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Insights podcasts

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1/13/15Everett Mitchell, Annette Miller, Wes Sparkman: Micro-Aggressions Against African Americans41:4712/31/14
1/27/15Dr. Danielle Oakley: College Students' Mental Health Today35:001/14/15
2/10/15Gabe Javier, Dr. Cabell Gathman: LGBTQ and Beyond32:431/28/15
2/24/15Darcy Luoma: Life Coaching32:112/11/15
3/10/15Deedra Atkinson, Keetra Burnette: Fixing the Achievement Gap38:552/25/15
3/24/15Dr. Suniya Luthar: The Problem with Rich Kids29:003/11/15
4/7/15Dr. Daniel Brakarsh: Sex Addiction30:521/25/12
4/21/15Jerome Dillard, Linda Ketcham: Re-Entry After Incarceration41:473/25/15
5/5/15Harold Gates, Rev. Michael Schuler: White Privilege40:294/8/15
5/19/15Ralph Middlecamp: Serving the Poor and Homeless31:445/6/15
6/2/15Dora Zuniga, Juan Lopez: Forgotten Minority? Issues Facing Hispanics In America44:245/20/15
6/16/15Dr. Tina Hallis: Grit: The Most Important Trait of Successful People33:426/3/15
6/30/15Dr. Angela Janis: Marijuana: The Facts About Recreational Use31:156/17/15
7/14/15Kaleem Caire, Dr. Dipesh Navsaria: Getting Low Income Kids Kindergarten Ready35:517/1/15
7/28/15Dr. Tina Hallis: Being Positive32:347/15/15
Insights 2014

Health Science
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New York Academy of Sciences Podcasts

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Length Creation
6/9/15A Research Agenda for Nutrition Science: Why and How?18:464/24/14
7/7/15A Research Agenda for Nutrition Science: Mobilizing the Community21:394/28/14
7/21/15A Research Agenda for Nutrition Science: Activating the Agenda29:045/8/14
The Problem with Protein32:545/29/14
Nutrition and Early Childhood Development36:466/27/14
Alzheimer's Disease: Prospects for a Cure59:346/30/14
Micronutrients: Supplementation, Fortification, and Beyond31:1310/23/14
Food as Medicine: Nutrition and Global Health19:5610/30/14
Curing Human Diseases: Targeting the Lysosome59:342/11/15
Dementia Decoded: A Special Illness35:224/23/15
Dementia Decoded: Plaques and Tangles40:434/30/15
Dementia Decoded: Decisions, Negotiations, and Choices36:035/7/15
Dementia Decoded: Fighting Forgetting45:315/14/15
Dementia Decoded: Moving Forward38:475/21/15

Health Writers
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through May

Health Writers podcasts

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Length Creation
1/6/15Dr Shilagh Mirgain: Holiday Blues - hosted by Chris Lang28:3012/24/14
1/20/15Sheryl Lilke: Meditation - hosted by Chris Lang30:161/8/15
2/3/15Ryan Sheahan: Electronic Smoking Devices - hosted by Mary Moyer28:051/22/15
2/17/15Dr. Adam Rindfleisch: Supplements - hosted by Chris Lang30:212/12/15
3/3/15Dr. Nasia Safdar: Measles - hosted by Chris Lang17:432/26/15
3/17/15Dr. William Murphy: 3D printing of body parts and organs - hosted by Chris Lang29:499/11/14
3/31/15Chris Lang, Steve Blank: Healthy bits and banter26:358/14/14
4/14/15Nathan Clarke, Jeanne Hansen: Bees over Madison - hosted by Mary Moyer and Steve Blank29:233/14/13
4/28/15Big Tobacco's insidious plot to addict the young - hosted by Chris Lang28:429/26/13
5/12/15John Nichols on WikiLeaks - hosted by Steve Blank & Andy Ambler28:081/27/11
5/26/15Planned Parenthood Offers Much to Madison - hosted by Steve Blank24:559/23/10