Audio Recordings of Sunday Assembly Madison Speakers
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2016-04-24Shahla WernerMonarch Butterflies41:36mp3
2016-02-28Sharon HammerAutism47:38mp3
2016-01-24John WunderlinOur Place in the Cosmos41:33mp3
2015-09-27Naomi KrothRetrospective, One Year36:04mp3
2015-08-23Michelle WildgenStorytelling - why we do it, why we need it31:13mp3
2015-07-26Anita WeierUpdating Madison's Equal Opportunity Ordinance13:41mp3
2015-06-28Jeremy HembergerBee Inquistitive!40:12mp3
2015-05-24Sharon YildizChange for the Better37:26mp3
2015-04-26Dan BarkerLife Driven Purpose56:35mp3
2015-03-15Kristin ShuttsAltruism in Human Evolution32:19mp3
2015-02-22Matt RothschildMoney ≠ Free Speech34:48mp3
2015-01-25Dr. Henry SteinbergerSelf-Empowerment, Self Improvement50:41mp3
2014-11-23Matt HirshbergThe Power of the Mind47:29mp3
2014-10-26 John RummelAmazing Universe: the Terrestrial to the Celestial55:39mp3
2014-09-28Scott McAndrewNew Beginnings46:00mp3