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These 29 min. programs are from Making Contact - radio stories and voices to take action

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9/17/14 Scorched Earth: The Legacy of Agent Orange 8/6/14
9/24/14 Not My War: The Military Deserters' Dilemma 9/9/14
10/1/14 Samara Azam-Yu, Alicia Walters, Ratema Uch, Gretchen Sisson:
Healthy Messages: Reproductive Health and Pop Culture
10/15/14 Mya Byrne, Kathe Perez, Samuel Sennott, Bob Segalman, April Bryant,
Hannah Simpson, Nika Jewell, Tela Love: Voice Recognition
10/22/14 Eileen Chubb, Felix Smith, Gary Santolo, Lloyd Carter, Stephen Kohn:
Blowing the Whistle, Paying the Price
10/29/14 Rev. Tyrone Edwards, Tyrone Brooks, Clifford Kuhn, JT Johnson, Allen Secher, Jerel James,
Tamia Adkinson, August Tinson, Gary May: Thwarting Democracy, the Battle for Voting Rights
11/5/14 Changing Everything: Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate Change 10/28/14
11/12/14 Antonia Juhasz, Fauzi Ali & Aiwa Majdal, Chenar Rozbyani, Richard Nabb, Kemal Afaraci,
Shirin Jabar: Islamic state, Kurdistan, and the new U.S. war in Iraq
11/19/14 Paul Jacobsen, Mekaylah Porter, Marilyn, Yari Sandel, Helen Parker, Sonya Shah, Nancy Potts,
Chris Scezech, Radha Stern, Sam Johnson: Restorative Justice: Reconciling Face to Face
11/26/14 Valerie Love, Penny Opal Plant, Lauren Wood, Teresa Jimenez, Shannon Biggs,
Rosalind Harris, Michael Brune, Sister Santussika, Tony Sirna, Camille Herrera, Carrie:
Women Rising 26: A Ride on the People's Climate Train
12/3/14 Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Peggy Law, Norman Solomon, Paul George, Steve Rock, Shelley Kessler, Pam Law,
Bill Creighton, Laura Livoti, Michael Eisenmenger, David Cole, Glen Ford: Making Contact's 20th Anniversary
12/10/14 Lori Baker, Eduardo Canales, Elias: Deadly Divide: Migrant Death on the Border 12/2/14
12/17/14 Jay Carmona, Ben Ayliffe, Michael Goodman, Stefan Szymanski, PD Gantert, Kelsey Cody, Ken Mcconnellogue,
Steven Schueth, David Gross: Divest! Pulling the plug on Fossil Fuels
12/24/14 Chokwe Lumumba, Morgan Powell, Charity Hicks, Darby Tillis, Yuri Kochiyama, Ted Gullickson, George Carter,
Leslie Feinberg, Eddie Ellis, Mark Naison, Lila Cabbil, Diane Fujino, Taiyo Na, Randy Shaw, Qasim Davis,
Perry Cobb, Dr. Divine Pryor: Fallen Heroes of 2014
12/31/14 Alice Ollstein, Suzan Shown Harjo, Morning Star Gali, Jacqueline Keeler, Don Tipping, Chris Hardy, Sylvia Wu,
Catherine Tactaquin: Looking Back, Moving Forward: 2014 Year in Review