
3/2/15 Dan Cantor, Jonathan Soros, Martín Espada: The Fight to Keep Democracy Alive 2/15/13
3/9/15 Richard Slotkin: Gunfighter Nation 12/13/13
3/16/15 Bryan Stevenson, Martin Clancy, Tim O'Brien: And Justice for Some 3/29/13
3/23/15 James Cone, Taylor Branch, Kyle Dargan: MLK's Dream of Economic Justice 4/5/13
3/30/15 Richard Wolff, Saru Jayaraman: Taming Capitalism Run Wild 2/22/13
4/6/15 Sheila Bair, Richard Wolff: What Has Capitalism Done for Us Lately? 3/22/13
4/13/15 Sherman Alexie: Living Outside Tribal Lines 4/12/13
4/20/15 Glenn Greenwald, Norman Ornstein, Thomas Mann: Trading Democracy for 'National Security' 4/26/13
4/27/15 Francine & David Wheeler, Peter Yarrow: The Sandy Hook Promise 5/3/13
5/4/15 Marshall Ganz, Rachel LaForest, Madeline Janis: How People Power Generates Change 5/10/13
5/11/15 David Rosner, Gerald Markowitz, Sheila Krumholz, Danielle Brian: The Toxic Politics of Science 5/13/13
5/18/15 Lawrence Lessig: Big Brother's Prying Eyes 6/14/13
5/25/15 John Nichols, Lisa Graves, Mary Bottari, Wendell Potter, Julie Underwood, Mark Pocan, Nick Surgey, Chip Berlet,
Rashad Robinson:
United States of ALEC - A Follow-Up
6/1/15 Kristi Jacobson, Mariana Chilton, Greg Kaufmann: The Faces of America's Hungry 6/28/13
6/8/15 Barbara Miner, Barbara Garson: Surviving the New American Economy 7/5/13
6/15/15 Marty Kaplan, Gary May: Distracted from Democracy 7/12/13
6/22/15 Baldemar Velásquez on Fighting for Farmworkers 7/19/13
6/29/15 Mark Leibovich: America's Gilded Capital 8/23/13
7/6/15 Dave Zirin: The Collision of Sports and Politics 9/13/13
7/13/15 Robert Reich: 'Inequality for All' 9/20/13
7/20/15 Kumi Naidoo: Saving the Earth from Ourselves 9/27/13
7/27/15 Wendell Berry, Poet & Prophet 10/4/13